K49A Media LLC Signs SportsBetting3.com Domain Licensing Agreement

Jacksonville, FL – June 1, 2021 – K49A Media LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company, signed a domain licensing contract with a private party to manage, operate and continue developing SportsBetting3.com.

SportsBetting3.com Domain Licensing Announcement

“We’re excited to have reached an agreement that allows us to continue building on the success of SportsBetting3.com“, remarked K49A Media LLC spokesman Brendan Meehan. “Our firm is currently building a portfolio of sports media and collectibles websites. We identified SportsBetting3.com as small site with tremendous growth potential.”

SportsBetting3.com was originally launched in 2008. Over the years, it maintained a consistent presence as a reliable lead generator for online sportsbook brands.

SportsBetting3.com boasts a variety of sports betting tutorials, videos and how-to guides. Additionally, visitors can browse odds for major USA sports leagues and European Soccer. Horse racing fans will enjoy a carefully curated list of annual graded stakes races, historical race results and daily free picks at select United States tracks.

Ron Halfback Reflects on 13 Years of Innovation

It’s founder, Ron Halfback, considers this announcement a big moment in the site’s evolution.

“I remember our first Final Four in 2008, an exciting Kentucky Derby in 2009, and countless Super Bowls over the years. It’s been a wild ride. The ups and down of the industry, search engine marketing and evolving legal landscape have put things into perspective.”

“Halfback and his team will stay on as writers and consultants,” said Meehan, with a nod to the diligence and creativity the original SportsBetting3.com team hatched over 13 years ago. “I, for one, have appreciated his insight and knowledge throughout our contractual discussions. Ron will continue to be the point man and contact for Sportsbetting3.com for the foreseeable future.”

Future Plans

K49A Media LLC plans to continue development and design work on SportsBetting3.com into the 2021 summer months. Decisions about monetization, lead acquisition and sportsbook partnerships are still in exploratory phases.

For More Information

Please contact K49A Media LLC, care of Ron Halfback, with any further questions or media inquiries.