Current NHL Betting Odds and Lines

The National Hockey League (NHL) is the best ice-hockey league in the world. It’s considered one of the four traditional United States major sports. While it’s less popular than the NFL, NBA, or MLB, hockey has pockets of incredibly dedicated fans in the U.S. It is also the national sport of Canada, making it popular to bet on in both countries. Expect competitive NHL betting odds from top online sportsbooks in both the U.S. and Canada.

That popularity has increased since 2017 with the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights team in Las Vegas. They officially became the first major professional sports team to call the gambling capital of America home.

The league began with the “Original Six” teams in 1917: Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, and the New York Rangers. It has since expanded to 32 clubs total spanning across both countries with 25 teams in the U.S. and 7 in Canada.

The NHL season runs from October through April. The Stanley Cup playoffs are the NHL’s postseason, lasting around two months and finishing up in June. Each team plays 82 regular-season games providing nightly hockey betting opportunities throughout the fall, winter, and into spring.

In this guide, we will go over the most common hockey bets, the major events you can wager on, and how you can win big by predicting certain outcomes months ahead of time.


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Table of Contents

  1. NHL Betting
  2. NHL Betting Events
  3. How to Bet on NHL Events
  4. Popular Teams
  5. NHL Betting Strategies
  6. NHL Standings

NHL Bets

Bet on NHL hockey games with the moneyline, over-under total or puck line. You can also bet on the Stanley Cup winner, Conference Final winners, and Division winners in advance with a futures bet. We’ll discuss each bet below in detail.

Moneyline Bet

The most common way to bet on hockey is via the moneyline. Bet on a team to win the game. Oddsmakers set favorites and underdogs via odds that determine how much you risk and win.

The favorite will have a minus sign next to its number. That number indicates how much you risk to win $100.

The underdog will have a plus sign next to its number. This is the amount you can win on a $100 bet. Because the underdog is less likely to win, you’re able to risk less but potentially win much more on your investment if they win the game.

Moneyline Bet Example

Toronto Maple Leafs +140
New York Rangers -160

The home team, the Rangers in this case, is always listed on the bottom in a hockey matchup. The Rangers are favorites at -160. That means you have to risk $160 to win $100 with a Rangers victory.

The Maple Leafs are the visiting team. They are listed as underdogs at +140. Since they’re deemed less likely to win, you can win more than you bet. Risk $100 to pocket $140 with a Toronto victory.

With the odds where they are, the Rangers are a moderate favorite in this game. A heavy favorite would have odds of -200 or more. In an even matchup, both teams will have odds of -110.

Shootouts Eliminated Overtime Ties Since 2005-06 Season

A quick historical note on the moneyline before we move on. Prior to the 2005-06 season, teams would play a 60-minute game followed by a five-minute overtime if the score was tied. If the score remained tied after overtime, the final result was ruled a tie. In this case, all moneyline bets would push or tie. The sportsbooks would refund bets on either side as no winner was determined.

After the 2005-06 season, a tie score after overtime leads to a shootout, where players take penalty shots at the opposing team’s goaltender. Whoever gets the most goals after at least three rounds is awarded an extra goal and declared the winner of the game. As a result, NHL moneyline bets can no longer push. Either the favorite or underdog will win.

NHL Odds Example

NHL Odds and Outcomes Explained

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Possible Moneyline Outcomes
  • New York Rangers bettors risk $100 to win $93.46 at -107 odds. The implied probability for New York Rangers is 51.69%.
  • Florida Panthers bettors risk $100 to win $87.72 at -114 odds. The implied probability for Florida Panthers is 53.27%.

Totals Bet (Over-Under)

A totals bet, aka over-under bet, is choosing whether the final score will be over or under the sportsbook’s line.

An over-under bet is the closest one you can make in hockey that will be a near 50-50 proposition. It differs from the moneyline and puck line where each side has different odds values. Oddsmakers try to determine a number that will generate equal betting on each side of the line.

Totals Bet Example

Chicago Blackhawks 5.5 o -110
Tampa Bay Lightning 5.5 u -110

In this example, the over-under for this game is set at 5.5 goals.

If you bet the over, you’re wagering that six or more goals will be scored in the contest. A bet on the under will be rooting for five goals or fewer. The -110 means that you would need to wager $110 to win $100 on either side.

Whole Number Over-Under Lines

In some games, the total line will be a whole number. That means the final total can tie the over-under line.

For example, suppose this game’s over-under line was 5. If the final score was 3-2 Tampa Bay, all total bets would be considered a push or tie. The sportsbook would refund all over-under bets on this game.

