NBA Season Win Recommendation: Minnesota Timberwolves Under 24.5 Even

Best the Minnesota Timberwolves Under 24.5 2011-2012 Season Wins

It’s official. The Minnesota Timberwolves has officially passed the Clippers as the worst managed franchise in the NBA. The good news for Minnesota fans is that if the Cliipers can do it, so can they. The bad news is that they’ll have to wait 15-20 years more before that happens assuming that the team hasn’t moved or is contracted.

Since taking over the team as Director of Basketball Operations, David Kahn has made any number of terrible decisions whether it be free agent signings like Darko Milicic or rediculous drafts like 2009 where the T-Wolves took three guards in the first round including Ricky Rubio at #4 overall. Rubio will finally make his T-Wolf debut this year after a horrific year in Spain. Kevin Love (20.2, 15.2) got there before Khan and just biding his time before signing somewhere on the left coast. After unceremoniously running Kevin Garnett out of town, Minnesota is in fact a team that is born to lose.

Darko Milicic starts at center and he’ll be forever remembered as the guy that was picked #2 overall in the draft between Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony. Khan justified signing Milicic by saying that his career was in may ways similar to Fab Fiver Chris Webber for which he was taken to task. Milocic avgs 6.1 ppg with 4.3 rpg over 438 games. C-Web was a 5X All-Star that averages 20.8 ppg with 9.8 rpg over 831 games. It could be us but we don’t see the similarity. Veteran Brad Miller was brought in to back up but he’s out till mid-January with knee problems. Nikola Pekovic also has gimpy wheels meaning Love and rookie Derrick Williams will be stop gaps.

Kevin Love and his 20/15 double doubles are lost in the Twin Cities. The ex-UCLA Bruins plays so much bigger than his 6’10” 260 pound frame and now he’s developed a jump start and is deadly when unguarded behind the arc. He’ll take top draft pick Derrick Williams (Arizona) under his wing. Williams is super athletic with a ton of upside. He’ll get plenty of minutes over the next five years before he to moves on to greener pastures. Anthony Randolf who had his moments in Golden State is third in the rotation.

After languishing two years with the Heat, Michael Beasley finally showed his potential avgg 19.2 ppg in his breakout junior season. Beasley can generaously be called volatile and it remains to be seen how he’ll intercat with new HC Rick Adelman who will demand he play defense. Williams could also move over to the three where he’ll take some of Beasley’s minutes. The logjam of guards on the roster may also have 6’7″ Wesley Johnson to shooting forward.

The Wolves have six guards that need to play and they all have very similar games. You can put them in a bottle and shake them up to see who comes out first. All six will likely be interchangible between point and shooting guard. Here we go.

Veteran Luke Ridnour will start at point guard. The eight-year man out of Oregon is at his best running the floor and dishing on the break. He’s an average shooter and a defensive liabilty. Rubio and the newly-acquired JJ Barea will cut into his time. All eyes will be on Ricky Rubio who had a terrible statistical year last year on the team that won the European Championship. He’s battling ankle problems and has never proven at any level that he can shoot. Wayne Ellington who led the Noth Carolina Tar Heels to their most recent champonship averages 6.6 ppg in 19 minutes but Minny feels strongly enough about his potential to pick up his options the past two years. Wesley Johnson was a top draft pick that is yet to pan out. He’s verastile and was scheduled to start out shooting guard. What do you do when you you have five guards for two spots and 96 minutes ??? Sign another one. Enter JJ Barea from the Mavs, a 6’0″ jitterbug energy guy who has been bothered by a deep thigh bruise.

The T-Wolves have people that can play but it remains to be seen if new HC Rick Adelman can get this group to play the disciplined deliberate style that he demands. Adelman is great coach bet in Minnesota he’s another round peg in a square hole. Minnesota is not helped by playing in the Western Conference and will continue as a work in progress as the new personnel develope some type of chemistry. This team figures to win closer to 20 games than 30 games making the Under 24.5 season wins the play.

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