NHL, NBA Playoffs Roar Into High Gear: Bet Now!

March Mania is finished. The Triple Crown horse racing events are still a couple weeks off. What can one bet on now?

Guess what: It’s time for the NHL and NBA playoffs! Now is when it counts more than ever. The best teams of each league enter into their respective playoff series games, all pushing forward towards the final round. Who will be the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion? Who will be the 2011 NBA World Champion?

There are tons of great bets available right now. Here are a few worth looking into:

  • Parlay Bets – Pick your favorite 2,3, or 4 playoff teams – don’t forget, you can mix and match type of sport – and make a parlay bet. It’s fast, easy and fun. Best of all, if you win, you’ll get a handsome sum of money, much more than you normally would on a straight bet. Keep your parlay bet amounts to a minimum unless you know you’ve got a win locked up. Get Exotic with Parlays Now!
  • NBA Over/Under Total Bets – High scoring point total sports like the NBA offer bettors great total betting opportunities. Look closely at each NBA playoff game: is a contestant strong on offense, scoring dozens of points each matchup, or does their defense make them victorious? If two high scoring teams get together, watch your sportsbook’s total bet lines carefully, remembering that these lines will shift as tip-off draws near. You might be able to spot a weak prediction and ace the sportsbook. It literally pays to check out the odds!
  • Prop Bets – While we don’t recommend consistently betting on props, these bets can be fun during the playoff season, especially when competition is fierce. Will a NHL goalie have 3 straight shut out games? Will a certain NBA player foul out of all his games? Who will get the first technical foul? Odds can be pitched on almost anything. Remember, don’t bet too much money because props are notorious profit-makers for sportsbooks. Bet a few bucks here and there to add a little color to your straight bets. You’re more likely to make money on standard sports wagers.

As we mentioned above, sports action goes full throttle in May with the tail end of the NHL and NBA playoffs, plus the Triple Crown horse racing events (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and June Belmont Stakes). Have a look at our Kentucky Derby Betting page, where you can see a list of all the Derby prep races.

Between now and then, Good luck and have fun!