Selection Sunday: What to Expect for the 2011 Tournament

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2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament Blank Bracket

It’s almost here! The annual Mens’ D1A Basketball Championship is only days away. Some teams are already locked into the tournament bracket, while others are stuck on the proverbial “bubble”, hoping that strong conference championship play will get them invited to 2011’s March Mania. One thing is for sure: with 68 teams (yes, 68, due to the new “First Round Of Four”) there’s going to be plenty of college basketball betting action. On top of that, every sportsbook and their brother has some sort of multi-million dollar bracket contest. While the grand prizes sound VERY tempting, you actually have better odds of being struck by lightening compared to picking a perfect bracket.

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When is Selection Sunday 2011?

CBS Sports will be hosting Selection Sunday 2011, starting at 6:00 PM ET. The show will feature CBS Sports’ usual college basketball commentators, plus special guests Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley. So, this will certainly NOT be a “turrrible” show. By the end of the night the 2011 bracket will be set. A few conference championships, including the SEC, will be finishing up Sunday; and it’s important to watch these late results to see who gets last minute tournament berths.

Which teams are locks for the 2011 Bracket?

A few tournament entries have already been filled. Among the teams that have already earned their bids:

  • Oakland
  • Butler
  • Gonzaga
  • St. Peter’s
  • Northern Colorado
  • Belmont
  • Long Island
  • Indiana State
  • UNC Asheville

Don’t forget: Although the final bracket hasn’t been posted yet, some of this season’s outstanding college basketball teams are clearly going to be picked for the tournament, including:

  • Ohio State
  • Kansas
  • Pittsburgh
  • Notre Dame
  • San Diego State
  • Purdue
  • Duke
  • Syracuse

… to mention a few… 🙂

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That’s it until Sunday, when March Mania will officially begin!

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