Get Psyched for Basketball Betting

Can you believe it? It’s nearly November 2009, and basketball betting is back. The NBA regular season kicked off with a bang today, October 27, 2009, beginning at 7:30 PM EST. Regular season games will now run nearly every day of the week, from now until the playoffs. Throw this action into the already bustling NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, and NFL Football season, and you’ve got action around the clock to wager on. Now that the temperature has been turned up on sports betting, we’ve got a few tips to help you manage your bankroll and stay in the game well beyond the Super Bowl, the unofficial finale of the sportsbook “busy season”.

Before we go any further, however, we should let you know about a few useful pages on to aid you with your basketball betting plans. We offer the complete NBA 2009-2010 Basketball Schedule – Click Here, which is broken down month-by-month listing every game in the regular season. The schedule includes tip off times listed in Eastern Standard times, along with network TV coverage. Next, has organized a live NBA Odds and Lines Feed – Click Here. You’ll find complete odds being offered by each of our major sportsbook advertisers, including side, total, and money line information.

Now that you know when the games are happening and where the odds lie, here’s a few tips to keep the season fun and enjoyable:

2009-10 Basketball Betting Tips

  1. Deposit Weekly in Small Amounts – Bankroll management, especially during this busy time of year, is an absolute necessity. If you make just one deposit a month, chances are, you’re going to gamble all that money away fairly quickly. Remember, the combination of gambling and human nature leads many players to gamble everything away in their account, without pacing their bets out. So, if you plan to be in action for the rest of the football season and basketball betting season, you’re going to have to be disciplined. We recommend depositing funds each week, in smaller amounts, opposed to one gigantic monthly or seasonal deposit. Though this is an extra step to take, you’ll find that you won’t get carried away and lose all you money right away. Instead, you can reload each week and bet on basketball each day, plus have some left over for football.
  2. Know the Odds and Compare with other Sportsbooks – As we mentioned above, our NBA Odds and Lines Feed – Click Here offers complete basketball betting lines and odds, plus a side by side comparison to other major sportsbooks. Why is this important? First of all, always know the numbers when you make a bet: it can literally be the difference between a winning or losing season. Next, it’s generally a good idea to “Shop Around” for different basketball lines and odds. Some sportsbooks cater to professional players, and this means their odds will be tighter relative to sportsbooks that are for recreational bettors. The idea is to find the best odds for each bet you make. Most importantly, if you’re very familiar with how sportsbook lines work, you might be able to spot a “bad” line and capitalize on it. The only way you’ll know which lines are good and bad, though, is to consult our NBA Odds and Lines Feed – Click Here.
  3. Weekdays are for Basketball, Weekends are for Football – The NBA and NCAA basketball leagues are much faster paced than their football counterparts. There are games nearly every day, each day of the week. How do you manage your betting when there’s so much action happening? We suggest setting weekends aside for football betting, and use the weekdays for basketball betting. The bulk of basketball action happens Monday through Friday, while most football games are only contested Saturday through Monday. Don’t get lost in the virtual stampede to your sportsbook’s betting window: play it safe and organize your betting strategy around each sport’s biggest days. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy sports betting every day without the fear of exhausting your bankroll too early.
  4. Keep track of sportsbook promotions and bonus offers – With basketball AND football in action, online sportsbooks are going to be vying for your business 24/7 from now until the Super Bowl. That means you can usually find some great promotions that will give you extra cash to bet with, or perks such as free poker tournament entries. Remember, sports betting is a business, and like any other enterprise, sportsbooks need to compete for YOUR business. So, when you join a new sportsbook, or visit your current favorite sportsbook, make sure you check out the promotions and bonus pages. You might be pleasantly surprised with some great offers that you may not find anywhere else. If you’re a VIP or regular player, it can also pay to call customer service for current promotions. Many times, sportsbook customer service agents can offer bonuses and “call-in” only promotions as a courtesy for your business. Therefore, it pays to be aware of happenings at your sportsbook and to be in personal contact with customer service agents if you’re a regular sports bettor.

We hope you enjoyed our list of basketball betting tips for the 2009-10 season. Above all else, remember that bankroll management is absolutely crucial to making it to the Super Bowl and NBA playoffs in one piece. Accordingly, make sure you’re aware of the basketball schedule, odds and lines, big game days, and your sportsbook’s current promotions. You’ll find that you’ll save money and maybe even get something for free from your online bookie, a reward that is only comes to the best and most informed customers.

Good Luck Basketball Betting this Season!