Stanley Cup Betting

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Live Stanley Cup Odds – Tap Here

June 30, 2018 10:08 pm Stanley Cup - Top 15 Teams
Teams Odds $100 Wins
1. Vegas Golden Knights
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2. Nashville Predators
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3. Boston Bruins
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4. Tampa Bay Lightning
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5. Winnipeg Jets
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6. Pittsburgh Penguins
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7. Washington Capitals
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8. San Jose Sharks
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Odds feed last modified: 05/01/2018 12:40:05 Eastern

Stanley Cup Betting is nothing short of thrilling! Two teams compete head to head in a series of six games to determine the winner of the NHL championship. Each year, thousands flock to sportsbooks to bet on the Stanley Cup, choosing straight bets on the outcome of each game or wagering on various props, exotics, and futures. Don’t be left behind when this year’s historic hockey championship series begins – Stanley Cup betting is here!

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Why do people love hockey? It is a fast paced sport where players literally beat the crap out of each other while attempting to get a small puck into the back of the opposing goal tender’s net. Believe it or not, the skill involved in skating, checking opponents, and defending against offensive onslaughts is very challenging. Unlike some sports, hockey penalties result in power plays for the opposing team, since the offending player is removed from the ice for a few minutes to serve their time in the penalty box. Once their time is up, they don’t have to be substituted back in: they just jump out of the box and skate into play.

As the NHL playoffs conclude, Stanley Cup betting opportunties begin. The multiple game championship actually allows players some room for error: unlike the Super Bowl, where everything happens in just one game, the NHL play offs function over the course of multiple games, allowing players to recover any losses incurred early in the series. If the series is close and the winner will be determined by one final game, hockey betting action gets just as intense as the Super Bowl.

Some of the most popular Stanley Cup betting options are prop and future bets. Bettors can bet how many games it will take for their team to win the series. They can place wagers on the number of saves made by a goal tender. Believe it or not, some players like to bet on who’ll get in the most fights during the series. However, tired players contesting the Cup keep most scraps to a minimum, because precious time can be wasted frivolously.

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