Football Betting Nirvana, Continued: College Football Betting Week 4 Schedule

As usual, most of college football takes place this Saturday, September 24, 2009 starting at 12:00 PM EST. You’ll see TV coverage in our schedule below. Note, this schedule was redacted from ESPN, so it’s possible other networks besides ESPN and ABC will be covering some games.

One of the most anticipated early games of the day is No. 7 LSU at Mississippi State, starting at 12:00 PM EST. Anytime a top 10 nationally ranked team is facing a new opponent, it’s another opportunity to see just how legitimate the college football ranking system is. College bowl arguments aside, regular season rankings can play an important factor in how lines are offered at each major sportsbook. Therefore, it literally pays to know which teams are hot in college football.

The next wave of games kicks off at 3:30 PM EST, with Arkansas at No. 3 Alabama a favorite among many bettors. It’s likely Alabama will win this one outright, but you also have to factor in the spread if you plan on making a straight bet. Be sure to check our odds page! Another big game at 3:30 is No. 9 Miami (FL) at No. 11 Virginia Tech, one of the few matchups featuring two nationally ranked teams. After the top 10 teams in the NCAAF, rankings get a little fuzzy, so this contest between a No. 9 and No. 11 team should be very fun to watch. Either way, one team will fall out of the top 10, while the other will break into the top 10 by game’s end. Another fan favorite at 3:30 PM EST will be Illinois at No. 13 Ohio State. The Buckeyes are always a crowd favorite, and should win this game against Illinois without too much trouble.

Games will continue to run until 10:15 PM EST. During the night games, No. 1 Florida at Kentucky at 6:00 PM EST. Take Florida for some easy money on this one. Some people are also interested in the 7:00 PM EST matchup between Arizona State at No. 21 Georgia. Georgia is looking to push ahead in the rankings, and needs a solid win this weekend to be considered for the top 20. The only game with a top ranking team that starts at 8:00 PM EST or later is Iowa at No. 5 Penn State. Penn should dominate this game, and would make a good 2 team parlay bet with No. 1 Florida. It’s easy money, the way it should be.

Then we march along into Sunday, Week 3 of NFL Betting. Keep your sites set high even though the sportsbooks have pledged to be a little wiser this week. Some of the more enjoyable games of the day will include Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals, a great opportunity for redemption after the Steelers got their clocks cleaned by the Chicago Bears last weekend. Another fun game should be Tennessee Titans at New York Jets. The Jets are literally on fire this season, and had a decisive win last weekend that definitely has their confidence level running high. On the other hand, the Titans have been off the stick so far this year, still trying to get their act together during the early stages of the NFL regular season.

One of the most exciting games of Week 3 should be Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots. The Falcons are undefeated and have surprised many bettors with solid wins against their opponents. Meanwhile, many Patriots fans are bewildered after their loss last weekend to a gutsy Jets squad. To say the least, expectations for the Patriots are high. Maybe this weekend, they’ll regroup and show us their best stuff.

The night games on Sunday aren’t half bad either. Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders at 4:15 PM EST will be an interesting matchup, since many oddsmakers have heavily favored the Chargers this season. Despite this high opinion of the San Diego team, they have disappointed bettors who had them as the favorite in the first two weekends of this season, suffering an unfortunate loss to the Raiders in Week 1 that was surprising to say the least. At 8:20 PM EST, Indiana Colts at Arizona Cardinals will kick off, the final game of the day. Needless to say, the Colts are favored to win this one, but let’s not count out the SuperBowl runner up Cardinals just yet.

Other than that, the smart money is on the New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills starting at 4:05 EST. If the Saints stay true to form, they should crush the Bills without issues.

2009 NCAA Football Schedule Week 4

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Thursday, September 24
7:30 PM ETNo. 4 Mississippi at South Carolina
Friday, September 25
9:00 PM ETMissouri at Nevada
Saturday, September 26
12:00 PM ETNo. 7 LSU at Mississippi
12:00 PM ETFresno State at No. 14
12:00 PM ETSouth Florida at No. 18 Florida State
12:00 PM ETSouthern Miss at No. 20 Kansas
12:00 PM ETNo. 22 North Carolina at Georgia
12:00 PM ETIndiana at No. 23 Michigan
12:00 PM ETRhode Island at
12:00 PM ETMinnesota at NorthwesternBig 10 Network
12:00 PM ETBuffalo at
12:00 PM ETMichigan State at Wisconsin
1:00 PM ETMarshall at Memphis
2:00 PM ETWake Forest at Boston
2:00 PM ETSan Diego State at Air Force
2:10 PM ETTennessee Tech at Kansas State
3:00 PM ETUNLV at Wyoming
3:30 PM ETUTEP at No. 2 Texas
3:30 PM ETArkansas at No. 3 Alabama
3:30 PM ETNo. 6 California at Oregon
3:30 PM ETNo. 9 Miami (FL) at No. 11 Virginia Tech
3:30 PM ETIllinois at No. 13 Ohio State
3:30 PM ETNo. 15 TCU at
3:30 PM ETRutgers at
3:30 PM ETUCF at East Carolina
3:30 PM ETPittsburgh at North Carolina State
3:30 PM ETAkron at Central
3:30 PM ETWestern Kentucky at Navy
3:30 PM ETIdaho at Northern
3:30 PM ETMcNeese State at Tulane
4:00 PM ETLouisiana-Monroe at Florida Atlantic
4:30 PM ETTroy at Arkansas
6:00 PM ETNo. 1 Florida at Kentucky
6:00 PM ETColorado State at No. 19 Brigham Young
7:00 PM ETNo. 8 Boise State at Bowling
7:00 PM ETGrambling State at No. 16 Oklahoma State
7:00 PM ETArizona State at No. 21 Georgia
7:00 PM ETLouisiana-Lafayette at No. 25 Nebraska
7:00 PM ETBall State at
7:00 PM ETArmy at Iowa State
7:00 PM ETNorth Carolina Central at Duke
7:00 PM ETMaine at Syracuse
7:00 PM ETSam Houston State at Tulsa
7:00 PM ETNorthwestern State at Baylor
7:00 PM ETUAB at Texas A&M
7:00 PM ETMiddle Tennessee State at North Texas
7:00 PM ETToledo at Florida International
7:00 PM ETMiami (OH) at Kent State
7:00 PM ETOhio at
7:00 PM ETHofstra at Western Michigan
7:30 PM ETLouisville at Utah
7:35 PM ETArizona at Oregon State
8:00 PM ETIowa at No. 5 Penn State
8:00 PM ETCal Poly at San Jose State
8:00 PM ETVanderbilt at Rice
8:00 PM ETSouthern Utah at Utah State
8:00 PM ETNotre Dame at Purdue
9:00 PM ETNo. 24 Washington at Stanford
9:15 PM ETTexas Tech at No. 17 Houston
10:00 PM ETNew Mexico State at New Mexico
10:15 PM ETWashington State at No. 12 USC

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