NBA Season Win Recommendation: Charlotte Bobcats Under 15.5 +125

Bet the Charlotte Bobcats Under 15.5 2011-2012 Season Wins

Quick !!! I can name that roster in five notes ….. errr players. If you hadn’t read the header of this post, could you ??? Bismark Biyombo … 1, 2, 3 … OK … Byron Mullens … 1, 2, 3 … OK … lets try a little DJ White. Unless you were the mother of one of these players you probably wouldn’t know they were in the NBA never mind the Charlotte Bobcats and there in lies the roblem for Michael Jordan and Paul Silas. This may be the most rag tag ensemble of journeymen ever assembled in the NBA.

Starting at center, from Dakar, Senegal, 7’00” 280, #7 DeSagan Diop. That’s pronounced Jahp. You may remember Diop in Cleveland during the early Lebron days or in Dallas where he played in garbage time. He’s always been a lumbering load and now he comes off an achilles problem that limited him to just 16 games where he averaged 1.2 ppg and 2.3 rpg in 11 nightly minutes. Byron Mullins is out of Ohio State but has languished the last two years in Oklahoma Ciity where he saw action in 26 games over two years. Ty Thomas and Eduardo Najera could be pressed into duty. More on them later.

At small forward we have journeyman Boris Diaw who has played 82 games the last two years avgg 11.3 ppg and 5.0 in 34 minutes last year. He’ll be backed up by veteran journeyman Cory Maggette who averaged 12.0 ppg last year in Milwaukee. Maggette is arguably the best/only shooter/scorer on the team and may have carte blanche to stop and pop when he’s open. Matt Carroll can do double duty as a shooting guard or small forward.

The Bobcats are lacking of big bodies at power forward. Ty Thomas will like start at PF but he’s got a bad ankle and will likely not be ready for the opener. Thomas is limited but can knock down a jumper on occasion and he’ll have to get busy on the boards. DJ White is in his fourth year out of Indiana where he played with Eric Gordan on Calvin Sampson’s final team. He scored a career high 17 in one of the two B’Cat exhibitions which shows you how much time he played on OKC after getting drafted in 2008.

Ex-Dukie Gerald Henderson will have his shot at a breakout season as shooting guard is all his. He averaged 9.6/3.0/1/1 in about 24 minutes last year. Matt Carroll is his backup. Reggie Williams, the VMI Reggie Williams, signed a one-year $5 million dollar contract and went out and tore a meniscus in his first game. He” be out until late January where he’ll be an important piece in the Bobacts drive for their 10th win.

The only bright spot of this dismal picture is at point guard where ex-Texas Longhorn DJ Augustin will mentor last year’s NCAA tournament hero and top draft pick Kemba Walker. Augustin is a 14.4 ppg 6.0 dime guy with great range. He’ll have to play well to keep his job as Walker has been impressive in limited action. Walker has played in just two games since April so he’ll have to learn on the fly and it remains to be seen if his slight frame can withstand the rigors of even a 66 game NBA schedule.

The Bobcats are a train wreck. They are not very talented , small, slow, and the people they have are all battling injuries. If this were a normal NBA season, we might be talking about this team challenging the ’72 Sixer team’s record for fewest amount of wins. The planets will need to be aligned for every Bobcat win. They may be able to ambush people on occasion, particulaly at home vs teams playing their third straight night or similar type spots. In the end, this team will be luck to win ten games leaving us a healthy cushion to play Under 15 1/2.