Sports Betting: Favre Returns and Shakes Things Up

After a heroic 2009-10 NFL season with the Vikings, many thought that QB Brett Favre would throw in the towel. After all, he had retired and “come back” many times before, and he threw one of the best seasons in his 20 year career. As we’ve come to expect, however, Favre, like any other player, has Super Bowl fever. After a near miss last season, he’s still hungry and willing to trade the retirement party for a Super Bowl blowout. That oh-so-close NFC title game with the Saints only left him chomping at the bit for more action.

So now Favre is back on the gridiron, practicing with teammates for the first time since their last game. He’s already falling into a half decent rhythm, and the Vikings are certainly happy to see him again. Will he step on the field for a pre-season game, perhaps as a warm up for Week 1? Our guess is no: Favre doesn’t need to stretch before playing this season’s regular schedule. With 20 years on the job, most other players wouldn’t either. Remember, he only threw 7 interceptions last year. If he played QB with his feet he would still stand head and shoulders above most of the competition.

For fans that love power rankings, Favre’s return certainly shakes things up a bit, mostly because the Vikings’ ranking really depended on his presence or absence for this coming season. Now that we know Favre will be tossing the pigskin for 2010-11, with his eyes on a Super Bowl 45 ring, it would seem that the Vikings would maintain their #3 position on the NFL power rankings chart.

To be sure, the Vikings can’t hope to be much better than third at this point, because Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and their respective teams are just too strong. Would the Vikings have beaten the Colts in Super Bowl 44? It’s hard to say. That game was a close call up until the final quarter, so it’s anyone’s guess whether or not Favre would have performed better than Manning.

Plus, you also have to consider the new recruits and post season trades. There are some big names… ahem Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford… who have found their way onto the field, and if they live up to expectations, could do some moving and shaking of their own. Are they comparable to Favre? Not at this point in their young careers, but they might inject some life into their respective teams and make the bottom end of the NFL Power Rankings chart a little better.

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