2021 March Madness Bets vs. Bracketology; Tournament Odds

Everyone loves doing a March Madness bracket and compete in a pool with their friends. Surely my friends and I will join a pool and maybe even do a friendly wager on the bracket to see who gets the highest percentage correct. However, March Madness bets and bracketology are much more luck than your friend tells you.

Despite Oxford Languages having an actual definition for bracketology, betting has much more science to it. In fact, March Madness betting and bracketology show the science is about picking the outcome of a single game rather than the outcome of 67. One involves massive amounts of luck – the other has quantifiable data to drive it.

The process of making, completing, and winning your bracket has much more to do with luck than it does skill. When your bracket busts… there are plenty of opportunities to research props and bet on single games for more consistent winnings.

2021 NCAA Tournament Odds

Having understood the luck involved with brackets and the lack of skill needed to win – it should be mentioned that it does help you understand what needs to happen for a team to make the title game.

For instance, if a bettor would like to take Gonzaga (+250) to win the March Madness Tournament – they will want to know how difficult it is to get there. No matter who you are, the teams that make the title game will have won five games consecutively to get there.

Furthermore, the Conference Tournaments determine seeding in a huge way. More often than not, the Selection Committee will anoint the tournament winner a top seed in the tournament.

Odds to Win ACC Tournament

Florida State Seminoles +225

Virginia Cavaliers +350

Louisville Cardinals +500

North Carolina Tar Heels +500

Virginia Tech Hokies +550

Duke Blue Devils +1200

Odds To Win PAC-12 Tournament

USC +185

Colorado + 250

Oregon +250

Stanford +2000

Odds To Win Big 12 Tournament

Baylor Bears +100

West Virginia Mountaineers +450

Kansas Jayhawks +500

Oklahoma State Cowboys +550

Texas Longhorns +800

Odds To Win SEC Tournament

Alabama +250

Arkansas +275

Tennessee +375

Missouri +500

Florida +600

Kentucky +1000

Odds To Win West Coast Tournament

Gonzaga -1000

BYU +300

Pepperdine +2500

Saint Mary’s +2500

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