NFL Betting – Best Deposit Methods for Sportsbooks

Football season means it’s time for NFL betting. That also means you’ll need to find a solid sportsbook to take your action. The most important thing, however, is getting your money into your player’s account using a reliable, consistent deposit method. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your credit card rejected in the middle of October when you’ve got a hunch on the upcoming weekend’s games, or if your Alma Mater is facing its arch rival on a Saturday afternoon and you just want to make a bet.

Therefore, the team at feels we should discuss a few different deposit options for our feature sportsbooks, all of which are available to USA and International players. It’s worth nothing that each of our sportsbooks routinely audit their deposit methods (especially credit card processors) to make sure that everything functions the way it’s supposed to. That said, should a credit card processor go down, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. There’s other ways to deposit cash, so read on.

How To Deposit Funds to A Sportsbook for NFL Betting

  • Credit Cards (Excluding AMEX) – Hands down, MasterCard and Visa are probably the most widely accepted credit cards at sportsbooks for both USA and International players. There are deposit limits, so if you’re a high roller, you may have to opt for using an e-wallet instead (see next paragraph). Sportsbooks will process your Visa and Mastercard directly. Additionally, some Sportsbooks accept JCB and Diner’s Club International. See our Sportsbook Deposit Options page for a complete list of participating sportsbooks.
  • E-Wallet – An e-wallet is the internet equivalent of your billfold. When you open an account with an e-wallet service, it’s like buying a new wallet and filling it with credit cards or cash, only you’re using the internet instead of leather. E-wallets allow you to add cash to your account using your bank account via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers), debit cards, and credit cards. To fund your sportsbook player’s account using a participating e-wallet, simply visit your sportsbook’s cashier page and select the e-wallet account you have, follow the instructions, and you can add money with a few mouse clicks. Common USA accepted E-wallets are Click2Pay, UseMyWallet, and EwalletXpress *(See bottom of this page for how to apply for these services); while International Customers can use Neteller, Moneybookers, Eco Card, ClickandBuy, PaySafeCard, and My Citadel. See our Sportsbook Deposit Options page.
  • Person to Person Money Transfer – Many sportsbooks advertise that they accept money transfer, but which money transfer services exactly? The two most widely used money transfer services are W-e-s-t-e-r-n Union and M-o-n-e-y Gram. The former uses the well known black and yellow rectangle logo, and the latter uses the white and red logo. The reason we’re being circumspect is that sportsbooks are not allowed to openly advertise they accept these services, although it is legal to transfer money to them. So, when you see our Sportsbook Deposit Options page and the generic yellow and black rectangle and the red and white rectangle, with words “money transfer”, those are the services we’re referencing.
  • Bank Draft by Regular Mail – “Bank Draft by Mail” means you go to your bank and request a bank check (also known as a teller’s check, cashier’s check, or certified check) out to the sportsbook’s financial processing company, which will credit the amount you specified on your check to your player’s account, less transaction fees. Remember, you have to wait for the check to arrive by mail, AND THEN again for it to clear. Nowadays, bank checks clear relatively quickly, but reserve this deposit method as a last resort, because it takes time and involves putting a check in the mail. Personal checks are generally NOT accepted. ALWAYS use PEN signing your bank check and Memo it Sportsbook Player’s Account Name or Number, to make sure the funds are applied to your sportsbook account. Many sportsbook bank accounts are located offshore, so don’t leave anything to chance. On the bright side, most ALL sportsbooks will accept a bank check without rejection. See our Sportsbook Deposit Options page, at the bottom, for participating sportsbooks.
  • Bank Wire – Like a “Bank Draft”, a Bank Wire is simply wiring funds from your personal account to the sportsbook’s bank account, usually an offshore bank located in the Caribbean or Europe. Bank Wires are generally safer than sending a check in the mail, and most will clear within 5-7 banking days. Like Bank Draft, reserve Bank Wire as a last resort funding option, because it takes time to process. Most importantly, before you send a wire, call the sportsbook’s customer service line in person to get the:
    1. Beneficiary account Name
    2. Beneficiary Account Number
    3. Complete Bank Address
    4. Bank Telephone Number
    5. ABA (American Banking Assoc. Code ) or SWIFT (International banking Code)
    6. Your sportsbook account name or number to use as a reference on the Bank Wire

    …or else the sportsbook will not know whose player account to credit. Again, although this may seem like a lot of work, Bank Wires, like Bank Drafts, are accepted nearly 100% of the time, and are the preferred method for high rollers who wish to deposit more than $1500 USD at a time. It’s ideal to signup for your sportsbook of choice and send a bank wire before the NFL betting season begins, so you’ll be ready to go.

That’s it for the major sportsbook deposit methods. Sometimes, after you’ve joined a sportsbook and successfully deposited a few times with your credit card, sportsbook staff may offer you a preferred deposit method or credit card processor that charges lesser fees as a reward for your business. Only ask for preferred processing after you’ve deposited successfully 4-5 times.

**USA E-wallet Application Information for USA Sportsbooks is an e-wallet service, available to both USA and International players. Funds can be deposited in USD, Euro, or GBP.

To sign up for, simply click this link: Sign Up for a Click2Pay Account You’ll need a valid email address and your basic identification information (name, address, phone number, etc) in order to make sure your account is secure. You’ll also need to provide a secret answer to a security question, just in case you forget your password. That way, Click2Pay customer support can get you back into your account. is great for USA customers. IMPORTANT: You must join an online sportsbook FIRST before you can get a UseMyWallet account. Once you have joined a participating online sportsbook, request an invitation for your own UseMyWallet account by contacting your sportsbook’s customer support center.

In less than 2 days (or faster), the sportsbook will send you a personalized email to your very own UseMyWallet signup page. This signup page is yours only, to ensure the highest levels of security.


Good Luck from This Season!