Current Bundesliga Betting Odds and Lines

The Bundesliga, the premier soccer league in Germany, is one of the most prestigious soccer leagues in the world. Behind the English Premier League, the Bundesliga typically equals Spain’s La Liga in terms of quality. Due to its popularity, sportsbooks offer Bundesliga betting odds throughout each season.

Germany follows the typical European soccer model with one main league and a lower-tier circuit. The Bundesliga stands atop the hierarchy with the second-tier “2. Bundesliga” immediately below.

Like other European club leagues, the Bundesliga season runs from August until May. Eighteen teams compete in the Bundesliga, playing each team at home and away. After the 34 matches are complete, the team with the most points (or winning via tiebreaker) is named the league champion.

The top four teams from the Bundesliga qualify for the UEFA Champions League, which is a 32-team tournament that crowns the top team in Europe. On the other end of the table, the bottom two teams after the end of the season are relegated (demoted) to the 2. Bundesliga. The top two teams from that division are promoted to the Bundesliga for the following season.

Unlike other European leagues, the 16th place Bundesliga team plays the third-place team from 2. Bundesliga. The winning team then plays in the Bundesliga the following season and the losing team plays in the 2. Bundesliga.

German Bundesliga

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Current German Bundesliga Betting Odds
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Bundesliga Futures Odds

2023 German Bundesliga Futures Odds

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Borussia Dortmund
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Bundesliga Bets

Soccer may be a low-scoring sport, but there are quite a few ways to place a bet on a soccer match. Some require more explanation than others, particularly the Asian Handicap.

Moneyline Bet

The moneyline is a simple bet where you try and predict the final outcome of the match. Wager on either team to win or choose a draw with a 3-way moneyline bet.

You can also wager on either team to win with a 2-way moneyline bet. With this bet, a draw would result in a push and your bet being refunded.

3-Way Moneyline Bet

The 3-way moneyline is one of the most popular bets due to draws being a consistent outcome in soccer. You can choose either team to win or bet on a draw.

Sportsbooks determine the likelihood of each outcome along with how the public might bet on a matchup to set the odds. If the public takes more action on one of the three outcomes than expected, sportsbooks will adjust the odds accordingly.

3-Way Moneyline Example

Borussia Dortmund -165
Eintracht Frankfurt +450
Draw +330

In this example, Borussia Dortmund winning is the most likely outcome. The minus sign before the odds indicates their status as the betting favorite. A minus before the number means you have to risk $165 to win $100.

A plus sign ahead of the odds indicates an underdog outcome. A bet on Eintracht Frankfurt to win is the most unlikely result according to oddsmakers. An Eintracht Frankfurt win would pay $450 on a $100 bet.

The odds for a draw, in this case, are +330, so bet $100 to win $330 in the event of a tie.

Note that 3-way moneyline odds can all have plus values. When this occurs, the favorite would be the lowest value.

In the following example, FC Koln is the +115 favorite. 1899 Hoffenheim is +250, so an 1899 Hoffenheim win is considered slightly less likely than a draw at +245.

FC Koln +115
1899 Hoffenheim +250
Draw +245

2-Way Moneyline Bet (aka “Tie No Bet”)

As we touched on above, the 2-way moneyline bet means there are two outcomes instead of three. This bet takes the draw out of the equation, as you would get your initial bet amount back in case of a tie. Hence, this bet is also called a 2-Way Tie No Bet.

2-Way Moneyline Bet Example

Borussia Dortmund -425
Eintracht Frankfurt +310

Using the same game as our first 3-way moneyline example, you’ll see that you would have to risk a lot more to win the same amount on a bet for Borussia Dortmund. That’s because a draw isn’t a losing outcome here.

Since a draw isn’t a negative for a bettor on the 2-way moneyline, you would have to risk more to back the favored team. In this case, it’s $425 on Borussia Dortmund to win $100. If the match is a draw, you get your $425 bet back.

On the other side, you’re also protected against a draw by betting on Eintracht Frankfurt. The payout for their win decreases to $310 on a $100 bet. Again, if the final result is a draw, you get your $100 bet back.

