Football Betting Nirvana, Continued: College Football Betting Week 6 Schedule

For those that don’t know, “nirvana” means heaven (although it was also the name of a popular band back in the 1990s). So, each week, when we roll out the college football betting schedule, and consider Sunday NFL betting action, the sum total of all this football is certainly “football betting heaven”. If you place your bets right, you could finish this weekend in high style, ready to meet your boss on Monday with your resignation letter and a kick in the ass. You’ve been warned 🙂 .

Week 6 college football betting action picks up right where it left off last weekend. A number of top ranked teams are taking on lesser opponents, but that doesn’t mean the game result is a foregone conclusion. To the contrary, teams looking to break into the magic top 25 rankings are going to be fighting like hell to beat whomever they play, all in hopes of securing a late season bid to the bowl games.

Boston College at No. 5 Virginia Tech leads off Saturday college football action with kick off at 12:00 PM EST. Virginia Tech has had a strong season, and will be tough for BC to beat. They’ve been a solid presence in the top 5 since week 1. Also at 12:00 PM EST, Eastern Illinois faces No. 14 Penn State. Penn State is moving up slowly but surely. Look for them to win this contest outright, although things could be interesting depending on the spread offered by the sportsbooks. Another crowd pleaser at 12:00 PM EST will be Vanderbilt at Army. Even though these two teams are not ranked nationally, the rivalry is still intense, and makes for a great game.

The next major wave of game begins at 3:30 PM EST, with No. 3 Alabama at No. 20 Mississippi. This is one of a handful of matchups between two nationally ranked teams. Alabama will probably destroy the Mississippi squad without too much struggle. Like Va Tech, their feet have been planted in the top 5 national rankings all season. Also at 3:30 is a prominent Big East Conference head butt: Connecticut vs. Pittsburgh. The Huskies are definitely looking for a no bones win, and will need to start pushing hard now if they want a chance at having a post season.

Then, beginning at 6:00 PM EST, we have our evening wave of games. Ohio faces Akron at 6:00 PM EST, while Utah takes on Colorado State. At 7:00 PM EST, Florida A&M squares off against No. 11 Miami Florida Univerisity. This should be a fun game between two state rivals. At 7:15 PM EST, Colorado takes on No. 2 Texas. The smart money is on the southern boys for the win, although it really comes down to how many points the books allow for Colorado against a strong 2009 Texas U team.

At 8:00 PM EST, we have the game of the weekend: a show stopping matchup between No. 1 Florida and No. 4 LSU. Bettors, start your engines, this game will be one of the best contests of the 2009 season, and so far has been the only matchup between two top 5 nationally ranked teams. If all goes as planned, Florida should win just by a nose. If, however, LSU is in good form, this one will definitely be a photo finish. Make sure you’ve got enough beer and pretzels for this one!

College football week 6 closes with a late one between Fresno State and Hawaii at 11:05 EST. If you got behind earlier in the day, make sure you get your deposits in at least an hour before this “last chance” game begins.

Get some rest, because in less than 13 hours, NFL Sunday Week 5 action commences. The Cincinnati Bengals will face the Baltimore Ravens at 1:00 PM EST. The Bengals have managed to pull off wins in their last two games, each one 23-20. Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ravens are busy checking out of the hospital after their romp with Patriots last weekend, that provided more medical stoppage time than any game so far this season.

The hard luck Detroit Lions take on a reinvigorated Pittsburgh Steelers machine at 1:00 PM EST also. The Lions won their first game in 2 seasons Week 3, but failed to repeat this achievement during Week 4. The Steelers have had a rocky road so far this season, but looked like they were getting their act together after a decisive win in last weekend’s NFL Week 4 action.

4:15 PM EST brings another onslaught of NFL games, the best probably being between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. The Bronocs have looked solid in 2009 and the Patriots are too bad either. They soundly defeated a baffled Baltimore Ravens team last weekend.

The final game of the day is a blockbuster blowout: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans. The Titans have disappointed sports bettors and fans alike this season, failing to fall into a good groove. On the other hand, Manning and the Colts have been a dominant force this season. Many consider the Colts a top 5 team. Unless the Titans eat their Wheaties, this game will be a text book with for the cool Colts.

2009 NCAA Football Schedule Week 6

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Friday, October 9
9:00 PM ET Louisiana Tech at Nevada
Saturday, October 10
12:00 PM ET Boston College at No. 5 Virginia Tech
12:00 PM ET Eastern Illinois at No. 14 Penn State ESPN Classic
12:00 PM ET No. 17 Auburn at Arkansas
12:00 PM ET Miami (OH) at Northwestern Big 10 Network
12:00 PM ET Purdue at Minnesota
12:00 PM ET West Virginia at Syracuse
12:00 PM ET Vanderbilt at Army
12:00 PM ET Michigan State at Illinois Big 10 Network
12:00 PM ET Eastern Michigan at Central Michigan
12:21 PM ET Georgia at Tennessee
12:30 PM ET No. 15 Oklahoma State at Texas A&M
12:30 PM ET Iowa State at No. 16 Kansas
12:30 PM ET Kentucky at No. 25 South Carolina
12:30 PM ET Houston at Mississippi State
1:00 PM ET Ball State at Temple
2:00 PM ET New Mexico at Wyoming
3:30 PM ET No. 3 Alabama at No. 20 Mississippi CBS
3:30 PM ET Wisconsin at No. 9 Ohio State
3:30 PM ET No. 13 Oregon at UCLA
3:30 PM ET Baylor at No. 19 Oklahoma
3:30 PM ET Georgia Southern at North Carolina
3:30 PM ET Texas Southern at Rutgers
3:30 PM ET Connecticut at Pittsburgh
3:30 PM ET Navy at Rice
3:30 PM ET Indiana at Virginia
3:30 PM ET Gardner-Webb at Buffalo
3:30 PM ET Bowling Green at Kent State
3:30 PM ET Marshall at Tulane
4:00 PM ET Duke at North Carolina State
5:00 PM ET Arizona State at Washington State
6:00 PM ET Utah at Colorado State
6:00 PM ET Ohio at Akron
6:30 PM ET Maryland at Wake Forest
7:00 PM ET Florida A&M at No. 11 Miami (FL)
7:00 PM ET Florida International at Western Kentucky
7:00 PM ET Stanford at Oregon State
7:00 PM ET North Texas at Louisiana-Lafayette
7:00 PM ET Kansas State at Texas Tech
7:00 PM ET Western Michigan at Toledo
7:15 PM ET Colorado at No. 2 Texas
7:30 PM ET No. 10 TCU at Air Force
7:30 PM ET Southern Miss at Louisville
8:00 PM ET No. 1 Florida at No. 4 LSU CBS
8:00 PM ET No. 22 Georgia Tech at Florida State
8:00 PM ET Idaho at San Jose State
8:00 PM ET Utah State at New Mexico State
8:00 PM ET UTEP at Memphis
8:00 PM ET East Carolina at Southern Methodist
8:05 PM ET Michigan at No. 12 Iowa
10:00 PM ET No. 18 Brigham Young at UNLV
10:00 PM ET Arizona at Washington
11:05 PM ET Fresno State at Hawaii