Purdue/Connecticut and Xavier/Pittsburgh Kick Off Sweet Dieciseis

After a couple days rest, the NCAA tournament kicks back into high gear, with the opening game of the “Sweet Dieciseis” tomorrow. Purdue vs. Connecticut, from the West bracket, begins at 7:07 EDT, and then Xavier faces Pittsburgh, from the East bracket, at 7:27 EDT. Thank God for the time difference, or else college hoops fans would have to resort to split screen TV or constantly hitting the “last channel” button on the remote control!

Linesmakers favor Conn and Pitt in their respective games, which look relatively routine in nature. If you’re looking to make a conservative 2 team parlay bet, take Connecticut and Pittsburgh as the easy winners. The real excitement occurs with the back end of the East/West Sweet Dieciseis play, where more closely seeded teams will go head to head for a ticket to the Elite Ocho.

From Yahoo’s Rivals – STEVE MEGARGEE
THE BUZZ: Connecticut’s size in the frontcourt can create a matchup nightmare for just about any team in the nation, but Dyson’s injury has made the backcourt a major concern. Pittsburgh showed that neutralizing Thabeet can make the Huskies look like an ordinary team, but most of Connecticut’s opponents won’t have a big man anywhere near as strong as DeJuan Blair. Connecticut has the size and experience of a Final Cuatro contender, but that lack of depth could keep the Huskies from getting to Detroit.

Action in the MidWest and South brackets picks up on March 27, with North Carolina and Louisville leading the way. Then, it’s just a one day break before the Elite Ocho begins. Are you ready for some basketball?

Good Luck!