Sports Writing Policies

We do not accept guest posts welcomes relevant sports writing submissions. Please read the following quality guidelines.

General educates its readers about United States sports betting. Our how-tos help novice bettors understand abstract sports gambling concepts in simple language. Engaging infographics, videos and charts further inform our audiences.

We offer odds and stats for major USA sports leagues and thoroughbred horse racing. Additionally, major events such as the Super Bowl, March Madness, Final Four and Kentucky Derby each get extensive coverage.

Who Can Write for Us?

  1. Knowledgeable Sports Writers
  2. Handicappers, Tipsters and Betting Analysts
  3. Established journalists

Types of Content Accepted

  1. Text Articles, Guides & Lists
  2. Sports picks & handicapping insight
  3. Charts, graphs and tables relating to competitors, teams and odds
  4. Original research and mathematical analysis

Content Standards & Guidelines

  1. Demonstrate a firm and commanding grasp of subject matter.
  2. 800+ Words for any majority text submission.
  3. Fluent USA English, using familiar jargon, idioms and appropriate cultural references.
  4. 100% original content.
  5. No syndicated content without prior approval from staff.
  6. High quality images, compressed and ready for immediate publication.
  7. No links to competitors without prior approval.

Dos and Don’ts


  1. Provide reference links and source all images, tables, charts and graphs.
  2. Write at an 8th Grade Level or lower.
  3. Write in 1-3 sentence paragraphs.
  4. Break up longer passages with appropriate sub-headings.


  1. Submit a “guest post” or other manufactured work.
  2. Plagiarize, recycle or otherwise re-purpose existing content.
  3. Submit low quality images, graphics, charts or tables.
  4. String together Tweets, Chats or other conversations to create an article.
  5. Submit more than 2 images per article.
  6. Embed videos other than Youtube or Vimeo.
  7. Write sales pitches, write platitudes or use marketing language like “…and more”, “…etc.” or too much slang.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submit a Microsoft Word .doc containing your final draft. Make sure to format text and sub-headings.
  2. Featured image must be at least 1200px wide.
  3. Other images should be no larger than 800px.
  4. Limit HTML tables to 3 most important columns. Other columns will be condensed for responsive design.

What’s Next?

  • Allow 3-5 days for an evaluation. We will respond affirmatively if interested.
  • If you do NOT hear from us, we are NOT interested.
  • We’ll reply with edits, changes and clarifications.
  • We’ll publish the article as soon as possible.

Submit Now – No Guest Posts

Email Us – Attn. Ron Halfback, Editor

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Legal, Copyright & Ownership

Copyright belongs to the author. Please advise in advance if you intend to publish content elsewhere. We reserve the right to decline publication if your content will be used on multiple websites.

You are responsible for sourcing, researching and ensuring the accuracy of any claims made in your submission.

You are responsible for NOT plagiarizing existing work in other publications, books, magazines, newspapers or reproducing work substantially similar to copyrighted TV, Radio or Cinema content.

Your content will be removed if it violates any of the above policies. It will also be removed if any 3rd party claims infringement of any of the following: copyright, patent, trademark or other legal or preexisting intellectual property ownership.

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