No GBL Game Market Live Example TBD: Check back soon!

Totals Bet (Over-Under)

A totals bet is where oddsmakers set a specific number of goals to be scored in the match. You bet whether the final result will be over or under that number.

It’s important to note that the number set for a totals bet isn’t the number of goals oddsmakers think will be scored. Rather, it’s the number of goals oddsmakers think will cause equal betting on both sides of their line. This ensures a sportsbook doesn’t take too much of a loss on a certain result.

Totals Bet Example

Mainz 05 2.5 o -110
RB Leipzig 2.5 u -110

Here, you would be betting on whether the total number of goals in this match will go over or under 2.5.

The -110 next to each number indicates the odds. You would need to bet $110 to win $100 in either case. Sometimes, oddsmakers will adjust the odds if they believe betting on one side will be heavier than the other.

You’ll notice that the odds here are the same for each side. In either case, you have to risk more than you can win. This $10 difference is called the vig or juice. Sportsbooks use losing bets to pay the winners.

When there’s an equal amount of betting on each side, the book gets a profit of $10 on each losing bet. Think of the vig as a service fee. It allows the sportsbook a better chance to profit and also ensures that your bet will be paid out in case you win.

Asian Handicap – Goal Line Bet (Soccer Point Spread)

The Asian handicap, or goal line bet, is placing a wager on the matchup with a point spread like a hockey puck line or baseball run line. Teams are typically favored by a half goal, but more lopsided matchups have been known to have spreads of 1.5 or 2.5 on the goal line.

Asian Handicap – Goal Line Bet Example

Hertha BSC -0.5 -110
SC Freiburg +0.5 -110

In this example, a bet on Hertha BSC would only be successful if they win by 1 or more goals.

Betting on SC Freiburg gives you two ways to win. If they win outright, you win. If the final result is a draw, you also win. That +0.5 goal line means SC Freiburg can’t lose by more than 1 goal. It includes the possibility of a draw.

If the goal line were -1.5 in favor of Hertha BSC, the bet would only be a winner if they were to win the match by two or more goals.

Asian Handicap Split Bet (Split Goal Line Bet)

Asian handicap split lines, or split goal lines, are written in quarter goal increments of 0.25 or 0.75. Examples include 0.25, 0.75, 1.25 or 1.75.

Whenever you see a split line, you’re actually making 2 bets at once. Your wager will be equally split between the two closest half-line numbers with the same odds.

Asian Handicap Split Bet Example

Here’s how a $120 bet on Bayern Munich with a -0.75 -120 Asian handicap split bet works.

Bayern Munich -0.75 -120
Union Berlin +0.75 +100

The closest half number below -0.75 is -1, so $60 goes for Bayern Munich -1. The closest half number above -0.75 is -0.5. The other $60 goes to Bayern Munich by -0.5.

The -120 odds is what determines your winning payout. Remember, a minus value is how much you risk to win $100. In this case, you are risking $120 total to win a $100 split between two different lines.

If both bets win, you get $50 for each totaling $100. If one wins and one pushes, you get $50 plus $60 refunded. And if both lose, you get $0.

Asian Handicap Split Bet Detailed Example

How much you win or lose on the Asian handicap split bet depends on the game’s final outcome. Here’s how your bet on Bayern Munich -0.75 at -120 odds plays out.

Bayern Munich wins by 2 or more goals
Both bets win. Bayern Munich’s 2-goal victory is greater than each bet at -0.5 and -1.

The $120 bet to win $100 was split $60 each for Bayern Munich -0.5 and Bayern Munich -1. You win $50 each for a total of $100.

Bayern Munich wins by 1 goal
Bayern Munich by -0.5 wins, Bayern Munich by -1 pushes. In this case, Bayern Munich’s 1-goal victory is only greater than the bet at -0.5.

Your $120 bet to win $100 was split 2 ways for $60 on each line, -0.5 and -1. You win $50 on the bet against -0.5 and get $60 refunded for the push against -1. Total win: $50.

Bayern Munich draws or loses outright
Both bets lose. A draw means a 0-goal margin of victory over Union Berlin, and 0 is less than both -0.5 and -1.

