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A "future" bet or "futures" bet is a wager that some event or result will occur some time in the somewhat distant future, ie. further in the future than a weekend or sports season. Futures are similar to prop bets, but generally require that the bettor wager much futher in advance of the respective event that will take place.

Will the Giants make the Super Bowl? Will the Lakers get the first round draft pick of their choice? Will a quarterback get the Heisman trophy? Who is likely to leave the football season early due to injury? All these examples are considered future bets, wagers on events far into the future that require the bettor to make a decision sometimes months before the actual event occurs. Most sportsbooks offer futures bets on non-sporting events as well, although these bets would generally fall into the "props" category. One example: who will win the Democratic Presidential nomination? Who will win the presidency outright?


Futures bets are fun bets, and generally not considered a "serious" wager unless you're very confident that what you're betting on will happen. As a result, because futures bets are difficult to win, most online sportsbooks offer a nice pay-off if you're willing to let your money sit around for several weeks before finding out the result. Most of the time, however, the wait is in vain and bettors typically lose more often than win with future bets.

So when should you bet on a future event? When you have a little extra cash and feel like a "fun" wager. Don't expect that you'll be right all the time, and also, most importantly, realize that your money will be tied up in the future wager for a long time before you either win or lose your bet. Futures are fun because they give the bettor something to look forward to, but in terms of profitability, most serious gamblers choose more traditional forms of wagering.

How much should I wager? Our advice: not much. Some futures can be wagered for as little as $1. So, given this low minimum amount, we advise sticking to your guns and not going crazy over a future bet unless you've got cash to burn. Also, bet on futures that you have some knowledge about. If, for example, you know a lot about politics, political futures bets can be fun. But, on the other hand, if you have no clue, don't waste your time or money on something you don't understand in the least. Have fun and Good Luck with Future betting!

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