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In our last post, detailed a great list of sites for NFL football stats. In doing so, however, we fully realized that a follow up post on college football was necessary. The 2009-2010 college football season is looking great, and it presents sports bettors with many unique betting opportunities, opposed to the standard Sunday afternoon drill with the NFL. On top of that, the extensive BCS games are an exciting finale to the college football betting season, warming up hardcore football fans for post season NFL play in January and the February Super Bowl.

At post time, the top teams by most college football polls ( including ESPN’s college football power rankings – Click here ) are Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, Alamabama, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Mississippi, Penn State, and LSU. Naturally, this list will shuffle around as the season approaches, but for now, that’s the lay of the land in terms of top DIV 1A college football teams.

So how do I bet on college football? First, you simply browse the sportsbooks listed on our homepage – click here, signup for account, and finally deposit. Then, return to this page for the following top college football stats sites, all of which are regularly updated throughout the entire 2009-10 NCAA football season.

  1. ESPN College Football Stats – What list of college football betting stats pages would be complete without ESPN? Admittedly, we stated above that we like independent sites, but the fact is, ESPN does a damn good job of providing great summary college football stats. The page itself is a list of individual leaders in the following categories: QB Rating, Receiving Yards, Scoring, Rushing Yards, Passing, and Interceptions. Below this menu, you’ll find a sortable index of leaders in various categories, providing indepth information for those who are hardcore college football fans.
  2. College Football Stats by – This page is a stats junkie’s dream: cold hard figures, mathematical computations, and data analysis since the beginning of NCAA recorded history itself. For example, on the Team Win Percentage Page – Click Here, you can compute the results for teams that have won the most games over a given time span in years of your choosing. There are also a few filters that you can apply, help sort out anomalies that mess up the final tabulations. We also like the 2009 Preseason Consensus Page – Click Here, which lists top teams as figured by major college football handicappers. An outstanding site and worth visiting.
  3. College Football Stats Home Page – We couldn’t have a complete list of college football stats pages without including the NCAA. The NCAA’s stats page is very simple and direct, listing a number of different football superlative categories broken down by team and conference. We also like the NCAA leaders section (on the left side of the home page), which offers information on the current National Rankings, Active Career Leaders, Single Game Highs, and Toughest Schedule – Click Here – a stat that is particularly helpful for college football betting. Finally, we should note that all the stats are programmed as friendly Adobe .pdf files, that are easily printed off on paper so you can organize your season and picks accordingly.
  4. College Football Statistics – – Set in a blog style format, is a great website for those that just want the facts, spelled out in plain stats tables with a simple website navigation system. On the left hand side of the page, you’ll find an alphabetical listing of all the top Division 1 college football teams. If you click on any of these links, you’ll be led to that team’s own stats page, where you can dig deep and get the edge on the football betting competition. Most importantly, you can use the menu at the top of the page to view:

    National Stats – A bible of national college football leaders: Scoring Offense, Scoring Defense, Sacks, Interceptions, Rushing Yards, Kickoff Returns, Penalties and much more.

    Conference Stats – All the major Division 1A football conferences are listed on this page. Select your conference of choice, and you’ll be led to a breakdown of stats much like the National Football Stats page.

    College Football Team Stats – This is our favorite page by far: every team of every conference is listed in a very easy to read table. Once you’ve found your favorite team, simply click on its link, and you’ll land on a page chock full of team stats, including offensive leaders, defensive leaders, and other noteworthy information.

    College Football Players Stats – Our second favorite page on this website. Once again, all teams are arranged by conference. After clicking on a team name, you’ll be led to a page with a complete roster of active players, listed alphabetically. Scroll up and down the list to find your player, and click once more: the subsequent page contains deep stats that are will prove invaluable to college football bettors.

    It’s worth noting that the thing we like about this site is that it is thorough and independent of the major sports reporting entities online. When it comes to stats, a no-bias approach is best.

College football stats addicts, you’ve just had your fix for most of the season 🙂 . Our list includes sites for the novice bettor just looking for summary stats, or the expert sports statistician who devours numbers and tabular data like a wolf. Most importantly, all of this data is FREE and updated regularly, so you’ll never have to worry about finding new sites mid-season or running out of quality, informative college football stats. is your source for College football betting. We recommend the following sportsbooks for the 2009-10 College football season:

Good Luck and Enjoy those stats!