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Online NFL Betting
Week 1 NFL Betting: Seahawks vs 49ers Sunday September 11 2011 4:15 PM ET
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Week 1 Betting Action: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers
When: Sunday September 11 2011 4:15 PM ET
TV coverage: FOX - 4:15 PM ET
Seattle Seahawks At A Glance:

San Francisco 49ers At A Glance: Sportsbook
1. Bet Now With USA Players Accepted European and International Players Accepted Sportsbook Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, Person to Person Cash Transfer* (*Call Support After Signing Up: 1-800-998-8740)

2. Bet Now with Bovada USA Players Accepted European and International Players Accepted
Bovada Sportsbook Deposit Methods: Visa Credit Card, Visa Debit/Gift Card*, Person to Person Transfer, Bank Check, Bank Wire
* Visa Gift Card Retail Locations/Online Stores

Expert Thoughts and Picks

Ron Halfback Ron Halfback

Ron Halfback here with another 50* lock that will boost your bank account. This weekend, we've got the Seattle Seahawks playing the San Francisco 49ers in a memorable game. Memorable, that is, because your bookie will be forking over a wad of cash to you and your buddies if you take the Seahawks for a win in a game that will probably be very close right up until the 2 minute warning. Don't be fooled by the hype and arm-chair football experts. I carefully analyze each game right down to the type of grass on the field. Really. So write yourself a paycheck taking the Seahawks for a clear cut win against the sometimes flakey 49ers.

Denzel Dallas Denzel Dallas

What up ya'll... This week's contest of the Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers will have you buggin by the end of the first half. Therefore, I recommend watching the first half odds on this game carefully, since I firmly believe the 49ers will ultimately pull of the win. During the first half of the game however, it's a toss up and that means 49ers fans have a chance at making some bling. Check out's NFL Odds page that will list first half lines for this game. Watch carefully, and take the Seahawks for the first half, but the San Francisco 49ers for the game win.

Harry Hungover Harry "Hungover" James

What a night -- first, it was Irish car bombs, and then we moved east to Jagermeister shots. Needless to say, I woke up this morning with my head in the can and have been sucking down water ever since. That little anecdote aside, the Seahawks vs 49ers game schedule for this week offers a great chance to recover some money from your bookie if you're in a bad rut. My analysis says the Seattle Seahawks should win this game fairly easily. If you beg to disagree, that's fine, you're an @sshole and the world is full of them. KIDDING OF COURSE :) . Football is as much about brains as it is about braun. The brains have had their weekly mind-meeting, and the result is clear: take the Seahawks for a stylish win over the 49ers. Why stylish? Because after you cash your ticket, you'll have enough cash to buy that Armani suit you always wanted. REALLY. Stay on the winning team and bet my Seahawks win over the lackluster San Francisco 49ers.

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