How to Make a Bitcoin Sportsbook Deposit

This tutorial features Bookmaker, Diamond and BetCris Bitcoin sports betting deposits. The process will be similar for any other Bitcoin sportsbook.

BookMaker, Diamond and BetCris Bitcoin deposits are easy with a Bitcoin account. There are no processing fees. The final dollar amount credited to your account may vary due to BTC market exchange rates. Processing speed is almost instant.

Before You Make a Bitcoin Deposit

  1. Make sure you have Bitcoin available in your Wallet. Deposit to CoinBase if necessary using your debit card, credit card or by bank wire.
  2. Open your account.
  3. Login to BookMaker, Diamond or Betcris to prepare your deposit.

How to Make a Sportsbook Bitcoin Deposit

  1. Login to Click the “Send/Request” button.

    CoinBase Bitcoin Sportsbook Deposits Step 1
  2. Login to BookMaker, Diamond or Betcris. Click the “Cashier” button. Then click “Deposit” and select “Bitcoin”.
  3. Enter the amount in dollars. The cashier will convert this value to Bitcoin. Remember the exchange rate fluctuates every few minutes. The final dollar amount credited could be different.
    CoinBase Bitcoin Sportsbook Deposits Step 2
  4. Click “Deposit” to confirm your transaction.
  5. Important: Transaction Value, Address and Expiration Time.
    1. Final BTC transaction value. Copy+Paste this to your “Send Bitcoin” amount input.
    2. Bitcoin address. You must copy+paste this to your CoinBase “Address” input. Alternatively, use your phone’s QR scanner for the CoinBase mobile app. Desktop users must Copy and Paste.
    3. Expiration Time. Send your transaction before time expires to guarantee the exchange rate. Otherwise you will have to start a new deposit transaction:
      CoinBase Bitcoin Sportsbook Deposits Step 3
  6. Click “Send” on your CoinBase page BEFORE time expires!
    CoinBase Bitcoin Sportsbook Deposits Step 4
  7. CoinBase sends sportsbook Bitcoin deposits for free. Allow up to 15 minutes for your deposit to be credited to your BookMaker, Diamond or BetCris account. Call customer service if you have any questions.


  1. Desktop users double check Bitcoin addresses before sending funds. Copy+Paste (Ctrl C + Ctrl V) carefully. Here’s a good way to ensure your address is correct:
    1. Paste the address to CoinBase’s BTC address input.
    2. Return to BookMaker, Diamond or Betcris cashier page. Copy the payment address a second time.
    3. Return to CoinBase send payment page. Hit Ctrl+F (Find) to call your Browser’s find text command.
    4. Paste your BTC payment address into the find text dialog box.
    5. See if this address is automatically highlighted inside the CoinBase payment address input. Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft browsers highlight all matches.
    6. Repeat until address is correct.
  2. Make payments in one sitting. Remember your deposit amount is subject to an expiration time.
  3. Mobile users are encouraged to use the QR scan function. Open your mobile payment App. Click “scan code” or “add address” using QR Code. Your phone’s camera will start. Point the lens at your computer screen with the QR code in focus

    Your camera will capture and process the QR code automatically. The proper address will be put into the payment address line.

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