Football Betting Across the Atlantic: Our Favorite Sites

What? People from France bet on the Tennessee Titans? People from Spain like the Philadelphia Eagles? No, you jerks 🙂 , we’re talking about European Football, better known in the USA as Soccer. Believe it or not, there’s a much larger world of sports betting than the NFL, and for the most part, it cranks away almost year round.

In Europe and Latin America, Football betting, or “futbol” in Spanish speaking countries is big business. Stadiums are packed to the brim with fans at most every game. In England, they actually have to hire more security for some games, due to the infamous Football Hooligans and their less than desirable post game behavior. Rivalries are especially apparent on the international level, in events such as the UEFA Cup Championship, where nations collide on the pitch for 90 minutes of action like no other. On top of that, betting on soccer (ahem… football) in Europe is legal, so you can only imagine the intensity that these games create.

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The Major Leauges

  • La Liga – Spanish for “The League”. This is the most competitive professional football league in Spain. Most major cities all have a team in La Liga. Top teams include FC Barcelona (La Liga Champs in 2009), Real Madrid, Valencia CF, and Deportivo de La Coruña.
  • Premier Leauge – This is England’s top football league. Teams are organized from all around the country, and there a BIG rivalries between some of the oldest clubs. The Premier League Champion in 2009 was Manchester United. Other top teams include Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, and the Blackburn Rovers. The USA’s Major League Soccer imported David Beckham from this league.
  • Ligue 1 – France also has its own national football organization, Ligue 1. There are several solid teams, including Girondins de Bordeaux (Ligue 1 Champs last year), FC Nantes, AS Monaco, and RC Lens.
  • Bundesliga – This is Germany’s national football league, one of the more competitive organizations in Europe with 18 teams. Last year, VfL Wolfsburg laid claim to the Bundesliga Championship, although other teams like FC Bayem Munche, VfB Stuttgart, and SV Wedner Bremen have also won.
  • Serie A – Italy’s Serie A football league rounds out the major Euro intra-national soccer leauges. Fan favorites include Inter Milan, which has won the Serie A championship the past four years straight, AC Milan, Juventus FC, and AS Roma.

It should be noted that when International competition begins, the best players from each team come together for the World Cup and other events. Europe also allows the top club teams from each respective country to compete against other countries’ club teams. The most noted of these competitions is the UEFA Champions Leauge Cup. UEFA games are broadcast around the globe, especially during the championship matches, and are a huge draw for football betting fans.

Top Football Betting News and Gaming Sites

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It should come as no surprise that there are thousands of blogs, news sites, and betting website for football betting in Europe. Here are some of the better English language sites (keep in mind that if you are multi-lingual, just do a Google search for your favorite teams and you’ll surely come across a website in a different language).

  • – covers the Premier League football betting events in England, as well as major news affecting leagues across Europe. The site also covers other soccer leagues in the UK, including League 1, League 2, and Scotland. The current leading story is about Manchester United’s attempt to recruit Super Star Samuel Eto’o from Barcelona. As of this time, Manchester United has abandoned its efforts.
  • – Much Like, Football365 also covers the latest news, results, rankings, and game summaries from past matches. The site also purports to cover “sports gossip” as well, and usually has some interesting stories that you won’t find anywhere else. There are also numerous ads for Football betting with the top Euro Sportsbooks.

Bet on European Football – All Major Leagues Offered – – Click here

So that’s it for now, and apologies to anyone from Europe whom we’ve offended with our shallow coverage of a mammoth sport empire that’s known as European Football. Give us a break, we’re a bit clueless and stick to the NFL.

Have fun and Good Luck!