2024 Preakness Betting Odds

Ultimate Preakness Betting Guide. Learn how to bet on the Preakness Stakes. See last year’s video and hear the greatest Preakness call ever. Learn simple Preakness bets. Read about the Preakness Stakes’ biggest long-shot wins. We’ll keep you current with last minute updates up until post time.

Preakness Stakes 149 Schedule 2024

Date & Time: May 18, 2024. Post Time 7:01 PM ET
Place: Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore, MD
Live Stream: NBC Live Stream
The Preakness is always 2 weeks after the Kentucky Derby on the third Saturday in May.

Pre-Preakness Updates

Update 05/16/2024 – Saturday’s weather forecast suggests rainy conditions at Pimlico – the track might be muddy as a result.

Update 05/15/2024 – Muth, the odds on favorite, scratches with a high fever.

Update 05/12/2024 – Baltimore’s weather forecast calls for low to mid 70s and scattered showers this Saturday.

Preakness Betting Odds

Update – Seize The Grey wins the 2024 Preakness Stakes, paying $21.60.

2024 Preakness Stakes Odds

Horse futures odds are aggregated and estimated

TwinSpires Sports Betting TwinSpires
5. Mystik Dan8/5
3. Catching Freedom7/2
9. Imagination7/2
8. Tuscan Gold4/1
7. Just Steel9/1
6. Seize The Grey14/1
2. Uncle Heavy16/1
1. Mugatu35/1

Recent US Graded Stakes Won by Preakness Stakes Entrants

Recent US Graded Stakes Won by Preakness Stakes Entrants
Mystik DanKentucky Derby (2024 G1), Southwest Stakes (2024 G3)
Catching FreedomLouisiana Derby (2024 G2)
ImaginationSan Felipe Stakes (2024 G2)
Seize The GreyPreakness Stakes (2024 G1), Pat Day Mile Stakes (2024 G2)
Uncle HeavyWithers Stakes (2024 G3)

Black-Eyed Susan Betting Odds

Update – Gun Song wins the 2024 Black-Eyed Susan, paying $6.60.

2023 Black-Eyed Susan Stakes Odds

Horse futures odds are aggregated and estimated

TwinSpires Sports Betting TwinSpires
9. Faiza5/6
4. Merlazza13/2
8. Balpool7/1
1. Sacred Wish10/1
3. Hoosier Philly10/1
10. Taxed14/1
7. Comparative14/1
11. Cats IntheTimber33/1
12. Towhead33/1

Recent US Graded Stakes Won by Black-Eyed Susan Stakes Entrants

Recent US Graded Stakes Won by Black-Eyed Susan Stakes Entrants
FaizaLas Virgenes Stakes (2023 G3), Santa Anita Oaks (2023 G2), Santa Ysabel Stakes (2023 G3), Starlet Stakes (2022 G1)
BalpoolMemories Of Silver Stakes (2023 GNLBTd)
Sacred WishWinter Memories Stakes (2023 GL)
Hoosier PhillyGolden Rod Stakes (2022 G2)
TaxedGeorge E. Mitchell Black-Eyed Susan Stakes (2023 G2)

Table of Contents

  1. Best Bets
  2. Pimlico Odds
  3. Preakness Stakes Replay
  4. Best Preakness Race Call
  5. Betting Tips
  6. Race Trends
  7. Long-shot Winners
  8. Tables/Reference

Preakness Betting Sites

Preakness Betting Sites

TwinSpires Sportsbook#1 TwinSpires
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DRF Bets Sportsbook#2 DRF Bets
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How to Bet on the Preakness

Profit from these Preakness Betting options.

Black-Eyed Susan and Preakness Double Bet

Pick both the George E. Mitchell Black-Eyed Susan and Preakness Stakes winners. Make your picks before the Black Eyed Susan Stakes begins. Post time is 4:48 PM the Friday before Preakness Day.

The 1 1/8 mile Black-Eyed Susan is for 3-year-old fillies. This Grade 2 race has a $250,000 purse. It is one of the distaff counterparts to the Triple Crown race series. Hopefuls must win the Kentucky Oaks, Black-Eyed Susan and Acorn Stakes.

Race books determine Black-Eyed Susan and Preakness Daily Double payouts from each horse’s odds of winning its respective event.

Review the Black-Eyed Susan Preakness will-pays after the Black-Eyed Susan has concluded. Here are the 2022 Black-Eyed Susan Preakness will-pays for reference. Payouts include the Black-Eyed Susan winner paired with each Preakness horse. Odds may change up until Preakness post time.