You lose the $60 against -0.5 and the $60 against -1. Total loss: $120.

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Futures Bet

A futures bet is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of betting on a single-match result, you’re placing a wager on an event in the future.

The most popular futures bet is the Bundesliga team to win the season. You can also bet on individual honors like who the top goal scorer will be. Or, which Bundesliga teams will advance to the UEFA Champions League and which will be relegated to the 2. Bundesliga.

2023 Bundesliga Winner
Team Odds
Bayern Munich -500
Borussia Dortmund +600
RB Leipzig +900
Bayer Leverkusen +2800
Eintracht Frankfurt +10000
Borussia Monchengladbach +10000
VfL Wolfsburg +15000

Each team will almost always have plus odds, so the smallest number would indicate the favorite. In the Bundesliga, however, Bayern Munich is so dominant that they are at -500 odds to win the league title. That means you have to risk $500 on Bayern Munich to win $100.

Bundesliga Futures Odds Without Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga 10-straight times from 2013 to 2022. As a result, many sportsbooks have created a futures bet unique to the Bundesliga. Unlike the usual league winner futures bet, you instead select the team to have the most points without Bayern Munich.

You can see how excluding Bayern Munich offers a little more value on other teams.
A $100 bet on Eintracht Frankfurt, for example, would pay $2,800 if they were to finish with the most points. Compare this to taking Eintracht Frankfurt +10000 when Bayern Munich is included in the odds to win the Bundesliga.

2023 Bundesliga Winner Without Bayern Munich
Team Odds
Borussia Dortmund +140
RB Leipzig +200
Bayer Leverkusen +550
Borussia Monchengladbach +2200
Eintracht Frankfurt +2800
VfL Wolfsburg +3000

You typically can bet on futures as soon as the previous season ends. As the season progresses a variety of factors will influence and change the odds. Things that affect futures odds include players joining and leaving a team, injuries, and how the team performs during the season.

Bundesliga Prop Bets

Review the following prop bets for upcoming matches. Our soccer betting guide explains how soccer prop bets work.

German Bundesliga Prop Bets - Next 8 Games
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Bundesliga Major Events

The Bundesliga follows the format of most top-tier international soccer leagues. It doesn’t crown its champion through a playoff format like major North American sports.

Instead, the 18 Bundesliga teams compete in a double round-robin format, playing each team home and away for a total of 34 games from August through May. Teams earn three points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. After the final games conclude, the team with the highest point total is the Germany Bundesliga champion.

Bundesliga Tie Breaking Rules

In the event that two or more teams are tied atop the standings, a series of tiebreakers are applied to determine the champion:

  • Goal differential for the entire season (goals scored – goals allowed)
  • Total goals for the entire season
  • Head-to-head results (total points)
  • Head-to-head goals scored
  • Head-to-head away goals scored
  • Total away goes scored for the entire season

If the tie is not broken via these methods, a tiebreaker match at a neutral site is contested. As of 2022, a tiebreaker match has never been necessary in Bundesliga history.

This tie-breaking method is also used to determine which four Bundesliga teams advance to the UEFA Champions League and also which teams are subject to relegation.

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When to Bet on Bundesliga Matches

Teams in the Bundesliga play once a week on either Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday. Different betting strategies dictate whether to bet on a match early or wait until closer to kickoff.

If you are really familiar with the teams, you can check the early odds to determine if there is value in a particular outcome. Review how one team has played against the other, recent matchup results, and player injuries. Jumping on a bad line can give you great value before the oddsmakers fix their mistake.

Waiting for the public to play their hand can also create value on the back end. Using this strategy, take note of the opening lines when they come out. Being such a popular league worldwide along with being the main sports league in Germany, the Bundesliga generates plenty of betting action. Many of these bets come from casual bettors who are placing bets for fun.

Bundesliga Betting Odds for Money

If you’re in it for fun and to win money, consider going against public opinion. Sometimes, contrarian betting can be profitable. Back a team that is getting more favorable odds closer to match time. This means that oddsmakers are trying to entice people to bet on that side because most of the public money is going in the other direction.

