Bama No.1 with Ohio State No.2 in first college poll, MLB News and Notes, Dolphins and Pelicans unveil new Unis, Aaron Hernandez jailhouse letter, President Lebron ??? + Thursday Recap: Friday, August 2, 2013

Crimson Tide is No.1 in first USA coaches poll

The USA Today coaches poll is out and to the surprise of nobody, Alabama is the overwhelming top choice over Ohio State. Five of the top ten come out of the SEC with the Pac Ten checking in with Oregon and Stanford at No.3 and No.4 respectively.

USA Today Poll


1 Alabama (58) 0-0 1545
2 Ohio State (3) 0-0 1427
3 Oregon 0-0 1397
4 Stanford 0-0 1262
5 Georgia 0-0 1250
6 Texas A&M (1) 0-0 1215
7 South Carolina 0-0 1136
8 Clemson 0-0 1047
9 Louisville 0-0 1010
10 Florida 0-0 930
11 Notre Dame 0-0 872
12 Florida State 0-0 844
13 LSU 0-0 797
14 Oklahoma State 0-0 726
15 Texas 0-0 622
16 Oklahoma 0-0 620
17 Michigan 0-0 589
18 Nebraska 0-0 426
19 Boise State 0-0 420
20 TCU 0-0 400
21 UCLA 0-0 202
22 Northwestern 0-0 186
23 Wisconsin 0-0 172
24 USC 0-0 165
25 Oregon State 0-0 135

Others receiving votes: Kansas State 113, Miami (FL) 101, Michigan State 89, Baylor 80, Virginia Tech 65, Fresno State 62, Arizona State 51, Ole Miss 32, Vanderbilt 29, Utah State 23, Brigham Young 20, North Carolina 19, Northern Illinois 19, Tulsa 9, San Jose State 8, Ohio 8, Arizona 5, Cincinnati 3, East Carolina 3, Mississippi State 3, Kent State 3, Washington 3, UCF 2, Tennessee 1, Toledo 1, Rutgers 1, Arkansas 1, Arkansas State 1

Dyer will play this year for Louisville

Remember Michael Dyer ??? He rushed for 143 yards for Auburn in the National Championship game win over Oregon. He’s back this year playing for Louisville. Dyer had a non-descript sophomore year with the Tigers before being suspended for the Bowl game for failed marijuana tests. He transferred to Arkansas State but did not play and became eligible after completing his associate degree from Arkansas Baptist College.

MLB News and Notes

Yu Darvish struck out 14 Arizona Diamondbacks in the Texas Ranger’s 7-1 win on Thursday night. It was the third game this year where Darvish has struck out 14 batters and the Japanese import is on pace for over 300 strikeouts.

The Boston Red Sox overcame a 7-2 deficit in the ninth with six runs to stun the Mariners 8-7. The BoSox nicked M relievers for a double, five singles and three walks to vulture away another win from Felix Hernandez.

Today marks the 34th anniversary of the death of Thurman Munson. The Yankee captain and perennial All-Star was killed in a plane crash landing his Cessna in Akron, Ohio. He was 32.

The Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Pelicans unveil new uniforms

Two sports franchises unveiled their new uniforms on Thursday. The Miami Dolphins will be rocking a new logo and color scheme that eliminates much of the orange, highlights the aqua and features a new font for the numbers. Take a look at the whole scheme by clicking here.

The New Orleans Pelicans will be sporting home uniforms with red and gold trim with navy blue roadies. You can check them out here.

Aaron Hernandez “not guilty” in jailhouse letter

Aaron Hernandez has been in jail about 45 days but has already developed some pen pals. Leave it to TMZ to come up with a letter that has been confirmed as authentic by law enforcement officials.

Here’s the complete contents of the letter:

Your letter meant alot and was very true! I know everything happens for a reason and I know ‘God’ has a plan for me and something good will come out of this. The world just makes things out of false accusations and it will all die down especially when they say NOT GUILTY and all the people who turned on me will feel like crap. I’ve always been a great person an[d] known for having an amazing heart! I am a strong person and nothing will break me! A [correctional officer] will never nor can they say now for one day have I been down or not with a smile on my face. I know there is a reason I’m going thru this and I will figure it out through my relationship with the Lord. I fell off especially after making all that money but when its all said and done ‘God’ put me in the situation for a reason. I’m humbled by this ALREADY and this will change me forever. At least I’ll know my true supporters. Thanks for being one of them!

This particular pen pal will not likely be hearing from Hernandez again. The letter closes with a request not to be turned over to social media which is exactly where it wound up.

Lebron thinking about run for NBPA presidency

With the NBPA going through a messy transition, a major name has emerged as a possible president ….. MVP Lebron James. During the 2011 labor unrest, the union asked for the superstar players to become more involved. James is good friends with Chris Paul who sits on the executive committee.

Free Play

(MLB) St Louis (Miller)/Cincinnati (Arroyo) Under 8 (Friday, August 2, 8:05 PM EST)