How to Register a Sports Betting Bitcoin Account USA

Creating a new sports betting Bitcoin wallet account is easy. welcomes USA customers. You can buy Bitcoin using your bank’s debit card, credit card or by wire. Funds can be withdrawn by overnight wire transfer.

Before You Register a Bitcoin Account

  1. Gather your debit card, billing address and Photo ID.
  2. CoinBase secures your account with 2 Factor identification. Keep your cellphone handy to receive a free text message.
  3. Write down your bank’s ABA routing number. It is the 9 digit number listed to the bottom right of your paper checks. You can also search major banks’ routing numbers below. Make sure to select your state of residence.

Note: You can skip steps in this process. Click “Skip” during the CoinBase registration if you want to add information later. Remember, some account features might be limited if you do not provide ID or payment info.

  1. Visit Enter your name, email, password and state. Bitcoin Registration Step 1
  2. A verification link will be sent to your email address. Open the email and click this link to continue.
  3. Select “Individual Account”. Get your debit card and ID ready. Bitcoin Registration Step 2
  4. Enter your Cell Phone number. Choose the proper country if your provider is outside the United States. Bitcoin Registration Step 3
  5. A verification number will be sent to your phone. Enter it in the box provided. Click “Send SMS” to receive another if necessary. Click “Verify Phone Number” to proceed.
  6. Choose a payment option. You do NOT have to enter any information to receive a sportsbook payout. Provide your debit card only if you want to purchase BitCoin. Bitcoin Registration Step 4
  7. Payment Method Details:
    • Bank Transfers – Click the “Bank” icon and select your bank name. Bitcoin Registration Step 5
    • Debit Cards – Click the “Debit Card” icon . Enter your card information, CVC code and billing address. Bitcoin Registration Step 6
  8. Enter your billing address to add a payment method to your account. Billing address must match your bank account’s statement address. Credit and debit card addresses must match the address on file with the issuing bank.
  9. Credit and Debit users may need to verify temporary charges to their accounts. will NOT charge you a fee. Rather these small charges are pending only. Enter the amounts on your member page. This will confirm you possess the card number entered. Bitcoin Registration Step 7
  10. Buy Bitcoin using your credit or debit card once the identification process is complete. A small processing fee may apply.

    Note: Bitcoin purchases are subject to market exchange rates. These vary every few minutes in small amounts.

  11. Optional: We highly recommend securing your account. Click “Settings” -> “Security”. Customize your settings, change phone numbers, etc. This ensures your funds and identity are safe. strives to protect your data. Read more here


  1. Sending a Bitcoin transaction from CoinBase to an online sportsbook is FREE!
  2. Monitor the Bitcoin Exchange rate if you leave BTC in your account. Exchange rate decreases mean your Bitcoins are worth less in dollars. Exchange rate increases mean your Bitcoins are worth MORE dollars. Check every few days, particularly during turbulent markets.
  3. Verify your Bank Account for higher limit transactions.
  4. Write down your password in a safe location. Keep your cellphone handy before logging in.
  5. Do not share your wallet address with anyone unless you want to receive a payment.
  6. Most sportsbooks will not charge a BitCoin payout fee. Bitcoins transactions are facilitated with a tiny processing charge.
  7. Bitcoin to Dollar purchases are processed at CoinBase exchange rate. Expect 1-2% to be lost on USD buys. has a mandatory exchange free.