Waiting until closer to kickoff also gives you time for any late injuries or other news to develop that could affect the match result. So unless something really stands out to you when the lines for a match are released, you are likely better off waiting to place bets.

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Popular Bundesliga Teams

Bayern Munich

The Bundesliga is home to one of the most dominant teams in all of sports. Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga a total of 31 times, whereas no other team has won it more than five times. In addition, after winning in 2021-22, Bayern Munich is on a streak of 10 league titles in a row. As of 2022, Bayern Munich has won over half of the 59 championships since the inaugural 1963-64 season.

Bayern Munich also has six UEFA Champions League titles, the third-most in history behind Real Madrid and AC Milan.

The club’s all-time goal scorer is Gerd Muller with 398 in the Bundesliga and 563 total. Robert Lewandowski, who was on the club from 2014-22 and won a championship in every year he played, is second with 238 league goals and 344 overall.

Bayern Munich’s home stadium, Allianz Arena, is considered one of the best. It holds 75,000, the second most of all Bundesliga stadiums. When it opened in 2006, it hosted six World Cup matches including one of the semifinals.

Borussia Dortmund

All clubs fall off a bit from Bayern Munich in every metric, but the second-most popular team in the league is Borussia Dortmund. As of 2022, they are tied with the second-most championships in the Bundesliga with five. They have finished runner-up on eight occasions, including three times in a row from 2019-22. Borussia Dortmund also has one Champions League title (1996-97).

Alfred Preissler holds the club record for goals with 168 across all matches. The team made history in 2020 when Youssoufa Moukoko became the youngest player in Bundesliga history at 16 years and one day.

The team, often referred to as BVB (an abbreviation of its full German name), plays in the Westfalenstadion stadium. It holds 81,365, the highest seating capacity in the Bundesliga.

Since 2010, the club has had a reputation for developing young talent. Borussia Dortmund’s youth system has paid dividends, contributing to its success in the league over the years.

FC Schalke 04

This club had most of its success in Germany before the Bundesliga began in 1963-64, winning five German championships from 1934-1942 and another in 1958. It has seven runner-up finishes in the Bundesliga, including five since 2000.

The club struggled mightily in 2020, ending up relegated to 2. Bundesliga for 2021. It was a short stay, however, as they were promoted to the Bundesliga for the 2022-23 season.

German Klaus Fischer is the team’s leading goal scorer, putting in 182 Bundesliga goals from 1970-81.

FC Schalke 04 plays in the Ruhr region of Germany with Borussia Dortmund. The two teams have a strong rivalry. They play two times a year in what’s called the Revierderby. To some fans, winning the Revierderby is more important than the club’s performance in the Bundesliga that year.

Borussia Monchengladbach

As of 2022, Borussia Monchengladbach joins Borussia Dortmund with 5 league titles. The team’s biggest run of success came in the 1970s, as it won all five titles from 1969-70 to 1976-77. It also finished runner-up twice in the ‘70s.

The team began to rise again during the 2010s, reaching the UEFA Champions League three times during that decade and again in 2020-21, when it reached the round of 16. The top-five goal scorers in club history are all Germans, led by Jupp Heynckes with 195 tallies in 283 appearances.

RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig is short for Red Bull Leipzig. The company, which also owns the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer, purchased the low-level German side SSV Markranstadt in 2009. The goal was to have the renamed club (RB Leipzig) reach the top-tier Bundesliga within eight years. They reached that goal with a promotion to the Bundesliga for the 2016-17 season.

Shockingly, the club finished Bundesliga runner-up in its first season. It has only failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League once in its first six seasons, reaching the semifinal in 2019-20 before losing to Paris St. Germain. Six players still remain on the team from its Bundesliga debut. Timo Warren is the all-time leading goal scorer with 93.

Bundesliga Betting Handicapping Strategies

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Do Your Research

It’s estimated that 70% of all of the sports betting that takes place worldwide is wagered on soccer. The Bundesliga is the most popular league bet on in Germany and throughout much of Europe. Because of this, oddsmakers are paying close attention to the lines they’re setting. This makes it difficult to find weaknesses or value in a lot of wagers.

