College Basketball Prop Bets

Whether it’s March Madness, the Final Four, or just a regular season game, this page is your exclusive home for college basketball prop bets. These popular side bets allow you to bet on events that do not depend on a particular game’s final result. Bet on a particular team, player, or other game-related events.

Review today’s college basketball prop bets from trusted US sports betting sites below. We also discuss what a college basketball prop bet is and how to place these exciting wagers.

College basketball prop bets are available for the Final Four, the other rounds of the NCAA Tournament, and throughout the regular season. Bookmark and revisit this page throughout the college basketball season.

College Basketball Prop Bets Today

College Basketball Prop Bets - Next 12 Games
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Michigan State
Kansas State
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3/23/23 7:00pm EDT
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3/23/23 7:00pm EDT
San Diego State
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3/23/23 8:00pm EDT
Florida Atlantic
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3/23/23 9:00pm EDT
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End of 2nd Half Result
3/23/23 9:45pm EDT
San Diego State
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3/24/23 7:00pm EDT
End of 2nd Half Result
3/24/23 7:00pm EDT
Miami (FL)
End of 2nd Half Result
3/24/23 7:15pm EDT
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3/24/23 9:00pm EDT

* Please see below for a table of state NCAA prop betting rules.

What are College Basketball Prop Bets?

College basketball prop bets are wagers on events that do not depend on a particular game’s final result. Though the result of certain prop bets may influence the game’s ultimate outcome, they are treated as separate bets that win or lose on their own. 

There are a number of college basketball prop bets available for every game relating to a particular team, player, or other event.

Decide whether one team will score a point total over or under the sportsbook’s line. Or, which team will be the first to score 5, 10, or 15 points. You can also pick whether a player’s performance statistic will go over or under the sportsbook’s line. For example, points, rebounds, and assists are common performance statistical props. Finally, bet “Yes” or “No” as you decide whether or not the game will go to overtime.

Add College Basketball Props to Parlays

Some college basketball props can be added to a parlay bet. A parlay combines multiple selections into one large bet. You win if all your selections are correct. You lose if any selection loses.

College basketball props can also be found on parlay cards, a preselected list of bets printed on paper produced by the sportsbook before each day of games begins.

Popular College Basketball Prop Betting Events

The most popular college basketball prop betting events happen throughout March Madness, the Final Four, and the rest of the NCAA Tournament.

For the Final Four, there are all sorts of prop bets, including events completely unrelated to the game. Note that there will be fewer novelty props than for the Super Bowl. It’s best to focus on team and player performance props. These are easier to handicap since you can monitor a particular team or player as the NCAA Tournament progresses. Choose your bets carefully.

Wise bettors know when to place prop bets. Sometimes the best opportunities come up during the regular season.

When do College Basketball Props Come Out?

Props for regular season games will typically come out around four to twelve hours before the game, and they can sometimes come out earlier. Matchups between top teams and top-tier programs will have more props than matchups between smaller conference teams. Game and team props typically come out first, with some player props released shortly thereafter.

College basketball teams play fewer games in a given week compared to the NBA. However, college basketball props will not come out any earlier because most games get less betting action than an ordinary NBA matchup.

Note that player prop lines will depend on their status, health, and other considerations. Therefore, these will not be available until the sportsbook knows they’re likely to play in a game. This could be as late as two to four hours before tipoff.

NCAA Betting Rules by State

NCAA betting rules vary by state. Some states prohibit player prop bets, while others only prohibit live or “in-game” player props. Other states prohibit betting on any in-state teams, or any NCAA competition hosted within state borders. Finally, other states do not have any NCAA betting restrictions, though the availability of NCAA prop bets will vary depending on where your sportsbook is located and their own internal policies.

The following table summarizes each state’s NCAA betting rules and whether or not player prop bets are allowed.

