2024 SEC Football Win Totals Odds for All Teams

This SEC win totals guide has the latest college football win total odds for each SEC football team. It also explains what a win total bet is, what the line and odds numbers mean, and how to place a win total bet at legal US sports betting sites. We also provide links to pages featuring win total odds for other major college football conferences.

You must place your bet before each SEC football team’s first game. The sportsbook will grade your wager later in the season when a conclusive outcome can be determined.

2024 College Football SEC Season Win Totals
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2024 Season Win Total
2024 Season Win Total
2024 Season Win Total
2024 Season Win Total
2024 Season Win Total
2024 Season Win Total
2024 Season Win Total
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2024 Season Win Total
2024 Season Win Total
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2024 Season Win Total


The best squad in the nation is Georgia, the No. 1 team in the preseason poll. The Georgia Bulldogs have an impressive win total of 11.5 for 2023. They went a perfect 15-0 last season en route to winning the national title. Georgia blew out TCU, 65-7, in the national championship. The Bulldogs look to three-peat in 2023. They are favored to do so even though quarterback Stetson Bennett is now a pro.

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What are College Football Win Totals?

A win total bet is placed on the line a sportsbook assigns indicating the number of games a team will win during the season. The sportsbook will offer odds for betting over or under the line. Season win total bets must be placed prior to the team’s first game. Like other season specials, the season win total is a part prop, part future hybrid. It functions like an over-under total bet, where you decide whether to bet over or under the sportsbook’s line.

Win Totals vs Futures

Knowledgeable sports bettors prefer season win totals to futures bets. Betting a win total offers more room for error compared to a futures bet on a team to win the National Championship or conference championship. While the futures bet depends on the result of a specific event, the win total requires much less precision. If you think a team will win more games than the sportsbook’s line, bet over. If you think a team will win fewer, bet under. How and when the team’s win tally goes over or under the win total line doesn’t matter.

Why Bet Win Totals

Most importantly, the win total offers bettors the ability to take either side of the win total line. This offers bettors more flexibility for placing a winning bet following the results of their college football handicapping.

Even if you don’t bet season win totals, the total lines can offer you some insight into the how the sportsbook thinks the season will unfold. Since sportsbooks want to balance action on both sides of a line, the win total opening line is essentially a projection about the middle, or median, possible number of wins. Because the win totals contain half game increments, you must therefore decide whether to bet over or under the line.

Win total odds will change as bets are placed. Substantial action to one side of the line may cause the sportsbook to shift the line itself.

Example SEC Win Total Bet

The season win total is part prop, part future hybrid. The plus and minus values assign odds to either side of the team’s win total line. This bet functions like a total bet. Choose either over or under the sportsbook’s line.

Example Alabama Season Wins

  • 11.5 u -155
  • 11.5 o +120

This win total line includes ½ games. That means no tie bets are possible.

Risk $155 to win $100 that Alabama wins less than 11.5 games. A result of 11 or fewer wins.
Risk $100 to win $120 that Alabama wins more than 11.5 games. A result of 12 or more wins.

How to Bet College Football Win Totals

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to place a college football Win Total Bet

  1. Review each team’s win total line and odds

    Review each team’s win total line and odds for over and under. Odds will change as each team’s first game of the season approaches.

  2. Each outcome has moneyline odds

    Each outcome will have moneyline odds at American sports betting sites. Minus values indicate how much you risk to win $100. Plus values indicate how much you win if you risk $100.

  3. Select over or under and place your bet

    Decide whether the team’s season win total will be greater or less than the win total line. Bet over if you think the team will win more games. Bet under if you think the team will win fewer games.

  4. You may place win total bets on multiple teams

    Feel free to bet on multiple teams if the win total line and odds are favorable.

  5. Your bet wins if you picked the correct outcome

    Your bet wins if you picked the correct outcome. If you bet the over and the team wins more games than the win total line, you win. If you bet the under and the team wins fewer games than the win total line, you win.

How to Handicap a College Football Win Total Bet

Handicap a college football team’s win total using its upcoming schedule, likely starters, and any recently transferred players. Remember, you can bet under the sportsbook’s line if the win total is too high. If you believe a team is likely to win fewer games, bet under a win total line that looks too high.

Avoid betting on your favorite college football teams or others that you otherwise root for. “Fan bias” is real. It can cloud the judgment of even the most seasoned sports handicappers. Better to research and bet on a team you don’t know much about.

Always consider both sides of a win total line. The line is set by the sportsbook. It may move as betting action piles up on one side more than the other. The team doesn’t have to “win” the exact win total line. Instead, you’re deciding whether their actual number of wins will be more or fewer than the sportsbook’s line.

Finally, be careful when betting whole number lines like 7, 8, or 9. A tie is possible when the sportsbook doesn’t set a .5 half-win line. The good news: you get your bet back if the bet pushes. The bad news: you tie up money in the bet waiting for a result.

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