Sportsbooks Charge Vigorish on Even Bets

One other thing to note. Since this is an even bet, you might be wondering why you have to risk more than you can win on each side of the wager. The difference is what’s called the vig or the juice.

If there are an even amount of bets for each team, there will be some money left over after paying out the winning bets. This leftover money goes to the sportsbook (aka house) as a service fee for placing and guaranteeing your bet.

Puck Line Bet

The puck line is like the point spread offered on a football or basketball game. This bet allows you to bet the favorite for much less risk compared to the moneyline.

Because scoring in hockey is limited, the common NHL puck line is 1.5. The -1.5 favorite will have to win by 2 or more goals. They will have different odds compared to the +1.5 underdog, who must not lose by more than 1 goal or win outright.

Puck Line Bet Example

Colorado Avalanche -1.5 -105
Boston Bruins +1.5 -115

In this game, Colorado would be favored on the moneyline. But when they have to win by two goals instead of one, the odds drop closer to even with Boston. Oddsmakers see it as a toss-up as to whether Colorado will win by more than one goal. That’s why you risk just $105 to win $100 on the Avalanche.

Overtime Benefits the Puck Line Underdog

The team at +1.5 has an extra advantage in hockey because of overtime. Typically, around 1 in every 4 games goes into overtime, though that number was 29% in the 2020-21 season. Recall that a hockey game ends as soon as a goal is scored in overtime. It also ends if a team wins the tie breaking shootout, earning 1 goal to win the game.

That means the +1.5 underdog is the automatic winner whenever a game goes to overtime or a shootout. It would be impossible for the favorite to score 2 goals to cover the -1.5 puck line because the game result is determined by the next goal or shootout winner.

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Futures Bet

A futures bet is placed at any point during the season prior to a championship, playoff, final, or league award announcement. Choose a team or player to win in advance of the event.

The most common NHL futures bet is the Stanley Cup playoffs winner. Other futures bets include the conference championships and division winners. You can also bet on individual honors like the league MVP Hart Trophy winner and the playoffs MVP Conn-Smythe Trophy winner.

Odds for NHL futures are typically set as soon as the previous season ends. The odds will change based on events that take place during the offseason, such as player trades and signings. They’ll also move throughout the course of the regular season due to injuries and team performance.

Futures Bet Example

Hockey playoffs can be difficult to predict. However in 2021-22, the two teams with the best preseason odds of winning the Stanley Cup eventually met in the Stanley Cup Final.

Colorado Avalanche+625
Tampa Bay Lightning+700
Vegas Golden Knights+800
Boston Bruins+1200
Carolina Hurricanes+1400
Toronto Maple Leafs+1400
Pittsburgh Penguins+1800

The Avalanche and Lightning met in the final round with Colorado defeating Tampa Bay in six games. This was Colorado’s third Stanley Cup in franchise history and won as preseason favorites. The Lightning were just two games away from winning a third-straight Cup.

Longshot NHL Teams Do Win

But in speaking to the unpredictable nature of the NHL, Vegas didn’t even make the playoffs while Boston, Toronto, and Pittsburgh all lost in the first round.

The conference semi-finalists also came in at much longer odds had they advanced to the finals. The New York Rangers were +2500 and the Edmonton Oilers were +2800 before the regular season began.

NHL Major Events

Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Stanley Cup playoffs are one of the most intense postseasons in all of sports. Hockey players are known for playing through injuries for a chance to lift the Stanley Cup trophy over their heads. The trophy itself is one of the oldest in all of North American sports. Its roots trace back to 1893.

Hockey standings are determined by a points system. Teams earn two points for a win, one point for an overtime or shootout loss, and zero points for a loss in regulation. Eight teams per conference reach the playoffs. The top-three finishers in each division get automatic berths. The next two highest finishers by points, regardless of the division, are wild card teams.

All NHL playoff rounds are best-of-seven series. In the first two rounds, higher-seeded teams get home ice advantage. In the Conference Final and Stanley Cup Finals, the team with the higher regular season point total gets home ice. The home team hosts Games 1-2, 5, and 7 of the series. The away team hosts Games 3, 4, and 6.

The first round features 8 teams from each conference. First, the four division winners face the four wild card teams. Second, the four second and third-place teams from each division square off. The winner of each series moves to the second round.

Next is the second round. It follows the same series format as the first round, where the higher-seeded team gets home ice. If the division winner defeats the wild card team, they keep home ice for the second round as the higher seeded team. If the wild card team wins, however, they would begin the second round on the road against the winner of the second and third place matchup from that division.

