Football Betting Nirvana, Continued: College Football Betting Week 7 Schedule

It’s time for “Lucky Week 7” college football betting, and has the schedule and highlights. It’s an interesting point in the season, because many sports pundits begin formulating BCS Rankings, attempting to predict where the chips will fall when the playoffs begin in December. We think it’s a bit premature to start talking about bowl games, so we’ll leave that to the bigmouths on the radio and TV. Let’s get down to business with Week 7 before we start thinking about the post season.

Our schedule starts with a game on Thursday, October 15, 2009, although two games have already been contested this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Despite this early start to Week 7, rest assured you haven’t missed any of the BIG action: as usual, nearly every college football game takes place on Saturday, making it the perfect segue into Sunday afternoon NFL betting. Don’t miss a minute of all this exciting NFL betting and college football betting action!

Our first major game of the week is No. 8 Cincinnati at No. 21 South Florida, taking place Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 7:30 PM EST (tonight). Games featuring top 25 ranked teams are always exciting, and there’s a distinct possibility South Florida could elevate in the rankings should they have a good game against Cincinnati. Then, on Friday, October 16, 2009 at 8:00 PM EST, Pittsburgh takes on Rutgers. Big East fans unite: wouldn’t it be great to beat the crap out of a team from New Jersey? 🙂

As usual, Saturday, October 17, 2009 brings a slew of college football betting action. Things kick off with a bang at 12:00 PM EST when No. 20 Oklahoma faces No. 3 Texas. Take Texas for an easy winner, although the payout won’t be a lot. Also at 12:00 PM EST, No. 7 Ohio State rumbles with Purdue; while No. 11 Iowa takes on Wisconsin in a middle America football match. Finally, Louisville takes on the Connecticut Huskies at 12:00 PM EST as well, yet another chance for Big East fans to get fired up.

The next major wave of games begins at 3:30 PM EST, with a few contests stuffed in between the 12:00 PM EST and 3:30 PM EST block of time. Arkansas will face No. 1 Florida at 3:30 PM EST, in what will most likely be an easy with for Tim Tebow and friends. Also the “Fighting Irish” from No. 25 Notre Dame square off against No. 6 USC, in what promises to be a great game. Don’t count Notre Dame out just because on they’re on the bubble, remember anything can happen in NCAAF betting action. Other 3:30 PM EST matchups include Minnesota at No. 14 Penn State and No. 23 Houston against Tulane.

Then the evening games begin at 6:00 PM EST, with a sundown matchup between No. 4 Virgina Tech and No. 19 Geogia Tech. In this battle of the “Techies”, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. At 7:00 PM, No. 17 Kansas Jayhawks go West against Colorado. Kansas definitely needs a win this weekend if they plan on moving up into the top 15.

A myriad of other games start at 7:30 PM EST. Then, at 7:45 EST, No. 22 South Carolina faces No. 2 Alabama, which will probably be the most exciting night game of them all. At 8:00 PM EST, Florida Atlantic competes against North Texas, and Navy battles Southern Methodist. After that, things slow down with a 9:15 PM contest between Missouri and No. 15 Oklahoma State, and then a trio of 10:00 PM EST games featuring No. 24 Utah in Sin City versus UNLV. Most likely, the boys from Utah will NOT be hanging around in the casinos afterward 🙂 .

Then let the dog out to take a crap and head to bed: you’ll need your rest for NFL Week 6 Betting, which will start at 1:00 PM EST. Our Favorite game at 1:00 PM EST will be the Baltimore Ravens against Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. This is should be a fairly close matchup, with the Vikings slightly favored at this point by the sportsbooks.

The best game of the day, however, will also be at 1:00 PM EST when the New York Giants take on the New Orleans Saints. This could easily be the best game in the season so far. The Saints have had a phenomenal start to their 2009-10 NFL season, as have the Giants. Now the question is, which team is the best? The lines are moving and shaking at the sportsbooks as we write.

The next round of NFL games commence at 4:05 PM EST on Sunday, October 18. Most of the games are mismatches, but the Arizona Cardinals versus Seattle Seahawks looks like it could be a close one. The books are favoring the Seahawks by -3. It will be fun to see if last year’s Super Bowl runners up Cardinals can regroup and defeat the Hawks. Arizona really needs to get moving again before its too late.

Sunday’s night game between the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons at 8:20 PM EST should be lots of fun. Then, the Monday Night Football matchup between the undefeated Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers at 8:30 PM EST should be the perfect end to Week 6 NFL betting.

2009 NCAA Football Schedule Week 7

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Thursday, October 15
7:30 PM ET No. 8 Cincinnati at No. 21 South Florida
Friday, October 16
8:00 PM ET Pittsburgh at Rutgers
Saturday, October 17
12:00 PM ET No. 20 Oklahoma vs. No. 3 Texas*
12:00 PM ET No. 7 Ohio State at Purdue Big 10 Network
12:00 PM ET No. 11 Iowa at Wisconsin
12:00 PM ET Louisville at Connecticut
12:00 PM ET Northwestern at Michigan State
12:00 PM ET Delaware State at Michigan Big 10 Network
12:00 PM ET Wake Forest at Clemson
12:00 PM ET Bowling Green at Ball State
12:21 PM ET Georgia at Vanderbilt
12:30 PM ET Mississippi State at Middle Tennessee State
1:00 PM ET Army at Temple
2:00 PM ET Miami (OH) at Ohio
2:00 PM ET Wyoming at Air Force
3:00 PM ET Nevada at Utah State
3:30 PM ET Arkansas at No. 1 Florida CBS
3:30 PM ET No. 6 USC at No. 25 Notre Dame NBC
3:30 PM ET Minnesota at No. 14 Penn State
3:30 PM ET Texas Tech at No. 15 Nebraska
3:30 PM ET No. 23 Houston at Tulane
3:30 PM ET California at UCLA
3:30 PM ET North Carolina State at Boston College
3:30 PM ET Rice at East Carolina
3:30 PM ET Marshall at West Virginia
3:30 PM ET Akron at Buffalo
3:30 PM ET Central Michigan at Western Michigan
4:00 PM ET Colorado State at No. 12 TCU
4:00 PM ET Virginia at Maryland
4:00 PM ET Kent State at Eastern Michigan
4:00 PM ET New Mexico State at Louisiana Tech
5:00 PM ET Hawaii at Idaho
6:00 PM ET No. 4 Virginia Tech at No. 19 Georgia Tech
6:00 PM ET No. 18 Brigham Young at San Diego State
7:00 PM ET No. 17 Kansas at Colorado
7:00 PM ET Baylor at Iowa State
7:00 PM ET Illinois at Indiana Big 10 Network
7:00 PM ET Louisiana-Lafayette at Western Kentucky
7:00 PM ET UAB at Mississippi
7:00 PM ET Troy at Florida International
7:00 PM ET Texas A&M at Kansas State
7:00 PM ET Memphis at Southern Miss
7:00 PM ET Northern Illinois at Toledo
7:30 PM ET No. 9 Miami (FL) at UCF
7:30 PM ET Kentucky at Auburn
7:30 PM ET Stanford at Arizona
7:45 PM ET No. 22 South Carolina at No. 2 Alabama
8:00 PM ET Florida Atlantic at North Texas
8:00 PM ET Navy at Southern Methodist
9:15 PM ET Missouri at No. 16 Oklahoma State
10:00 PM ET No. 24 Utah at UNLV
10:00 PM ET San Jose State at Fresno State
10:15 PM ET Washington at Arizona State

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