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Ron Halfback

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Ron Halfback
Ron Halfback
  • Founder
  • IT, HR and other neat Initialisms Manager
  • SportsBetting3.com Author

Ron Halfback is a prolific sports writer, featured on SportsBetting3.com for years. As a youth, Ron was captivated by NFL football and NBA Basketball. While an attempt at a collegiate sports career did not materialize, he parlayed his love of sports into the literary world. Ron enjoys writing with a unique emphasis on grit, while dutifully relaying sports information in an entertaining manner.

Note: Ron Halfback is a pen name for Brendan Meehan.

Starting Lineup

Adam Lowenstein

  • Editor
  • Author – NFL, College Football, and NBA
  • Special Assignments and Research Projects

Andrew Reynolds

  • Author – MLB Baseball and NHL Hockey
  • Special MLB Coverage and Analysis

Josh Rizzo

  • Author – UFC/MMA, MLS, European Soccer, NBA and College Basketball
  • Special Soccer Coverage and Analysis

Samantha Fow

  • Author – Special Assignments
  • Legal Research and Reporting
  • Established Freelance Author

We Retired The Numbers

These all-time greats wrote for SportsBetting3.com.

Chris Altruda

Erich Richter

  • Author – NFL, NBA, and March Madness Basketball
  • NYPost.com Sports Writer

Kellar Ellsworth

Kyle Johansen

  • Author – Sports Betting Special Features
  • Established Freelance Writer and Content Creator

Charles “Chaz” Bannister

  • Author – College Sports and MLS Soccer

Back Office

Bob Seltzer

  • SportsBetting3.com Author
  • SportsBetting21.com Manager
  • NHL Odds Editor and Special Assignments

Rick Jack

  • College Football Odds Editor

Beau Jaxon

  • NBA & College Basketball Odds Editor

Note: The above three authors are pen names for Brendan Meehan.

SportsBetting3.com Teaches You How – Since 2008

Winning sports bettors play the numbers. Use our website to hone your knowledge. Brush up on sports betting basics. Learn how to place the most popular bets. Review the latest odds and stats for major USA sports leagues and horse racing.

SportsBetting3.com went live in 2008. In those days, the online betting landscape was much different than it is today. Fortunately, times have changed for the better. We’re still alive and kicking, continuing to educate our readers.

All those years have taught us many things. In fact, we learn something new every hour. The frenetic and unforgiving pace of the internet make that possible.

Yet communicating quality sports betting information is still the same. Simplicity, precision and detail win the day every time. We’ve also produced more infographics and videos. Our increasingly visual-oriented audience deserves as much!

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