Eastern and Western Conference Final

The winners of the second-round series meet in the NHL’s version of the final four – the Eastern and Western Conference Final series. This also follows the format of the first two rounds, but the stakes are much higher. The teams are playing for the right to face off in the Stanley Cup Final. For this round, the team with the most regular-season points gets home ice.

Stanley Cup Final

The Stanley Cup Final naturally gets the most attention of any hockey game series all year. That extra spotlight also brings more betting action to these games. Like the conference finals, the team with more points in the regular season has the home-ice advantage, following the format listed above.

The first team to win four games in the series is awarded the Stanley Cup in a special presentation on the ice. The NHL commissioner presents the Cup to the captain of the team. It’s eventually handed off to each player and coach in the organization in what is always one of the most memorable sports scenes of the year.

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How to Bet on NHL Major Events

Futures Bet

We discussed NHL futures bets earlier. In addition to the Stanley Cup champion and conference winner bets, oddsmakers will also set lines for each playoff series. For example, you can bet on the winner of any first-round, second-round, or conference final before each series begins.

When to Bet

There’s always a bit of risk vs. reward in knowing when to place a bet. Hockey coaches are very vague about injuries, especially during the playoffs. Unlike other sports, they are not required to disclose injuries. They also won’t reveal whether a player is active or not until you see them coming out to skate prior to the game.

For this reason, it is typically in your favor to bet at the last minute when the most information regarding a team’s lineup and roster is available to you.

Single-Game Alternatives

The bigger the game, the more prop bets oddsmakers will offer. These can be wagers on which team will lead after the first period, or bets on individual player performance. For example, whether a certain player might score a goal or how many saves a goalie will make.

Depending on the sports betting site, prop bets are available for regular-season games, too. But you’ll find the most props available for playoff games as interest from casual bettors will be much higher.

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Popular NHL Teams

Toronto Maple Leafs

Despite not having much success in recent decades, the Toronto Maple Leafs are an “original six” franchise. They are among the premier teams in the NHL, especially in Canada where they are the most popular club. Going into the 2022-23 season, Toronto is one of just three teams with over 3,000 regular-season wins in league history.

Among Toronto’s 13 Stanley Cups, which is the second-most all-time, is the first NHL championship in 1917-18. The Maple Leafs won four Cups in a six-season span ending in 1967, but that one is the most recent one lifted by Toronto. In fact, after their first-round loss to Tampa Bay in 2022, the Leafs haven’t appeared in the Stanley Cup Final since 1966. They also haven’t won a playoff series since 2004.

The Leafs have 75 former players and other personnel in the Hockey Hall of Fame, giving them the highest representation in the league. Mats Sundin, who played for Toronto from 1994-2008, is the franchise’s all-time leading goal-scorer with 420 and points-getter with 987. As of the 2022 offseason, current star Auston Matthews ranks ninth on the goals list with 259.

Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens, aka “Les Habitants” or Habs, are the most successful franchise in NHL history with 24 Stanley Cup titles. When the Habs won their most recent title in 1993, it was the most championships among the big-four North American sports, only recently surpassed by the New York Yankees.

The team’s longtime home, the Montreal Forum, is a National Historic Site of Canada. The team’s current arena, the Bell Centre, has the largest capacity of any current NHL arena at 21,105.

A total of 65 players in the Hockey Hall of Fame are affiliated with the Canadiens. But their list of retired numbers is more exclusive: each of the 18 members is Canadian and won at least two Cups with Montreal. Names include Guy Lafleur and Jean Beliveau, both among the NHL’s all-time top-50 point scorers. Also, Maurice “Rocket” Richard, who was the NHL’s all-time leading goal scorer when he retired and has the league’s top goal-scorer’s trophy named after him. Finally, goaltender Patrick Roy, who currently ranks second on the NHL’s all-time goalie wins list with 551.

Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks are also an “original six” franchise and are the most popular hockey team in the U.S. The team’s home arena, the United Center, ranks second for NHL capacity at 19,717 fans.

Chicago has six Stanley Cup titles, tied with Boston for fourth all-time. Three have come in the 21st century, which is tied for the most with Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. The first two championships came in the 1930s and the third was in 1961. The Blackhawks then entered their most prosperous stretch, winning three championships in six seasons from 2010-15.