Review each horse’s most recent race results. Include Kentucky Oaks and Derby performances if applicable. Horses will not compete between the Derby and Preakness races.

Preakness Trifecta Part Wheel Bet

Select horses to key into the first, second and third position. Each key contains one or more horses. Final order does matter.

The 10 horse Preakness field is much smaller than the 20 horse Kentucky Derby. Each key should have 4 or less horses.

Select horses most likely to finish in the top 3. Also include a couple less probable horses. Occasionally a longshot will finish third.

Preakness Trifecta Picks Keys

  1. Horses A & B in the first position.
  2. 2 horses from 1st key + Horse C in second position.
  3. 3 horses from 2nd key + Horse D in third position
  4. Total unique Horses: 4 (A,B,C & D).
  5. Each combination costs $1. Total cost is $8 for 8 combinations.

Note: Trifecta wheel costs will vary depending on the number of unique horses. Using the same horse in multiple keys decreases cost. Adding new horses to each key increases cost.


Trifecta Part Wheels cost less than a Trifecta Box. They are also more efficient. You will bet less to potentially win more money.

Preakness Win Place Show Bet

Pick a likely top 3 finisher. Place $2 Win, Place and Show bets on this horse. $2 x 3 bets. The entire bet costs $6 total.

Ask your track teller for $2 “Across the Board”. Or select this wager from your online race book.

Race results determine your payout. There are 4 distinct outcomes. The following lists payouts from highest to lowest.

Win-Place-Show Bet Outcomes
Horse FinishesWinning BetsLosing Bets
First Win,Place,Show None
Second Place,Show Win
Third Show Win,Place
Fourth or worse None All

All Win-Place-Show bets lose if horse finishes fourth or worse. Also called “out of the money”.


Pick from the top 6-8 contenders. Don’t bet longshot horses unless you’re extremely confident. Avoid placing multiple Win-Place-Show bets. Consider a Trifecta or Superfecta box bet instead.

Preakness Stakes Exacta Bet

The 10 horse Preakness field makes picking a winner much easier than the Derby. Bettors should avoid less efficient wagers whenever possible. Play 2 horses at once with the Exacta Bet.

Pick 2 horses. One must finish first. The other must finish second. Final order does matter.

Exacta Bet Outcomes

  • Your bet wins if the horses finish first and second in the order you specified.
  • Bet loses if one or none of your selections finish top two.
  • Bet also loses if your selections finish in the wrong order.

The Exacta bet minimum is $2. The maximum is commonly $500.


Bet the track minimum. Place no more than 3 Exacta bets on different horses. One winning exacta justifies a $6 expense on 3 separate $2 bets. You could profit substantially.

Preakness Show Bet

Your horse doesn’t have to win to turn a profit. The show bet rewards bettors for making a good-enough prediction. It manages risk like the Quinella Box. But it costs less and pays out more.

How to place a Preakness Show Bet

  1. Visit your online race book.
  2. Pick your favorite horse.
  3. Select Show Bet.
  4. Minimum bet is usually $2.

The show bet wins if your horse finishes first, second or third. Also called “in the money”. Payouts are smaller than successful win or place bets.

  • Show bets on longshots pay the most.
  • Show bets on favorites or “odds on” horses pay the least.


Consider placing Show bets on multiple horses. Don’t hang your hat on one selection. Diversify your investment. You’ll increase the likelihood of profiting.

US Time Zone

Pimlico Entries and Odds

5/26/24 12:25pm EDT - Race 1 - Maiden Claiming - $10,000 - 6F
P#TwinSpires Sports Betting TwinSpires
6 Ikat2/1 Bet
1 Coronation Time5/2 Bet
2 A B C Ya3/1 Bet
3 Love In May5/1 Bet
4 Count Daddy6/1 Bet
5 Uncle Chinito10/1 Bet

Hitch Abernathy's Free Pimlico Picks

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Hitch Abernathy's Pimlico Picks
+ Displays more picks
1W 6 Ikat
P 3 Love In May
S 4 Count Daddy
2W 6 Brady Bear
P 4 Dancing Mischief
S 12 Minxzluckystarfyre
3W 1 Shining Spirit
P 5 Candy Doll
S 6 Extremely Gruntled
4W 6 Shape Note
P 5 Better Luck
S 2 Gatto Be Proud
5W 4 Medagooch
P 2 The Big Enchilada
S 1 Penny Loafer
6W 1 Little Cagefighter
P 7 Fouroneohsmokeshow
S 16 Burroughs Cay
7W 2 Brysons Option
P 6 Tubtimsiam
S 1 Not Thistimerandy
8W 2 Ree Nee's Six
P 6 Poseidon's Mist
S 5 Khozy Colby
9W 8 Lusty
P 3 Surprisingly Sweet
S 5 Kobe's Smile

