NFL Betting – Ravens/Cardinals are the Bracket Busters for this Weekend

Coming into the 2009-2010 regular season, the Patriots were highly favored to WIN the Super Bowl, and even more favored to MAKE the Super Bowl. Sports bettors made thousands of futures bets on the Pats, hoping that Tom Brady and friends would be able to pull off a victory in Super Bowl 44. Well, the Fat Lady has sung, and sadly, the Patriots are out of the running, falling 33-14 to the Baltimore Ravens over the weekend.

We all knew that Baltimore was good, but this good? Well, to be fair, the Patriots weren’t playing their top game on Sunday, so that opened up a great opportunity for the rowdy Ravens to pounce early and stay ahead, which is essentially how they pulled off the win. Now, they move on to face Peyton Manning and the domineering Colts, who had the weekend off to rest and practice for the all-important divisional games this weekend.

The real drama, however, was in the NFC Wild Card game, where the favored Green Bay Packers lost 51-45 to a stubborn gang of Arizona Cardinals in Overtime. It was a thrilling game to say the least, and if you watched the last 20 minutes or so of play, you were probably on the edge of your seat. Hopefully, you bet the Cardinals and collected a nice payoff, but if you didn’t, just remember not to count them out just yet: they did make the Super Bowl last year, against all odds and predictions of even the most seasoned sports pundits.

This weekend, the Cards face Drew Brees and the indefatigable New Orleans Saints at 4:30 PM EST on Fox. Will they be able to pull off another upset? Well, that depends more on the Saints and how they play. After thundering through the first dozen or so games of the year undefeated, the Saints will HAVE to have a BAD day if the Cardinals want a shot at making the NFC championship. Most bettors, however, think the smart money is with the Saints for the win, and even go as far as to suggest that the Saints could be Super Bowl 44 Champions.

Another fun game to watch will be the Dallas Cowboys at the Minnesota Vikings. Brett Favre will need to be in top form if he wants to beat the boys from Texas, especially after their decisive 34-14 defeat of the Phillie Eagles over the weekend. Likewise, over in the AFC, the Jets had better be prepared for the San Diego Chargers, who secured their playoff berth by winning the last 11 straight games. With this kind of momentum, and a weekend of rest, the Jets will need their A-Game if they want a prayer at winning and moving on to the AFC Championship game.

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