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Post Up Shop or Credit Shop are two different types of sportsbooks. At a Post Up shop, players MUST deposit money before making any wager. At a Credit Shop, players can bet without actually depositing money, but are held liable for any losses they incur.

Given the choice between Post Up or Credit, we highly recommend going with Post Up online sportsbooks. Why? Well, for one thing, putting up money prior to actually betting makes transactions and payouts much easier. If you win the bet, you'll get your money back plus your winnings; but if you lose, the sportsbook simply keeps your bet. Post Up also limits you to your physical bank roll, especially in cases where you place too many bets, develop a gambling problem, or have difficulties making transactions.

The opposite is true for Credit Shops. To place a bet with a credit shop, simply sign up and provide your account name and details. Once this is complete, place a bet of your liking. If you win, you'll get the credit used to place the bet returned to you, plus your winnings. If you lose, however, you are liable to produce the cash necessary to cover the losing bet. This is where problems can arise. If a player is a problem gambler, or simply does not have any money to begin with, a losing bet means he/she has to pay the sportsbook immediately. The player must produce the funds or else he/she risks ejection from the sportsbook, credit card charges, or legal action. And yes, in some cases, some of the more shady credit shops send out "debt collectors" if you decide not to pay them. Not having the money to pay just causes lots of problems and issues that never should have happened in the first place: ONLY BET WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.

That said, most of the highly respected online sportsbooks with good reputations are post-up operations, requiring you to deposit and in some cases submit permission slips to charge your credit card before making any bets. In this day and age, depositing at an offshore sportsbook can be difficult, given recent USA legal action against banks that process any gambling related transactions. This is all the more reason to keep things simple and post up your bet prior to wagering online. If you find yourself thinking about playing on credit be extremely careful who you deal with and how you bet. If you get yourself into a hole, you could be risking your financial and personal safety if you decide to ditch and run.

Another important note about Post Up shops is that they tend to have more liquid cash on hand to make payouts to winning customers, whereas credit shops are technically acting as both a loan giver and banker at the same time. If you win big at an online sportsbook, you certainly will want to get access to your winnings. With Post Up shops, particularly the most respected sportsbooks online, you can be reasonably sure that you will get your money because there is actually money in the company's till to pay out. This is all the more reason to head towards a reputable Post Up operation to place wagers online.

Editorial Note: All the sportsbooks advertised on this website are Post Up operations. We recognize that it's safer to gamble with money you actually have, opposed to some arbitrary credit line offered by a credit shop.

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