2023 Preakness Stakes Replay

Best Preakness Stakes Race Call

“Down the stretch they come in the Preakness!”
Dave Johnson, 2000 Preakness Stakes for Red Bullet

Preakness Betting Tips

  1. Deposit early Preakness week. Deposit early, you’ll avoid last minute credit card processing glitches.
  2. Monitor Preakness Betting odds carefully. Visit your online race book’s odds page regularly. Odds will change up until post time.
  3. Shop Preakness betting odds at multiple sportsbooks.
  4. Novice bettors stick to simple +EV horse bets. Research and bet longshots carefully. Leave trifectas and superfectas to expert handicappers.

Preakness Stakes Race Stats 1973 to Present

Preakness Stakes Historic Trends

Preakness Stakes Highest Purse, Largest Field
Item Date Value
Highest PurseMay 18, 2024$2,000,000
Largest FieldMay 16, 199214
Largest FieldMay 21, 200514
Largest FieldMay 21, 201114

Preakness Stakes Averages

Preakness Stakes Averages
Item Value Results
Most Common Purse$1,000,00016
Average Purse$849,49051
Most Common Field1016
Average Field9.951

Amazing Preakness Stakes Longshot Winners

2013 Oxbow 15 to 1

Jockey: Gary Stevens

Most discounted Oxbow’s chances of winning the Preakness despite a respectable 6th place at the 2013 Kentucky Derby. His front running style wasn’t conducive to races requiring big finishes. That meant jockey Gary Stevens would need to work closely with him the week before the Preakness.

The extra practice allowed Stevens to get to know Oxbow. Their diligence paid off.

Oxbow moved to the front after a bumpy Preakness start. Stevens guided him about 1 ½ lengths ahead. Then Stevens relaxed the pace. This strategy allowed Oxbow to save much-needed energy for the finish.

Coming off the final turn, Oxbow surged for home. His lead opened to 3 lengths. Seconds later he won the Preakness, never challenged from any other horse.

Stevens later called him the “most intelligent horse I have ever ridden.” It was Stevens’ 3rd Preakness win and trainer D. Wayne Lukas’ 6th. Oxbow later finished second at the 2013 Belmont Stakes.

1975 Master Derby 23 to 1

Jockey: Darrel McHargue

Master Derby’s Preakness win came in the middle of his career. He enjoyed modest success in 1974 as a 2 year old placing second in both the Breeders Futurity Stakes and Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes.

Then he moved to longer races as a 3 year old. Wins at the 1975 Louisiana Derby Trials Stakes and Louisiana Derby showed Master Derby had potential. He finished fourth at the 1975 Kentucky Derby with jockey Darrel McHargue.

Master Derby went on to win the 1975 Preakness at 23 to 1 odds. He soundly defeated Kentucky Derby winner and heavy favorite Foolish Pleaseure. It was one of the biggest upsets in Preakness history.

Master Derby and McHargue finished 3rd at the 1975 Belmont Stakes. As a 4 year old he won 3 races and placed second in the 1976 Metropolitan Handicap.

1983 Deputed Testamony 15 to 1

Jockey: Donald Miller, Jr.

Deputed Testamony didn’t run the 1983 Kentucky Derby. Instead he won the Keystone Stakes at Keystone Racetrack. Then the Federico Tesio stakes at Pimlico.

He must have loved Pimlico Race Course. Returning to run the 1983 Preakness, Deputed Testamony was nearly ignored at 15 to 1 odds. But his race performance proved otherwise. He defeated Kentucky Derby winner and heavy favorite Sunny’s Halo.

His luck ran out the Belmont Stakes finishing sixth to Caveat. Deputed Testamony’s next major win as a 3 year old came at the Grade 1 Haskell Invitational Handicap.

He found the magic once again as a 4 year old at Pimlico. Deputed Testamony cruised to a win in the Baltimore Handicap. He set a track record at the 1 1/16 mile distance while suffering a career-ending injury, subsequently retiring to stud.

The Deputed Testamony stakes was named in his honor. It is held annually at Laurel Park Racecourse in Laurel, MD.

1972 Bee Bee Bee 19 to 1

Jockey: Eldon Nelson

Bee Bee Bee never ran the Kentucky Derby. Trainer Del Carroll decided to run him at Pimlico’s 1972 Survivor Stakes instead. A commanding 7 length victory convinced Carroll to enter the Preakness. Jockey Eldon Nelson would ride him.

