Football Betting Nirvana, Continued: College Football Betting Week 2 Schedule

“And now for something we hope you’ll really enjoy!” Week 1 NFL Betting is here, and so is College Football Betting Week 2. This is the time of year when everything gets crazy: sportsbooks are in a state of pandemonium as players crash through the doors in droves. Then, once they’ve got everyone signed up, it’s another mad dash for the credit card processors to get the cash loaded up for betting action. Once that’s done, the fun officially begins: you’re now up and running for NFL Football 2009.

Most of this week’s college football betting action happens on Saturday, the typical day for any NCAA football contest. The two exceptions are Clemson at #15 Georgia Tech on Thursday, September 10, at 7:30 PM EST. Note also that the NFL season opener starts an hour later on NBC (Titans vs. Steelers). The next game before College football Saturday starts at 9:00 PM EST on Friday, September 11, with Colorado facing Toledo. After that it’s an express train to Saturday’s college football games, which promise to be just as exciting as last week’s action.

The first college football game on Saturday, Septemer 12, is Syracuse at #7 Penn State, which should be a relatively decisive victory for Penn. Eight other games kick off simultaneously at 12:00 PM, so get your TV ready to do split screen action (or, steal cable from your old lady neighbor Maude who only watches the “Price is Right” during the week).

Games continue to kick off around the clock until 11:00 PM EST. Some of the exciting contests of Week 2 include: Troy at #1 Florida (should be a blowout); #2 Texas at Wyoming; and Vanderbilt at #11 LSU. The only contest in which two nationally ranked teams play starts at 8:00 PM EST on Saturday, September 12, between #3 USC at #8 Ohio State. Perhaps the Buckeyes can upset this tentative #3 ranked team, and push their way up the ladder towards the top 5. Remember, it’s still just week 2, so most of these rankings are somewhat speculative.

Then Sunday brings us the bulk of Week 1 NFL betting action. The Ravens, Saints, and Colts are all favored to win. The rest of the games are a toss up, but there’s money to be made if you get the right line.

The first official Monday Night Football contests are probably the most exciting events of Week 1 NFL football. The smart money is riding on the Chargers to smack the crap out of the Raiders, while Brady and the heavily favored New England Patriots will make mince meat out of a more modest Buffalo Bills squad. The $64,000 question is whether or not the dogs will cover the spread. Oakland might have a chance, while the Bills probably face the stiffer opposition of the evening.

2009 NCAA Football Schedule Week 2

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Thursday, September 10
7:30 PM ETClemson at No. 15 Georgia Tech
Friday, September 11
9:00 PM ETColorado at Toledo
Saturday, September 12
12:00 PM ETSyracuse at No. 7 Penn StateBig 10 Network
12:00 PM ETNo. 19 North Carolina at Connecticut
12:00 PM ETEastern Michigan at NorthwesternBig 10 Network
12:00 PM ETWestern Michigan at IndianaBig 10 Network
12:00 PM ETCentral Michigan at Michigan State
12:00 PM ETStanford at Wake
12:00 PM ETFresno State at Wisconsin
12:00 PM ETDuke at Army
12:00 PM ETPittsburgh at
12:05 PM ETIowa at Iowa State
12:21 PM ETTroy at No. 1
1:30 PM ETMarshall at No. 14 Virginia
2:00 PM ETArkansas State at No. 22 Nebraska
2:00 PM ETKent State at Boston
2:00 PM ETMorgan State at Akron
3:30 PM ETNo. 2 Texas at Wyoming
3:30 PM ETHouston at No. 5 Oklahoma State
3:30 PM ETNo. 9 Brigham Young at Tulane
3:30 PM ETNo. 16 TCU at Virginia
3:30 PM ETNo. 18 Notre Dame at Michigan
3:30 PM ETHoward at
3:30 PM ETIdaho at Washington
3:30 PM ETEast Carolina at West
3:30 PM ETLouisiana Tech at Navy
4:00 PM ETSouthern Methodist at UAB
4:00 PM ETUCLA at Tennessee
5:00 PM ETWeber State at Colorado State
5:30 PM ETEastern Washington at No. 10 California
6:00 PM ETJacksonville State at Florida
6:00 PM ETJames Madison at
6:00 PM ETMurray State at North Carolina State
7:00 PM ETFlorida International at No. 4
7:00 PM ETVanderbilt at No. 11 LSU
7:00 PM ETIdaho State at No. 13 Oklahoma
7:00 PM ETSouth Carolina at No. 21 Georgia
7:00 PM ETBowling Green at No. 25 Missouri
7:00 PM ETMississippi State at
7:00 PM ETAir Force at MinnesotaBig 10 Network
7:00 PM ETOhio at North Texas
7:00 PM ETHawaii at Washington State
7:00 PM ETKansas State at
7:00 PM ETIllinois State at IllinoisBig 10 Network
7:00 PM ETNew Hampshire at Ball State
7:00 PM ETMemphis at Middle Tennessee
7:00 PM ETTexas Southern at Louisiana-Monroe
7:00 PM ETUCF at Southern Miss
7:00 PM ETRice at Texas Tech
7:30 PM ETSoutheast Missouri State at No. 23
7:30 PM ETNo. 24 Kansas at UTEP
7:30 PM ETSouth Florida at Western
7:30 PM ETWestern Illinois at Northern
8:00 PM ETNo. 3 USC at No. 8 Ohio State
8:00 PM ETMiami (OH) at No. 12 Boise
8:00 PM ETPrairie View A&M at New Mexico State
8:00 PM ETTulsa at New Mexico
8:30 PM ETSouthern Utah at San Diego State
9:00 PM ETNorthern Arizona at Arizona
10:15 PM ETPurdue at Oregon
10:30 PM ETNo. 17 Utah at San Jose State
11:00 PM ETOregon State at UNLV

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