Sports Betting – Know your NFL Football Betting Stats

What’s your betting style? Do you “wing it” on the hunch and let it ride, or, do you intensely study box scores, visit football blogs, and analyze every last detail of a particular team when you place a wager? If you’re the latter of these two, we’ve got some great football betting stats pages, all of which will be very helpful as you move through this season and place your bets. Most serious – and most winning – bettors study the game closely, so they can get a good grasp of how to bet their hard earned cash. What’s more, when you win, you feel all the more triumphant, knowing that it was skill as a NFL fan, not luck, to aided you in your victory.

The following list contains some great web pages that have NFL football betting stats, news, results, and commentary. For the purposes of this article, we’re concentrating on raw stats, the numbers that essentially “power” the game of football. There are many websites dedicated to this aspect of the game, and it’s important that you know about these sites. As we always see, an informed gambler is a winning gambler; so read up, crunch the numbers, and place your bets wisely.

  1. More Football Stats than you know existed – It comes as no surprise that the first stop on the football stats train is The official website of the NFL has an exhaustive library of stats, including individual player stats, team stats, rookie stats, weekly stat leaders, top performers of the season and much more. The web pages themselves are very informative and well organized: you’ll get a nice lineup of football stats figures, along with player photos, game summaries, and other interesting facts. Here are some individual links to NFL Football stats on the website:

    NFL Player Stats
    – Shows individual player stats for the current week of NFL action.
    NFL Pre-season Stats– Shows individual pre-season player stats for the current pre-season week of action.
    NFL Team Stats – Shows each team and their respective stats for the current week of NFL action.
    NFL Rookie Stats – A high powered search page that allows you to search rookie stats using a variety of different options.
    NFL Weekly Leaders – These stats are generated once regular season action commences.
    Top Weekly Performers – A nice rundown of the top players for regular season and post season play, when applicable.

    As you can see, the website is VERY helpful, so definitely check it out.

  2. Great Year to Year Condensed Stats – Although not as prolific as the website, ESPN’s NFL stats page is nonetheless very informative, and represents summary action in the NFL by each week of the regular season. Additionally, you can look back at prior year’s stats using the navigation menu in the middle of page – all the way to 2002 if you desire. ESPN’s page also lists the top 5 players for through the current week of regular season play in the following categories: Quarterback rating, Rushing Yards, Receiving Yards, Tackles, Sacks, Interceptions; plus a break down for stats by the AFC and NFL conferences. Don’t forget, you can reference these stats for Fantasy football play also.
  3. A Bible of NFL Football Info – Pro Football Reference’s website is an amazing collection of historical NFL stats, figures, records, and “all time” performers. Top players are listed individually by name, along with their stats and current achievements. You can also explores Team stats, Year-by-Year stats, Coaches stats and info, Draft results, and Super Bowl history. Pro Football Reference also lists an interesting section called “Frivolities”, which is a fun collection of player birthdays, birth places, and other random facts that may be of interest. Although the layout of this site is based heavily in text (opposed to graphics), the stats provided are in a great table format and they are extremely thorough. Check this site out.
  4. DatabaseFootball: Database? Need we say more? – As its name implies, Database Football is an extremely deep and expansive look at the NFL through stats, numbers, game results, player information, and game summaries. Much like Pro-Football-Reference in layout and style, this website is an NFL junkie’s dream with its endless lists of noteworthy stats, player bios, and other historical data. You can also research Super Bowl information at this website, along with post season stats, which is VERY helpful for bettors who like end of the season football action. The homepage starts out very organized with a complete team-by-team list broken down by conference and division.

Had enough stats yet? We hope so. Definitely use these sites and read up on everything you can about the NFL before football betting. It will make your gaming experience much more worthwhile and you’ll also be able to impress your friends and Uncle Joe who seems to know everything about anything 🙂 .

Don’t forget to check out’s complete NFL 2009 Schedule Click Here, and plan out your weekends accordingly.

Good Luck and Have Fun!