College Football Prop Bets

This page is your exclusive home for college football prop bets. These popular side bets allow you to bet on events that do not depend on a particular game’s final result. Bet on a particular team, player, or other game-related event. Note that some states prohibit individual player prop bets and any type of bet on in-state teams.

Review today’s college football prop bets from trusted US sports betting sites below. We also discuss what a college football prop bet is and how to place these exciting wagers.

College football prop bets are available for the NCAA Football National Championship, the playoffs, and throughout the regular season. Bookmark and visit this page again throughout the college football season.

College Football Prop Bets Today

College Football Prop Bets - Next 10 Games
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Notre Dame
First Team To Score
8/26/23 10:00am EDT
First Team To Score
8/31/23 10:00am EDT
First Team To Score
8/31/23 10:00am EDT
Miami (OH)
Miami (FL)
9/01/23 10:00am EDT
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9/02/23 10:00am EDT
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West Virginia
Penn State
9/02/23 10:00am EDT
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South Carolina
North Carolina
9/02/23 10:00am EDT
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Florida State
9/03/23 10:00am EDT
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9/04/23 10:00am EDT
Pending BetRivers
9/09/23 10:00am EDT
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* Please see below for a table of state NCAA prop betting rules.

What are College Football Prop Bets?

College football prop bets are wagers on events that do not depend on a particular game’s final result. Though the result of certain prop bets may influence the game’s ultimate outcome, they are treated as separate bets that win or lose on their own. For example, the number of points a team scores over or under the sportsbook’s line may also correlate to whether they win or lose.

There are a number of college football prop bets available for a given matchup. 

Decide whether one team will score a point total over or under the sportsbook’s line. Or, if the team will be the first to score a certain number of points. You can also pick whether a player’s performance statistic will go over or under the sportsbook’s line. For example, bet whether a quarterback’s number of passing touchdowns will be over or under the sportsbook’s line.

Finally, many sportsbooks offer props on other game-related events, like the coin toss before kickoff.

Add College Football Props to Parlays

Some College football props can be added to parlay bet. Parlay bets combine multiple selections into one large bet. The parlay wins if all your selections are correct. You lose if any selection loses.

You can also find prop bets on parlay cards, a preselected list of bets printed on paper produced by the sportsbook before weekend games begin.

Popular College Football Prop Betting Events

The most popular College football prop betting events include the National Championship game and various postseason bowl games.

For the National Championship, there are all sorts of prop bets, from the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach, to the number of points score in the first half, to each field goal kicker’s number of successful field goals. Choose your bets carefully. Sportsbooks make enormous profits from most prop bets.

Wise bettors know when to place prop bets. Sometimes best opportunities come up during the regular season.

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When do College Football Props Come Out?

Props for regular season games will come out anywhere from 4 days before the game to the day of, depending on the particular bet. Game and team props typically come out first, with some player props released shortly thereafter. 

Note that player prop lines will depend on their status, health, and other considerations. Therefore, these won’t be available until the sportsbook knows they’re likely to play in a game.

NCAA Betting Rules by State

NCAA betting rules vary by state. Some states prohibit player prop bets, while others only prohibit live or “in-game” player props. Other states prohibit betting on any in-state teams, or any NCAA competition hosted within state borders. Finally, other states do not have any NCAA betting restrictions, though the availability of NCAA prop bets will vary depending on where your sportsbook is located and their own internal policies.

The following table summarizes each state’s NCAA betting rules and whether or not player prop bets are allowed.

NCAA Betting Rules by State
StateNCAA RulesNCAA Player Props
ArizonaNo individual athlete props, all other college wagering allowed.No
ColoradoNo NCAA props, no eSports, or betting on high school sports.No
ConnecticutSingle-game bets on any Connecticut NCAA team are prohibited. Tournament futures bets are allowed. No individual athlete props.No
IllinoisBetting on any Illinois NCAA team or Illinois player props are prohibited.Yes for non-Illinois teams
IndianaNo pregame NCAA sports betting restrictions. NCAA live prop betting is prohibited. Bets on amateur events with athletes under 18 are prohibited.Yes for pregame props
IowaNo individual athlete props.No
KansasNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
LouisianaNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
MichiganNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
MississippiRegister at retail location first. No NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes at retail locations
New YorkBetting on any New York NCAA team is prohibited. No individual athlete props.No
OhioNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
PennsylvaniaNo individual athlete props.No
TennesseeNo individual athlete props.No
VirginiaBetting on any Virginia NCAA team is prohibited. No individual athlete props.No
Washington, D.C.Betting on Washington, D.C. NCAA teams or any NCAA events in Washington, D.C. are prohibited. Betting on events with a majority of competitors under age 18 is prohibited.Yes for non-D.C. teams and events outside D.C.
WyomingNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes

College Football Player Prop Bets

College football player props include a quarterback’s pass completions, passing attempts, passing yards, and passing touchdowns. 

Prop bets for other players are also available depending on the sportsbook. Bet on a player’s rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, tackles, sacks, field goals score, longest field goal, or any other common statistic.

For example, will a quarterback throw over or under 2.5 touchdowns in the game? Will the star halfback rush for over or under 120 yards? Will there be a safety in the game, yes or no? Props similar to these and many others will be available every week.

How to Place a College Football Prop Bet

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to place a college football prop bet

  1. Select a College football game or event.

    Select the game or event from your sportsbook’s list of upcoming matchups.

  2. Review each outcome’s moneyline odds.

    Each college football prop bet outcome will have moneyline odds at American sportsbooks.

  3. Make your selection and place your bet.

    Make selection and bet the desired amount.

  4. Your prop bet wins if you chose the correct outcome.

    Your prop bet wins if you picked the correct outcome. Review your sportsbook’s prop betting rules to see how the bet can push or be canceled.

College Football Prop Betting Strategy

Evaluate a player’s health and recent performances when reviewing their prop bet line. If the line is off, research any potential injuries or limitations on their playing in the upcoming game. 

If the sportsbook has set a bad line, capitalize on the opportunity for an easy winner.

Don’t forget to assess the rest of the team. A quarterback’s performance often depends on how their receivers and rushers play. A field goal kicker’s health can determine whether or not the team can reliably put points on the board.

For example, if a quarterback’s top wide receiver is out, passing yards may be lower than expected. If their preferred halfback is in a slump, will they choose to run the ball themselves or let another player pickup the slack?

Always review opening prop bet lines. Sometimes you can find value before they move.


College football prop bets are exciting side bets that don’t depend on the outcome of the particular matchup. Sportsbooks will offer game, team, and individual player props for matchups throughout the season. 

The most popular college football prop betting events include the National Championship game and postseason bowl games. Always carefully review player prop lines carefully, noting the player’s recent performance trends and health. 

Return to this page to see a regularly updated list of prop bets available throughout the season!

College Football Prop Bet FAQs

What is a college football prop bet?

A college football prop bet is a wager on an event that does not depend on a game’s outcome. Common examples include a quarterback’s passing touchdowns, a defensive player’s tackles, or if a safety will be scored in a particular game.

Can college football props be added to a parlay bet?

Yes, most college football props can be added to a parlay bet. Additionally, many paper parlay cards feature college prop bets for upcoming games where state law allows.

What are the most popular college football prop betting events?

The most popular college football prop betting event is the National Championship game, followed by the annual bowl games. Prop bets are offered on all regular season and playoff games.

When do college football prop bets come out?

Props for regular season games will come out anywhere from 4 days before the game to the day of, depending on the particular bet.

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