Track conditions were sloppy at the 1972 Preakness Stakes. It had rained the night before. Kentucky Derby winner Riva Ridge was the heavy favorite with Key to the Mint and No Le Hace likely contenders.

But Bee Bee Bee wasn’t fazed. He surged ahead early and never looked back, holding off a late charge from No Le Hace.

Riva Ridge’s Triple Crown dreams were dashed. His Preakness loss was particularly agonizing when he won the Belmont Stakes weeks later.

Bee Bee Bee didn’t run again until the 1972 Patriot Stakes at Pennsylvania’s Liberty Bell Park. He won again and was subsequently retired to stud in 1974.

2011 Shackleford 13 to 1

Jockey: Jesus Castanon

Shackleford started his 3 year old season in 2011. Initially his racing prowess went all but unnoticed. He won his first start with a strong finish at Gulfstream Park in February 2011.

But the April 2011 Grade 1 Florida Derby changed minds. He had little to prove as a 60 to 1 longshot. Yet he led from the backstretch to the final turn at a blistering pace. Shackleford nearly won the race, losing by a head after a late surge from Dialed In.

Encouraged, Romans took Shackleford to the Kentucky Derby where he finished 4th to Animal Kingdom. Then they re-matched at the 2011 Preakness. This time Shackleford accelerated down the homestretch, holding off a late charge from Animal Kingdom. He won by half a length.

Shackleford was 5th at the 2011 Belmont Stakes. He finished second by a head at the July 2011 Haskell Invitational. Subsequent racing attempts were mixed but respectable, including second at the Indiana Derby.

Eventually Shackleford was nominated for the Eclipse Award. He lost to Animal Kingdom. In the final race of his career as a four-year-old, Shackleford won the 2012 Clark Handicap at Churchill Downs. He later retired to stud.

