Super Props for Raven/49ers Super Bowl XLVII

The Ravens and 49ers strap it up today at Super Bowl XLVII

Who: The Baltimore Ravens vs the San Francisco 49ers

What: Super Bowl XLVII

Where: The Super Dome, New Orleans, Louisiana

When: Kickoff is at approximately 6:30 PM EST

Current Line as of 9:00 AM EST Sunday

The Super Bowl is a phenomenon that has taken on a life of it’s own. With two weeks between the conference championship games and the main event, it is the most critically analyzed and dissected American sporting event of the year. Billions will be bet on the game around the world. Close to $100 million will be bet in the state of Nevada alone. It is thought that at least 50% of all adult Americans will have some type of stake (no matter how minimal) on this game.

Also taking on a life of it’s own today is the betting of Super Bowl proposition bets. In the context we are using here, a “proposition bet” denotes a bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game of an event not directly affecting the game’s final outcome. For example …. who will win the coin toss, which team will score first, will their be overtime, total amount of punts, and on and on. Despite the generally lower limits, it is thought that close to 50% of the Super Bowl handle (this year thought to be close to $100 million in Nevada) will not be bet on the side and total, but the props.

The Las Vegas Hilton is world famous for it’s creativity and imagination regarding props and this year’s 30 page magnum opus in no exception. Check the complete list here. Here are some of the “way out there cross sport” possibilities.

How about total goals from the West Brom/Tottenham English Premiership game (- 1/2, +140) vs Joe Flacco combined TD passes and Interceptions ( +1/2, 160)

Who will have more ???

The Pittsburg Penguins Sidnet Crosby’s total points (vs the Caps Sun) vs Colin Keapernick TD passes ??? At last look, both were pick and -110

Total goals between Ottawa/Montral vs Baltimore Raven’s TE Dennis Pitta receptions ??? Goals are -1 and -130. Pitta +1 and +110 on the takeback.

Big East College Hoops Team Points on Sunday (Providence, Villanova, Marquette, Louisville, Marquette, South Florida, UConn) vs Baltimore Ravens total net yards ??? Big East points -45 1/2, -110 and Ravens +45 1/2 -110

Lebron James points+rebounds+assists (Sunday vs Raptons) vs Super Bowl XLVII total points ??? Total points -5 1/2 -110 and Lebron +5 1/2 -110

Bubba Watson’s 4th Round score at Phoenix (67, 67, 71) vs Kaepernick rushing yards ??? Watson -19 1/2, 110 and Kaeperpernick +19 1/2 -110

Find something and have some fun

Sportsbetting3 will be back on Monday with a “Super” recap that includes all of Saturday’s news and notes.

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