NBA Betting: Conference Finals Press On

The fans of the Orlando Magic have to be cursing their luck. Leading the Cavaliers with less than 1.5 seconds to go, LeBron James of the Cavaliers got the inbounds pass and threw up a 3 point prayer that dropped perfectly through the hoop. Game Over: 96-95 Cavaliers. Given James’ ability to make what seems to be impossible shots, this is in some ways no surprise, but more likely a sign that the basketball Gods have a thing for the Cavaliers and felt like saving them from potential loss that would have put them behind, 2-0, to the Magic.

Game 3 of the Cavs/Magic series is May 24th at 8:30 PM in Orlando. This one should be interesting. Hopefully, the Cavaliers will get themselves back together and play some serious basketball.

The Lakers – Nuggets series has been more decisive: Los Angeles leads 2-1 in the Western Conference final. Many feel that Denver is still very much in the contest, and needs its strong players to step up against the Lakers machine that seems to propel itself to the conference finals almost every year. By the way, did you catch that “self pass/ball off the back of Kobe to a simple layup” play by the Nuggets? The thing is, it wasn’t actually a play the coach had in mind, it was just the brilliance and gut instinct of Chauncey Billups to grab an extra 2 points and make Bryant look a little clueless.

The Lakers and the Nuggets play again on Monday, May 25th, at 9:00 PM Eastern. Don’t miss this pivotal game that could help decide the series.