NBA Basketball Betting 2009-10 – Off to a Great Start

The great thing about the month December, aside from the holidays and parties, is the multitude of sporting events that occur nearly every day of the week. Think about it: you’ve got NFL football, NCAA football post season, NHL hockey, NCAA basketball, and NBA basketball. With 5+ different leagues to bet on, sports bettors have the pick of the litter when it comes to finding action. This time of year also means the sportsbooks are cranking away, taking bets 24/7 and paying out big bucks to the smart money players.

Today we’d like to take a break from football, and see what’s happening over in the NBA Basketball betting arena (and believe us, there’s tons going on already in the 2009-10 season).

Orlando Magic, L. A. Lakers, Boston Celtics Dominate

As usual, the Kobe Bryant powered L. A. Lakers are in a commanding #1 position in the overall national NBA standings. Right on their heels is the Orlando Magic, who are technically in a tie for #1 with the Lakers. Up North, the Boston Celtics fall in at a respectable #2, besting Atlantic Conference rival Toronto Raptors by a wide margin.

Don’t forget about middle America, however: LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers roll in at #3 with a nice 15-5 record, well ahead of Central Conference competitor Milwaukee Bucks. The real competition, however, is in the Eastern Conference’s SouthEast Division and the Western Conference’s Northwest Division.

4 Nationally Ranked Teams A Piece

Basketball fans in Georgia and Florida have a lot to be proud of: their region currently is home to 4 nationally ranked teams: #1 Orlando Magic (Tied with L.A. Lakers), #4 Atlanta Hawks, #5 Miami Heat, and #7 Charlotte Bobcats. Someone has to be last in the SouthEast, and that designation goes to the Washington Wizards, who are currently 7-12. So if you’re a basketball fan in the Sunshine State, odds are a bet on the Orlando Magic or Miami Heat against any non-ranked opponent is a sure winner. A Total Bet might also be a good alternative.

The Western Conference has it’s own “superfecta” of top national teams as well. In the competitive Northwest conference, we have the #2 Denver Nuggets, #5 Utah Jazz, #6 Portland Trailblazers, #8 Oklahoma City Thunder. The Minnesota Timberwolves bring up the rear with a disappointing 3-17 record, which probably makes most Minnesota bettors choose football over basketball, with Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings in great position for the NFL post season.

If possible, look for the opportunity to place some basketball parlay bets on these sets of teams: a 4 team parlay has a nice payoff, even if you go with the favorites.

Today’s honorable mention goes to the #3 Phoenix Suns of the Western Conference’ s Pacific Division, with a 15-6 record trailing the #1 L. A. Lakers. Even though the Lakers are clearly the best team in this division, Phoenix can still muster its skills to at least keep up with the Lakers. Aside from the Suns, the Lakers really have no other competition in their division, which makes them a lock for Pacific Division champs futures bets.

Hoops, Football, Hockey, and More over Christmas

Tired of watching “The Christmas Story” on repeat? Bored with those claymation figure movies that your wife is making your kids watch? Time to switch over to sports… Basketball, Football, and Hockey are all in full swing, offering great gambling opportunities for those who are up on their game. You can even watch games online: just visit or!

Take a look at basketball betting at your sportsbook: it’ll brighten up your Holidays and might even pay for all the Christmas gifts you STILL have to buy 🙂 .

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