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Like that cool talking character - a "Dynamic Talking Character" that you could have for your website? Well, so did we. We implemented 2 different talking characters on our homepage, one American accent talking character for customers from the USA, and one British accent talking character for our European customers.

With, you can get started for as low las $9.95 per month, PLUS a Free Trial that allows you to test drive all the impressive features of the program.

Here are a few top features:

  1. Text to voice programming: You type the text, and the character speaks it for you!
  2. Multiple Characters to choose from: 3D human characters, anime, traditional 2D characters, and much more.
  3. Multiple Character Accents: Select from USA, British, Australian, or Irish character voices.
  4. Custom Programming Options: You can control where the ad appears on the page, how long it lasts, whether or not it is clickable, plus the size and shape.
  5. Ability to create multiple scenes/characters: New Customers - even those on the FREE Trial - will have the option to create multiple characters and scenes, with up 30 supported by the basic package.
  6. Varied Audio Messages: If you've found a great character, but don't want to use the same audio message each time it is displayed, simply record additional tracks and apply them to your scene. It's that easy!
  7. Professional Voice Over Talent: has contracted with 30 professional voice over artists, all of which have been heard on network TV, radio, and movies. Gold Members get a free Professional Voice Talent session for their character. REAL HUMAN VOICES make a difference!
  8. Character Sales Conversion Formatting: Use a simple transparent display box, or one with a number of different high quality backgrounds. Additionally, you can opt to include an email subscribe box beneath your character to immediately grab the attention of your website's visitors. Generate leads instantly!
  9. Multiple Packages and Subscriptions for different sized business and websites - pay as you go!

What are you waiting for? Click HERE to start your FREE Trial with Site Pal Dynamic Talking Website Characters Now!

Have fun and Good Luck!

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