Preakness 2017 Superfecta Picks

Preakness Stakes 2017 Superfecta Picks and Wheel Bet


Betting a Preakness Superfecta is less common, though it can be very profitable. With Derby winner Always Dreaming the heavy favorite you need to pick the next 3 horses to finish 2nd – 4th position. It’s a daunting task but I’ve got some insight.

2017 Preakess Stakes Supefecta Part Wheel Bet

  • Key 1: Always Dreaming, Classic Empire
  • Key 2: Always Dreaming, Classic Empire, Looking at Lee
  • Key 3: Looking at Lee, Conquest Mo Money, Hence
  • Key 4: Conquest Mo Money, Gunnevera, Multiplier

Total Cost: $26, $1 per combination

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What is a Superfecta Wheel?

Superfecta Part Wheel Bet: Select horses to key into each position: first, second, third and fourth. Final order does matter depending on how you key each horse.

You’ll also notice the Preakness field is around 10 horses compared to the Derby’s 20. That means our keyed horses face less chance of upset from the long shots.

Always Dreaming had little resistance in his Kentucky Derby run. Looking at Lee, the second position horse, will rematch Always Dreaming this Saturday. So we’ll key them into our Superfecta part wheel with Classic Empire, this year’s Arkansas Derby winner. He defeated both Looking at Lee and Conquest Mo Money in that race.

Efficiency Matters

Superfecta Part Wheels are harder to win because you must select and key horses correctly. However a part wheel is more efficient than a box. You will risk less bankroll to potentially win more money.

Suppose We Box our 7 Horses?

A 7 horse Superfecta box costs $840! That’s a big risk compared to our $26 part wheel. Sure the box bet is more flexible: order doesn’t matter, any of the 7 must finish in the top 4. But if it fails, you’re out a mortgage payment.

The $26 7 horse part wheel is more manageable. It’s not as risky as the sloppier box cousin. 🙂

Preakness Stakes 2017 Superfecta Betting Advice

I recommend a 7 horse Superfecta Part Wheel, keying 2 horses in the first position, then 3 varying horses in the second, third and fourth positions. Here’s why:

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A 4 horse Superfecta Part Wheel using my recommendation is only $26, $1 per combination. With only 10 or so horses scheduled to run, it’s a cheap date at Pimlico this weekend.

Let’s look at the latest Preakess Stakes Odds to Win:

Sat, May 20, 2017 Preakness Stakes – Odds to Win
Horse ML Odds Win
1. 1. Multiplier
Bet Now Bovada
18/1 $1800
2. 2. Cloud Computing
Bet Now Bovada
14/1 $1400
3. 3. Hence
Bet Now Bovada
18/1 $1800
4. 4. Always Dreaming
Bet Now Bovada
13/10 $130
5. 5. Classic Empire
Bet Now Bovada
11/5 $220
6. 6. Gunnevera
Bet Now Bovada
16/1 $1600
7. 7. Term of Art
Bet Now Bovada
66/1 $6600
8. 8. Senior Investment
Bet Now Bovada
40/1 $4000
9. 9. Looking At Lee
Bet Now Bovada
12/1 $1200
10. 10. Conquest Mo Money
Bet Now Bovada
8/1 $800

Odds feed last modified: 05/20/2017 18:40:12.Eastern

Let’s assemble our Superfecta Part Wheel keys from this table. Always Dreaming and Classic Empire are favored to win. We’ll put them in the first and second keys. Looking at Lee, this year’s Derby runner up, will join the second key. Put Looking at Lee, Conquest Mo Money and Hence in the third key. Then Conquest Mo Money, Gunnevera and Multipler in the fourth and final key. I don’t expect Multiplier to be a contender but I’ll grant he could finish fourth this Saturday. Gunnevera is a good horse who didn’t show up to run at the Derby. So I predict he’ll end up fourth at best.

The second and third keys are the toughest. If you have doubts, shuffle Hence, Conquest Mo Money and Gunnevera around.

2017 Kentucky Derby Superfecta Part Wheel Bet

  • Key 1: Always Dreaming, Classic Empire
  • Key 2: Always Dreaming, Classic Empire, Looking at Lee
  • Key 3: Looking at Lee, Conquest Mo Money, Hence
  • Key 4: Conquest Mo Money, Gunnevera, Multiplier

Total Cost: $26, $1 per combination

How to Place a Preakness Stakes Superfecta Part Wheel Bet?

Signup at one of our excellent racebooks. Visit the Preakness Stakes betting page. Select a “Superfecta Bet”, then choose “Wheel”. Enter my picks on your ticket. Remember to enter each horse, from each key, in the recommended position. Note horse numbers might be different once starting positions are selected.

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Good luck from Ron Halfback and the gang!