Preakness Stakes Winners 1925 to Present

Preakness Stakes Winners
2023National TreasureJohn R. VelazquezBob Baffert1:55.12
2022Early VotingJose OrtizChad Brown1:54.54
2021RombauerFlavien PratMichael W. McCarthy1:53.62
2020Swiss SkydiverRobby AlbaradoKenneth McPeek1:53.28
2019War of WillTyler GaffalioneMark E. Casse1:54.34
2018JustifyMike SmithBob Baffert1:55.93
2017Cloud ComputingJavier CastellanoChad Brown1:55.98
2016ExaggeratorKent DesormeauxJ. Keith Desormeaux1:58.31
2015American PharoahVictor EspinozaBob Baffert1:58.46
2014California ChromeVictor EspinozaArt Sherman1:54.84
2013OxbowGary StevensD. Wayne Lukas1:57.54
2012I'll Have AnotherMario GutierrezDoug O'Neill1:55.94
2011ShacklefordJesus CastanonDale Romans1:56.47
2010Lookin At LuckyMartin GarciaBob Baffert1:55.47
2009Rachel AlexandraCalvin BorelSteve Asmussen1:55.08
2008Big BrownKent DesormeauxRichard Dutrow1:54.86
2007CurlinRobby AlbaradoSteve Asmussen1:53.46
2006BernardiniJavier CastellanoTom Albertrani1:54.65
2005Afleet AlexJeremy RoseTimothy Ritchey1:55.04
2004Smarty JonesStewart ElliottJohn Servis1:55.59
2003Funny CideJose SantosBarclay Tagg1:55.61
2002War EmblemVictor EspinozaBob Baffert1:56.40
2001Point GivenGary StevensBob Baffert1:55.40
2000Red BulletJerry BaileyJoe Orseno1:56.00
1999CharismaticChris AntleyD. Wayne Lukas1:55.20
1998Real QuietKent DesormeauxBob Baffert1:54.60
1997Silver CharmGary StevensBob Baffert1:54.80
1996Louis QuatorzePat DayNick Zito1:53.40
1995Timber CountryPat DayD. Wayne Lukas1:54.40
1994Tabasco CatPat DayD. Wayne Lukas1:56.40
1993Prairie BayouMike SmithTom Bohannan1:56.60
1992Pine BluffChris McCarronTom Bohannan1:55.60
1991HanselJerry BaileyFrank L. Brothers1:54.00
1990Summer SquallPat DayNeil J. Howard1:53.60
1989Sunday SilencePat ValenzuelaChar.Whittingham1:53.80
1988Risen StarEd DelahoussayeLouie Roussel1:56.20
1987AlyshebaChris McCarronJack Van Berg1:55.80
1986Snow ChiefAlex SolisMelvin F. Stute1:54.80
1985Tank's ProspectPat DayD. Wayne Lukas1:53.40
1984Gate DancerAngel CorderoJack Van Berg1:53.60
1983Deputed TestamonyDonald Miller, Jr.J. William Boniface1:55.40
1982Aloma's RulerJack KaenelJohn J. Lenzini, Jr.1:55.40
1981Pleasant ColonyJorge VelasquezJohn P. Campo1:54.60
1980CodexAngel CorderoD. Wayne Lukas1:54.20
1979Spectacular BidRonnie FranklinBud Delp1:54.20
1978AffirmedSteve CauthenLaz Barrera1:54.40
1977Seattle SlewJean CruguetBill Turner1:54.40
1976ElocutionistJohn LivelyPaul T. Adwell1:55.00
1975Master DerbyDarrel McHargueSmiley Adams1:56.40
1974Little CurrentMiguel A. RiveraLou Rondinello1:54.60
1973SecretariatRon TurcotteLucien Laurin1:53.00
1972Bee Bee BeeEldon NelsonDel W. Carroll1:55.60
1971Canonero IIGustavo AvilaJuan Arias1:54.00
1970PersonalityEddie BelmonteJohn W. Jacobs1:56.20
1969Majestic PrinceBill HartackJohnny Longden1:55.60
1968Forward PassIsmael ValenzuelaHenry Forrest1:56.80
1967DamascusBill ShoemakerFrank Whiteley1:55.20
1966Kauai KingDon BrumfieldHenry Forrest1:55.40
1965Tom RolfeRon TurcotteFrank Whiteley1:56.20
1964Northern DancerBill HartackHoratio Luro1:56.80
1963Candy SpotsBill ShoemakerMesh Tenney1:56.20
1962Greek MoneyJohn L. RotzVirgil W. Raines1:56.20
1961Carry BackJohnny SellersJack A. Price1:57.60
1960Bally AcheBobby UsseryJimmy Pitt1:57.60
1959Royal OrbitWilliam HarmatzReggie Cornell1:57.00
1958Tim TamIsmael ValenzuelaHorace A. Jones1:57.20
1957Bold RulerEddie ArcaroJim Fitzsimmons1:56.20
1956FabiusBill HartackHorace A. Jones1:58.40
1955NashuaEddie ArcaroJim Fitzsimmons1:54.60
1954Hasty RoadJohn H. AdamsHarry Trotsek1:57.40
1953Native DancerEric GuerinBill Winfrey1:57.80
1952Blue ManConn McCrearyWoody Stephens1:57.40
1951BoldEddie ArcaroPreston M. Burch1:56.40
1950Hill PrinceEddie ArcaroCasey Hayes1:59.20
1949CapotTed AtkinsonJohn M. Gaver, Sr.1:56.00
1948CitationEddie ArcaroHorace A. Jones2:02.40
1947FaultlessDouglas DodsonHorace A. Jones1:59.00
1946AssaultWarren MehrtensMax Hirsch2:01.40
1945PolynesianWayne D. WrightMorris H. Dixon1:58.80
1944PensiveConn McCrearyBen A. Jones1:59.20
1943Count FleetJohnny LongdenDon Cameron1:57.40
1942AlsabBasil JamesSarge Swenke1:57.00
1941WhirlawayEddie ArcaroBen A. Jones1:58.80
1940BimelechFred A. SmithWilliam A. Hurley1:58.60
1939ChalledonGeorge SeaboLouis J. Schaefer1:59.80
1938DauberMaurice PetersRichard E. Handlen1:59.80
1937War AdmiralCharley KurtsingerGeorge Conway1:58.40
1936Bold VentureGeorge WoolfMax Hirsch1:59.00
1935OmahaWillie SaundersJim Fitzsimmons1:58.40
1934High QuestRobert JonesRobert A. Smith1:58.20
1933Head PlayCharley KurtsingerThomas P. Hayes2:02.00
1932Burgoo KingEugene JamesH. J. Thompson1:59.80
1931MateGeorge EllisJames W. Healy1:59.00
1930Gallant FoxEarl SandeJim Fitzsimmons2:00.60
1929Dr. FreelandLouis SchaeferThomas J. Healey2:01.60
1928VictorianRaymond WorkmanJames G. Rowe, Jr.2:00.20
1927BostonianWhitey AbelFred Hopkins2:01.60
1926DisplayJohn MaibenThomas J. Healey1:59.80
1925CoventryClarence KummerWilliam B. Duke1:59.00

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