There are 41 players in the Hockey Hall of Fame with an affiliation to Chicago. Retired numbers belong to icons Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita, who are first and second on the franchise’s goal list with 666 and 600, respectively. Patrick Cane and Jonathan Toews from the 2010s teams that won three Cups are on that list. Also is Jeremy Roenick, who was one of the most popular hockey players of the 1990s.

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins are tied with Chicago with six Stanley Cups. They are consistently one of the best teams in the NHL’s Eastern Conference. Despite 19 division titles in a 50-year span from 1971-2020, the Bruins have won just two Cups in that period: 1972 and 2011.

The club played in the famous Boston Garden for 67 years before moving to what is now known as the TD Garden in 1995. The original Garden was a unique venue for hockey, as the rink was undersized by about 9 feet in length and 2 feet in width. The facility also had no air conditioning, occasionally resulting in fog over the ice during playoff games in warmer-weather months.

The early-1970s group was the most successful, as the retired numbers of Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, and Johnny Bucyk hang in the rafters of the TD Garden. Bucyk and Esposito are the team’s all-time leading goal scorers with 545 and 459, respectively. Current star Patrice Bergeron is fourth on the list as of the 2022 offseason. The club’s all-time leading points scorer is Ray Bourque with 1,506. Bourque’s 1,169 career assists ranks fourth on the NHL’s list.

Tampa Bay Lightning

While not as popular as many NHL teams, the most successful franchise of the past two decades is the Tampa Bay Lightning. The team, which came into play in 1992, has three Stanley Cups to its name, all coming in the 21st century. The Lightning are tied for the most in that span with Pittsburgh and Chicago. The team’s five Stanley Cup Final appearances are also the most of any club since 2000.

Despite playing in a climate not conducive to hockey, the Lightning have one of the most passionate fan bases in the league. They have sold out every home game since March 26, 2015, not counting games with limited attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Lightning won their first Cup in 2004. Their current run of dominance began in 2013 with the hiring of head coach Jon Cooper, the NHL’s longest-tenured coach. Under Cooper and with core players Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov, defenseman Victor Hedman, and later goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy, the Bolts reached the Stanley Cup Final four times in an eight-year span. They won back-to-back titles in 2020-21. Their chance of a three-peat in the 2022 Stanley Cup Final was thwarted by the Colorado Avalanche.

From 2015-22, Stamkos and Kucherov are 10th and 11th in goals, Hedman is 13th in assists, and Vasilevskiy has the most wins (222) among goalies and is ninth in save percentage.

NHL Betting Handicapping Strategies

The following are three helpful strategies for handicapping NHL matchups. Apply one or more to your favorite team. Alternatively, incorporate them into this season’s analytical toolkit.

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Home-Ice Advantage Not as Valuable in Hockey

In a 15-year period from 2005-19, NHL home teams won 55% of the time. That’s on par with Major League Baseball (54%) but well behind the NFL (57%) and NBA (59%). A great way to take advantage of this is by betting road favorites. In that same 15-year span, road favorites won 57% of the time. NHL hockey is the only one of the four major North American sports where that number is over 50%.

Taking this one step further, road trips can be taxing for hockey players due to the demanding nature of the sport. When a road favorite has at least three days off prior to its game, the winning percentage jumps to 61%. It actually goes up to 64% if that team is facing an opponent that missed the playoffs the year before. Don’t be afraid to back a road underdog in these situations.

Back Underdogs on the Puck Line

We mentioned earlier that one in every four NHL games goes to overtime. If you back an underdog at +1.5, you’ve won as soon as regulation ends.

For the 2021 season, underdogs were cashing about 63% of the time on the puck line. For underdogs at home, that number went up to 66%. The key here, like the first strategy, is to look at the recent schedule of the away favorite. Is this the beginning of the road trip or the end? Fatigue plays a huge part in hockey, so always keep that in mind when you’re betting.

Use Recent Form and Scheduling to Your Advantage

A team’s overall record can be misleading as a handicapping metric. The NHL season is very long and hockey can be a streaky sport. Of the 82 games, the best teams will lose 25-30 games, whereas the worst will win 25-30. It’s best to see how a team has performed in its five most recent games. The regular season standing won’t be as helpful.

One strategy you can enact at any time is schedule analysis. Each team will have stretches where they play three games in four days or four games in six days. On the other hand, they will occasionally have an extended homestand or have three days off between games. Make note of these stretches before they arrive. Factor them into your handicapping analysis before making your pick.

