Odds Patriots Go Undefeated 2020 – Cowboys Odds

Odds Patriots Go Undefeated 2020

Patriots Undefeated Odds 2020
Prop Odds $100 Wins
Patriots Undefeated Season +800 $800
Patriots Undefeated Season + Win Super Bowl +2500 $2,500

Odds Cowboys Go Undefeated 2020

Estimated* Cowboys Undefeated Odds 2020
Prop Odds $100 Wins
Cowboys Undefeated Season +1000 $1,000
Cowboys Undefeated Season + Win Super Bowl +3000 $3,000

*Odds adapted from SB3’s Super Bowl Betting page

Perennial powerhouse New England Patriots find themselves at the top of this season’s super bowl futures. They’re followed by last season’s Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. Look to the Cowboys as a great value betting opportunity this season, particularly against the spread.

Cowboys Betting Strategy

I recommend waiting until the last minute to bet this prop, just before Week 1 begins.
Why? Analyze the Cowboy’s preseason play, roster and coaching lineup. If you make this bet before August you’ll get good odds on bad (incomplete) information. Instead, wait until you have the best data possible before locking your money up for a few months.

Current Super Bowl Odds

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