College Football Betting – 2009 Heisman Hopefuls

College football betting isn’t so far off. In September, when NFL football betting heats up, College football swings into high gear as well, providing sports bettors with a multitude of different betting opportunities and chances to win money. One popular college football future bet is picking the annual Heisman trophy winner.

The Heisman trophy was named after famed college football coach John Heisman. It is awarded annually to the “most outstanding player in college football”, and among the various other types of awards, it is considered the most prestigious. The Heisman trophy is supported by the Heisman Trust, to ensure its continual life as college football’s most time honored award into perpetuity.

2009 is actually a special year for the Heisman, since for the first time in history, 2 players who have already won the Heisman (Sam Bradford 2008 and Tim Tebow in 2007) will be in action again on the gridiron, this time to see if they can take another Heisman home for the trophy collection. This brings us to our 2009 top Heisman hopefuls. Given the intense competition and raw talent of potential players, it will literally come down to the wire to see who is this year’s winner.

2009 Heisman Hopefuls:

  • Sam Bradford – Oklahoma Sooners – Quarterback – Junior – Bradford, who won the trophy last year, is an incredible force on the football field. He is among only a handful of sophomores to capture Heisman honors in history, and is looking for another one this year. Bradford’s work with the Sooners is impressive: In 2008, Bradford threw 50 touch down passes, and passed for an amazing 4,720 yards in total. College football analysts believe Bradford will have to top himself in order to be in the running for the Heisman, essentially duplicating last year’s performance plus even more heroics. This might be difficult given some line changes Oklahoma experienced when it lost key Seniors last year.
  • Tim Tebow – Florida Gators – Quarterback – Senior – Tebow stunned college football fans with his incredible performance in 2007, which garnered him the Heisman honors. He was a contender for the Heisman last year, ending up 3rd in the voting after Bradford and Colt McCoy. His stats are nothing to shake a stick at: in 2008, he passed for 30 touch downs and 2,746 yards, not to mention 673 yards rushing with 10 touch downs. This is actually an incredible feat Heisman or not, given the highly competitive SEC conference that Tebow calls home. It will be fun to watch him play this year. Can Tebow take home another National Championship? For sure: he’s already got 2 in his pocket.
  • Colt McCoy – Texas Longhorns – Quarterback – Senior – McCoy was believed to be a strong contender for last year’s Heisman honors, losing by a small margin to Bradford. Like Bradford, this Longhorns’ Quarterback has some impressive stats to back up his claim to be one of college football’s greatest: He passed for 3.859 yards and 34 Touch Downs in 2008, and had 561 yards and 11 touch downs rushing. If nothing else, McCoy was Sam Bradford’s shadow, literally on his heels every step of the way. McCoy needs to push his team to the championship and essentially repeat last year’s stats in order to get that final bit of luster required to separate him from the other contenders.

That’s it for our top 3 Heisman trophy candidates for the 2009 college football betting season. There’s a lot at stake for each of these players, but you can be sure this won’t be the last you see of them. In fact, the real testament to their value will be seen when they enter the NFL draft, and hunker down with the professionals for even more competitive football.

If had to pick, we like Tim Tebow, given the strength of his own stats and those of his team. Winning 2 national championships before his senior year is impressive, not to mention his personal contribution to the effort. If Tebow can position Florida for the championship bowl game this year, he’ll be a lock for the Heisman without a doubt.