NHL Standings

2023-2024 NHL Regular Season Standings
Team GP W L OTL wPct Pts ROW GF GA Diff Home Away SO L10 Strk
p - New York Rangers82552340.67111451282229+53.030-11-025-12-44-37-3-0W2
z - Dallas Stars82522190.63411348298234+64.026-11-426-10-54-28-2-0W2
x - Carolina Hurricanes82522370.63411150279216+63.027-10-425-13-32-57-3-0L1
x - Winnipeg Jets82522460.63411052259199+60.027-11-325-13-30-18-2-0W8
y - Florida Panthers82522460.63411049268200+68.026-13-226-11-43-26-3-1W4
y - Vancouver Canucks82502390.61010950279223+56.027-9-523-14-40-25-4-1L1
x - Boston Bruins824720150.57310943267224+43.024-11-623-9-94-36-4-0L2
x - Colorado Avalanche82502570.61010748304254+50.031-9-119-16-62-24-4-2W1
x - Edmonton Oilers82492760.59810447294237+57.028-9-421-18-22-14-4-2L2
x - Toronto Maple Leafs824626100.56110241303263+40.022-15-424-11-65-25-4-1L2
x - Nashville Predators82473050.5739944269248+21.023-16-224-14-33-04-5-1L1
x - Los Angeles Kings824427110.5379942256215+41.022-12-722-15-42-56-4-0W1
x - Tampa Bay Lightning82452980.5499842291268+23.025-11-520-18-33-15-4-1W1
x - Vegas Golden Knights82452980.5499841267245+22.027-12-218-17-64-26-4-0L1
x - New York Islanders823927160.4769438246263-17.021-10-1018-17-61-58-1-1W2
St. Louis Blues82433360.5249238239250-11.025-14-218-19-45-25-3-2OT1
x - Washington Capitals824031110.4889136220257-37.022-12-718-19-44-54-4-2W3
Detroit Red Wings82413290.5009138278274+4.023-13-518-19-43-15-3-2W3
Pittsburgh Penguins823832120.4638836255251+4.023-14-415-18-82-36-2-2L1
Minnesota Wild82393490.4768736251263-12.020-16-519-18-43-34-6-0L1
Philadelphia Flyers823833110.4638734235261-26.020-17-418-16-74-32-6-2L1
Buffalo Sabres82393760.4768437246244+2.021-19-118-18-52-15-4-1W1
New Jersey Devils82383950.4638138264283-19.017-21-321-18-20-23-6-1L2
Calgary Flames82383950.4638138253271-18.021-19-117-20-40-45-5-0W1
Seattle Kraken823435130.4158131217236-19.017-18-617-17-73-44-6-0W1
Ottawa Senators82374140.4517832255281-26.021-18-216-23-25-05-5-0W1
Arizona Coyotes82364150.4397734256274-18.022-19-014-22-52-06-4-0W1
Montreal Canadiens823036160.3667626236289-53.016-20-514-16-114-82-4-4OT4
Columbus Blue Jackets822743120.3296624237300-63.017-19-510-24-73-24-6-0W1
Anaheim Ducks82275050.3295926204295-91.012-26-315-24-21-23-6-1W1
Chicago Blackhawks82235360.2805222179290-111.016-21-47-32-21-12-7-1OT1
San Jose Sharks82195490.2324718181331-150.011-25-58-29-41-53-6-1L3
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What is the most common hockey bet?

Because hockey games are typically low-scoring, the most common bet is on a team to win straight-up on the moneyline.

What is the puck line in an NHL bet?

The puck line is similar to a point spread in other sports. The most common puck line is -1.5 on a favorite, meaning they have to win by two goals to win the bet. An underdog at +1.5 can lose by one goal and still win the wager.

How does a shootout figure into an NHL wager?

If the game is tied at the end of the regular-season overtime period, a shootout is held. Players take 1-on-1 shots on goal until a winner is determined. No matter the score of the shootout, the winning team gets one goal added to the final score to break the tie.

How does an NHL overtime game benefit the puck-line underdog?

One in every four NHL games go to overtime. Since a game that goes to OT cannot be won by more than one goal, this benefits the puck line underdog. In the 2021-22 season, 63% of puck line underdogs covered the spread.

How can evaluating the schedule help in handicapping NHL bets?

The NHL schedule can be a bit irregular. Some teams will play three times in four days or four games in six days, whereas other teams can have three days off between games. A well-rested team typically has the advantage.

What is an example of an in-game hockey bet?

First-period bets. Try betting on teams that typically get off to a fast start or against teams that start slow on offense. Over-under total bets of 1.5 are also typically offered.

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