NBA Play-Offs Check In

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Well, after a surprising, yet intriguing March Mania, you were probably a bit depressed for a few weeks because not much was going on the sports world. Now that the NBA play-offs have begun, however, sports bettors are energized yet again for more basketball betting action. Welcome to the NBA Playoffs 2009.

We’re still in the First Round, but so far, there are some significant indications of which teams will be pushing ahead, which teams are on the bubble, and which teams will be taking the next bus home.

On the East side, we have the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are delighting sports bettors with their stellar performance. The Pistons are clearly struggling with the Cavs, who have won most of their games by decisive margins. The Cavaliers are leading the series 3-0, and hoping for shut out in order to advance.

Things are a little closer for the other teams: The Celtics are leading the Bulls 2-1, while the 76ers have the edge on the Magic 2-1. Most experts think the Celtics will definitely pull off the win, despite the loss of Kevin Garnett. Regardless, they will continue to plow ahead to the next round of action.

Over in the West, game 3 and game 4 action have started. The Denver Nuggets are facing the Hornets, in what is considered a close matchup. The Houston Rockets are leading the Blazers 2-1, with game 4 slated to begin Sunday, 4/26.

The Mavericks are leading the Spurs 3-1, and many think the show will be over when they hit the wood in Tuesday, 4/28. Without a doubt, the West is proving to be full of action and great wagering opportunities if you play your cards right!

So that’s the NBA play offs betting for now: both conferences will be finishing up first round action within the next few days, after which we’ll be treated to the conference semi-finals. What are you waiting for? Place your bet now! NBA futures and Prop bets are still available!