Sports Betting Games and NFL Betting Pick Challenges

Although many people think of sports betting as something out of the early days of Las Vegas, the fact is, the industry and breadth of sports betting has only increased in recent years, especially with the internet boom. Old timers still like the traditional betting options offered by online sportsbooks, and so do younger bettors as well: but there are also a number of new developments in sports entertainment that have captured different segments of the public’s attention. Many major sports and news websites now offer fun alternatives to traditional sports betting.

The following is a short list of “new” sports entertainment games, many of which are top attractions among sports fans, whether they actually place a wager on a particular game or not. We’ve also included important websites that provide unique NFL betting information and polls, all designed to boost your sports knowledge as the NFL betting season progresses.

Sports Betting Games, NFL Betting Picks, Fantasy NFL Games

  • ESPN’s NFL Football Picks – The world’s preeminent sports broadcasting network also offers free sports picks. The experts at ESPN are already queuing up for the 2009-10 season, with some offering picks and guidance during the NFL preseason. Click Here for ESPN’s FREE Expert NFL Picks, which comes in a week by week format to keep you abreast of all the latest NFL developments. Save your money for popcorn and beer – let the guys at the ESPN do all the work for free while you cash your way to a winning NFL season.
  • Yahoo’s NFL Sports Picks and Poll – is known for its expansive sports coverage, which includes the industry leading “Rivals” network. Now, you can get a feel for what everyone is thinking about this weekend’s games, using Yahoo’s Expert Picks Service – Click Here. This unique service is simple yet brilliant: Yahoo offers an open polling system that allows its users to vote on the outcome of upcoming NFL matchups, which are grouped by week and scheduled game time. Yahoo aggregates the votes of millions of user to produce a “consensus” pick for a particular game, essentially the outcome of how the majority votes. Believe it or not, most of these picks end up coming in correct: so like we said above, don’t buy picks because there are plenty of FREE services like Yahoo’s Expert picks page.
  • ESPN’s Pigskin Pick’em Contest – This Pick’em contest spans the entire length of the NFL season, pitting each entrant against players from around the world. All you need to have is an ESPN account, which takes one or two minutes to acquire. To Signup for an ESPN Pick’em Account or Play Pick’em Click Here. Once you’ve got your account, do your research and start making picks for each upcoming NFL football game. If you happen to be good at picking winners, it’s likely you’ll show up on the National leader’s board, a composite of all the top Pick’em players and points they’ve accumulated throughout the season. What’s more, if you manage to be one of the elite players for the season, you can will one of several prizes offered by ESPN, including video gaming systems.
  • Yahoo Sports’ Official Fantasy Football Competition – Billed as the top fantasy football contest in the world, Yahoo sports has truly outdone itself, providing game players with tons of great tools, stats, and game options so that each league can be customized to the liking of its members. To play Yahoo Fantasy Football Click Here. It’s easy to participate: you can elect to create a new league, or join a league that has been already formed. Once you’re in, Yahoo offers real-time scoring updates with Stattracker, scoring system options, draft and scouting reports, plus public leagues for even more intense competition. Do you have what it takes to play in the world’s top Fantasy Football Network?
  • Fantasy Football by – As a matter of fact, the NFL itself offers its own version of Fantasy Football. It’s completely free, offers a great how-to guide for new players, complete league management, fantasy rankings, and great stats tools. To Join NFL Events: Fantasy Football – Click Here. The official site also offers a Fantasy blog, complete rankings and leader board, plus a fun blog by members of the editorial team. You can also find draft packs and scouting reports, great for picking the best players for the ultimate fantasy team. Players can also opt to play one of two versions of the game: 1) Traditional Fantasy football, or 2)NFL League Manager (a game unique to the website). There’s lots to see and do at, so check it out today!
  • Fantasy Sports and Office Pool Management Links – Like a fantasy football league with a personal touch, that’s fresh, fun to play, and not what “everyone else does”? If so, we recommend’s NFL League Management Fantasy Football Game Links – Click Here to View Now. Although not as well known as Yahoo Fantasy Football or Fantasy Football,’s fantasy football websites are considered up and comers. Some are completely free to join, while others are contests for money. A few of the sites at boast fantasy football Grand Prizes well over $3,000 USD! Imagine an extra $3k for doing what you love? There’s nothing like it: so if you’re just tired of the same old places to play, check out’s complete list of major fantasy football websites today.

So that’s it for now: our best links and information for all you who like to play fantasy football, compete in picks contests, or just want some quality NFL betting advice so you can place an informed bet and win big. When it comes to the best places to bet, remember, is the web’s premier online sportsbook website, offering websites that cater to the NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Fighting, and much more.

Have fun and Good Luck with Fantasy Football and Sports betting this season!