NCAA Betting Rules by State
StateNCAA RulesNCAA Player Props
ArizonaNo individual athlete props, all other college wagering allowed.No
ColoradoNo NCAA props, no eSports, or betting on high school sports.No
ConnecticutSingle-game bets on any Connecticut NCAA team are prohibited. Tournament futures bets are allowed.Yes
IllinoisBetting on any Illinois NCAA team is prohibited.Yes
IndianaNo pregame NCAA sports betting restrictions. NCAA live prop betting is prohibited. Bets on amateur events with athletes under 18 are prohibited.Yes
IowaNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
KansasNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
LouisianaNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
MichiganNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
MississippiNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
New YorkBetting on any New York NCAA team is prohibited.Yes
OhioNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
PennsylvaniaNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes
TennesseeIn-game NCAA prop betting is prohibited.Yes
VirginiaBetting on any Virginia NCAA team is prohibited.Yes
Washington, D.C.Betting on Washington, D.C. NCAA teams or any NCAA events in Washington, D.C. are prohibited. Betting on events with a majority of competitors under age 18 is prohibited.Yes
WyomingNo NCAA sports betting restrictions.Yes

College Basketball Player Prop Bets

Due to state NCAA rules regarding individual athlete player props and less customer interest, most college basketball games will have a limited number of player prop bets. The most common prop bets are for a player’s points, assists, and rebounds.

Major matchups like the National Championship will have more player props available. Look for lines on each player’s three-point shots, blocks, steals, and much more. The availability of prop bets for different statistics depend on the sportsbook.

For example, will Purdue’s Zach Edey score over or under 22 points in an important regular season game? Will Kentucky’s Oscar Tshiebwe grab 13 rebounds in the first round of the NCAA Tournament? Will the Houston Cougars score over or under 75 points in their contest? Props similar to these and many others will be available every week.

Finally, many sportsbooks rely on third party stat providers to grade their wagers. You’ll see the particular stat keeping service noted on the sportsbook’s website or application. Familiarize yourself with these services to understand how to tabulate player stats.

How to Place a College Basketball Prop Bet

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to place a College Basketball prop bet

  1. Select a college basketball game or event.

    Select the game or event from your sportsbook’s list of upcoming matchups.

  2. Review each outcome’s moneyline odds.

    Each college basketball prop bet outcome will have moneyline odds at American sportsbooks.

  3. Make your selection and place your bet.

    Make selection and bet the desired amount.

  4. Your prop bet wins if you chose the correct outcome.

    Your prop bet wins if you picked the correct outcome. Review your sportsbook’s prop betting rules to see how the bet can push or be canceled.

College Basketball Prop Betting Strategy

Evaluate a player’s health and recent performances when reviewing their prop bet line. If the line is off, research any potential injuries or limitations on their playing in the upcoming game. 

If the sportsbook has set a bad line, capitalize on the opportunity for an easy winner.

Don’t forget to assess the rest of the college basketball team. A secondary player’s performance often depends if the star player is out for that game. For example, if Houston’s top scorer Marcus Sasser is sitting out due to an injury, Jarace Walker – the team’s second-best scorer – would take on a bigger role.

Always review opening prop bet lines. Sometimes you can find value before they move.


College basketball prop bets are exciting side bets that do not depend on the outcome of the particular matchup. Sportsbooks will offer game, team, and individual player props for matchups throughout the season. 

The most popular college basketball prop betting event is the Final Four. Always review player prop lines carefully, noting the player’s recent performance trends and health. 

Return to this page to see a regularly updated list of prop bets available throughout the season!

College Basketball Prop Bet FAQs

What is a college basketball prop bet?

A college basketball prop bet is a wager on an event that does not depend on a game’s outcome. Common college basketball prop bets include betting on the number of points a team will score, which team will score 10 points first, or if the game will go to overtime.

When do college basketball prop bets come out?

Props for regular season games will come out anywhere from 2 hours to 1 day before the game depending on the particular bet. Props for major matchups will come out much earlier than props for small conference matchups.

Which states prohibit NCAA player prop bets?

Arizona and Colorado prohibit any form of NCAA player props. Indiana and Tennessee forbid any live or “in-game” player prop betting. Other states like Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. prohibit anyone within their borders from betting on any in-state team, regardless of the wager.

Can college basketball props be added to a parlay bet?

Yes, most college basketball props can be added to a parlay bet. Additionally, many paper parlay cards feature college basketball prop bets for upcoming games, particularly during the NCAA basketball tournament.

What are the most popular college basketball prop betting events?

The most popular college basketball prop betting event is the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, or “March Madness”. The Final Four will have the most prop bets available. Prop bets are offered on all regular season and conference tournament games.