To counter this, you need to be as prepared as possible. Watch the matches and follow the news. Pay close attention to injury reports, suspensions, head-to-head records, and team performance in their most recent matches. How a team performed in their last three or four matches could provide more useful information than their statistics for the entire season.

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites with useful handicapping information. Handicapping is the process of studying data to make informed sports betting wagers. Here are some helpful resources:

Know What Home Field Advantage Is Worth

Soccer game scoring is limited. Therefore, any scoring advantage is in your favor. Footy Stats has a page dedicated to showing home-field advantage for Bundesliga clubs based on the season.

In the 2021-22 season, 15 of the 18 Bundesliga teams had a home-field advantage when considering the goals they scored versus the goals they allowed. All but four teams scored more goals at home. Just two of the 18 teams allowed more goals at home than they did in away matches.

Only Bayern Munich averaged more than two goals a game last year, so even a small advantage can make a big difference in the outcome of a match.

However, away teams do win. By following these statistics, it can be easier to pinpoint when a team will win on the road. Doing your research and knowing when to take an away team can lead to big wins since the oddsmakers will typically give a bump to the home team.

Exploit Public Bias

Use public biases to increase the value of your bets. Given that 70% of all sports bets in the world are placed on soccer, you can be sure that a great many of them are being made on the favorite team to win.

So, what are the most popular teams? A quick scroll up this page will give you your answer: Bayern Munich is the most popular and dominant, so their matches will receive plenty of attention.

As a result, oddsmakers will nudge odds in favor of teams opposing these clubs. A bet on an opposing team may offer higher value, especially if you determine they have a real chance to win. Bayern Munich, however, did lose five and had a draw in five of their 34 total matches in the 2021-22 season. So, it’s possible to get a nice payout if you can forecast a draw or a loss by a top team.

Another popular public bias is on the totals bet. Casual bettors like scoring and want to root for goals. That means they gravitate towards taking the over. However, if your research suggests a lower number of goals than the current totals odds, grab the value that comes with betting on the under.

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2022-2023 German Bundesliga Standings
# Team GP W D L F A GD Pts
1Bayern Munich
Champions League
2Borussia Dortmund
Champions League
3RB Leipzig
Champions League
4FC Union Berlin
Champions League
5SC Freiburg
Europa League
6Bayer Leverkusen
Europa Conference League qualifying
7Eintracht Frankfurt341311105852+650
8VfL Wolfsburg341310115748+949
10Borussia Monchengladbach341110135255-343
11FC Cologne341012124954-542
12TSG Hoffenheim34106184857-936
13Werder Bremen34106185164-1336
14VfL Bochum34105194072-3235
15FC Augsburg3497184263-2134
16VfB Stuttgart
Relegation playoff
17Schalke 04
18Hertha Berlin

Bundesliga Odds FAQs

What are goal-scoring trends in the Bundesliga?

In 2021-22, only Bayern Munich averaged more than two goals per game. The four most-common scores were: 1-1, 2-1, 1-0, 2-0, giving an advantage to an under 2.5 goals bet.

Is there a playoff match in the Bundesliga?

Yes, but there is only one game. The 16th-place team in the Bundesliga takes on the third-place team from Germany’s second-tier league to see which team plays in the Bundesliga the following season.

How Dominant is Bundesliga side Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich is one of the top clubs in all of sports. The team has won the Bundesliga 31 times as of 2022, which accounts for more than 50% of the championships ever won in the league. Bayern also has six UEFA Champions League titles.

What is a 2-way Draw No Bet in Bundesliga betting?

Bet on either team to win. If the match is a draw your bet will be refunded.

What is an over-under Bundesliga total bet?

Oddsmakers will set lines for the combined goal total of both teams. Decide whether the actual total will be over or under this line.

What does a -0.25 Asian Handicap mean in Bundesliga Betting?

A -0.25 Asian Handicap means half your bet goes against -0, and the other half against -0.5. Both bets win if your team wins by 1 or more goals. One half pushes (-0) and the other half loses (-0.5) if your team draws. Both bets lose if your team loses outright.

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