Current Men’s Table Tennis Betting Odds

Men’s Table Tennis betting might be a smaller draw for US sportsbooks, but it’s incredibly popular among serious bettors and the sport’s many ardent fans.

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Current Men's Singles Table Tennis Betting Odds
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Table Tennis Bets

Table Tennis might have a smaller following in the USA, but it’s highly popular in both Europe and East Asia. Daily matches take place around the world. That means there’s plenty of table tennis to bet on year round. There are a variety of ways to bet on table tennis. We’ll discuss the most common below.

Moneyline Bet

Moneyline betting is the most popular tennis wager because of its simplicity. Pick either player to win the match.

Oddsmakers will determine a favorite and an underdog. The favorite will have a minus sign. The underdog will have a plus sign.

Moneyline Bet Example

Akito Itagaki -200
Marco Stefanidis +150

In this example, Akito Itagaki is a favorite to win at -200. This means you would have to bet $200 to win $100 if Itagaki is victorious.

On the other side, betting on an underdog means that you risk less to win more. For Marco Stefanidis, you would have to bet $100 in order to win $150. You’ll make more on a Stefanidis bet if he pulls off the upset.

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Total Points Bet (Over-Under)

A table tennis total points bet is where you try and guess whether a match will have more or fewer points than the sportsbook’s point total line. This bet is also called an over-under point total bet.

Total Points Bet Example

Akito Itagaki 90.5 o -110
Marco Stefanidis 90.5 u -110

In this wager, you’re deciding whether or not the match will have a point total that goes over or under 90.5. The reason a half-point is used is to prevent tie bets. Since a half-point in table tennis cannot be awarded, the total points scored must either go over or under the sportsbook’s line.

One other thing to note. The odds are the same for each side, also called an “even bet”. You might be wondering why you have to risk more than you can win on each side of the wager. The difference is what’s called the vig or the juice.

If there are an even amount of bets for each player, there will be some money left over after paying out winning bets. This leftover money goes to the sportsbook as a service fee for placing and guaranteeing your bet.

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Table Tennis Odds FAQs

What is the ITTF?

ITTF stands for the International Table Tennis Federation. The ITTF oversees and regulates various table tennis leagues, acting as the sport’s governing body and rule-making authority.

What are the most common table tennis bets?

The most common way to bet on table tennis is the moneyline. Choose a player to win the match outright. Major matches will also have lines and odds for the point total. Table tennis also offers fast paced in-game betting action, allowing you to bet point by point.

Which US sportsbooks offer table tennis betting?

BetRivers and BetWay are authorized in some US states to offer table tennis betting odds and lines. Note that availability will vary depending on the state where you’re playing.