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Winning sports bettors play the numbers. Use our website to hone your knowledge. Brush up on sports betting basics. Learn how to place the most popular bets. Review the latest odds and stats for major USA sports leagues and horse racing.

SportsBetting3.com went live in 2008. In those days, the online betting landscape was much different than it is today. Fortunately, times have changed for the better. We’re still alive and kicking, continuing to educate our readers.

All those years have taught us many things. In fact, we learn something new every hour. The frenetic and unforgiving pace of the internet make that possible.

Yet communicating quality sports betting information is still the same. Simplicity, precision and detail win the day every time. We’ve also produced more infographics and videos. Our increasingly visual-oriented audience deserves as much!

SportsBetting3.com Staff and Authors

Ron Halfback

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Ron Halfback
Ron Halfback
  • Founder & CEO
  • IT, HR and other neat Initialisms Manager
  • SportsBetting3.com Author

Ron Halfback is a prolific sports writer, featured on SportsBetting3.com for years. As a youth, Ron was captivated by NFL football and NBA Basketball. While an attempt at a collegiate sports career did not materialize, he parlayed his love of sports into the literary world. Ron enjoys writing with a unique emphasis on grit, while dutifully relaying sports information in an entertaining manner.

Bob Seltzer

Bob Seltzer
Bob Seltzer
  • SportsBetting3.com Author
  • SportsBetting21.com Manager
  • Stats & Odds Clerk

Bob loves a good flavored seltzer. Hence his nickname, Bob “Seltzer”. He can be found with a bottle of Perrier on Sundays while the rest of the SB3 staff knocks back a cold one. Sometimes he gets a fix from a Red Bull. Otherwise he’d be low energy.

Bob has always enjoyed tinkering with websites. He got his start blogging about Chia Pets. Then he realized there was more money in sports betting. Years later he landed a job with SportsBetting3.com.

Bob is a great guy and a consummate professional.

Beau Jaxon

Beau Jaxon
Beau Jaxon
  • SportsBetting3.com Author
  • Manager and Editor, minor network sites
  • Search Engine Marketing & Advertising

Beau’s intelligence, knowledge and fortitude are second to none. That’s why he left his job at the post office to make some real money. And with a mug like his, how could we say no?

In reality he is a marketing genius. He spent 4 years working at some of the world’s leading sportsbooks. He retired in 2012, settling into a relaxing lifestyle as a consultant and industry expert. Now he helps us out part time.

Beau is the point of contact for all advertising requests. He also helps out with SportsBetting21.com.

Contact him today for further information.

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