Sports Betting Grows in New Zealand

As the legal US sports betting market continues to boom, so do the markets of other nations. While the United Kingdom has long possessed a strong gambling industry, other English-speaking countries like New Zealand are now beginning to see big changes.

Being a significant part of the online gambling sector, sports betting has risen tremendously in popularity among the Kiwis. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing industries in New Zealand.

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A significant percentage of the New Zealand population is enthusiastic about sports; therefore, it is not surprising that the country’s sports betting industry has snowballed in recent years. Today, sports betting serves as entertainment and a way of earning extra cash for many individuals. Since betting is available for almost every sport, choosing the best sport to bet on may be tricky.

Overall, the diversity of sports activities is an advantage because it suggests a wide range of sports activities to pick from – allowing us the luxury of betting on any sport, league, or game of our choice.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best sports to bet on in 2022/2023 for New Zealand residents. US residents can browse the rest of this site to learn which sports are legal in their respective state or legal jurisdiction.

Finding Good New Zealand Betting Sites

Before you start to place bets on sports betting sites you have to make sure that the site that you are using is one you can trust and depend on. If you use a rogue site, you might end up losing your money. A little research always goes a long way when it comes to making a well-informed decision. The best NZ sports betting sites always have a great deposit and withdrawal options, a good user interface, and dependable customer service.

We recommend visiting licensed and regulated sports betting sites. These offer customers extra assurances and legal protections compared to those operating outside the reach of New Zealand law.

What New Zealanders Can Bet on Next Year


Football betting is straightforward and uncomplicated because of how popular it is. The sport is featured on practically every online betting site, where users may choose from a variety of betting markets to participate. You have a variety of options while betting, including straight wins, double chances, handicaps, straight draws, draw no bets, and more.

Having so many online sportsbooks vying for the business of gamblers by offering attractive odds on prominent athletic events is another bonus of the game’s widespread appeal. However, to earn good gains, you need to have a sufficient grasp of the game, league, or club you are betting on. This is especially important when you consider the sheer amount of betting possibilities currently available.


Tennis is a well-known one-on-one sport that is frequently cited as being among the most profitable sports in which to place bets. Tennis competitions don’t happen as frequently as other sports, like football, which has multiple games every week. When they do happen, though, they bring in a lot of bets and give punters a lot of chances to make money.

It is common sense to place your bets on the big names because they almost always have a better chance of prevailing than the other competitors. However, favorites do not always come out on top, and it is possible to test your luck with the underdogs on occasion.


A cricket match in New Zealand is one of the most intense sporting events in the world. Putting money on a game like this would make it more fun for both bettors and fans to watch the game. You can bet on a wide variety of cricket games and teams, but as is the case with any sports wager, you should first do your homework. It is important to keep in mind that betting based on your emotions is a surefire way to lose your bets.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the first sports to connected with betting, although not currently being as popular as football. The betting industry continues to place a significant emphasis on the sport even to this day. However, since many people do not have a significant amount of experience with the sport, it may be difficult to find the top sportsbook that covers it.

Despite this, betting on horse races can be quite profitable, and the best online sportsbooks typically offer favorable odds for the various races they offer. By educating yourself about the sport, you will have a better understanding of the best horses to place your bets on, which will give you a better chance of coming out on top.


In Canada, hockey is regarded as the national sport, and like all team sports, it has a wide variety of leagues, teams, and wagering options. Multiple Canadian sportsbooks offer competitive odds-on hockey matches, maximizing the value of your wagers. Hockey is also very popular in the United States, in the National Hockey League (NHL).

However, to put bets that have a chance of paying off, it is necessary to do extensive study on the games, players, and clubs involved in the sport. Make sure you know the team’s and players’ statistics, ratings, and past performances before you bet on them.