Sports Betting: NFL Football Betting, College Football Betting, European Football Betting

The NFL pre-season betting craze has already begun. Meanwhile, “across the pond”, Europeans and the English are fired up about European Football betting (a.k.a soccer for us Americans). When September begins, we’ll be at full swing: the regular NFL season begins, and English premier league betting starts as the clubs begin to take each other on. As a result, you’re going to need a simple, straightforward web page where you can get information about how to bet on football, with as little stress as possible.

Before we break it all down, there are a couple distinctions to make, with respect to bettors residing the USA versus those in Europe, Canada, or anywhere else:

  • USA Football Bettors – If you’re from the USA, you can only bet at certain websites, due to the current legal climate affecting online gaming in the USA. We’ve noted which sportsbooks take USA action below. You can also find pages throughout that welcome USA customers labeled with a small USA Flag. Finally, USA players can bet on both American and European Football, but only at USA accepted sportsbooks. USA players are not allowed at any European sportsbook site.
  • European and International Football Bettors – If you’re from Europe, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, or beyond, your business is accepted at BOTH USA sportsbooks and major European sportsbooks. If you prefer betting with European sportsbooks only, you won’t be disappointed: All major Euro sportsbooks offer lines on American NFL football as well as European football. You should always review BOTH USA and European betting sites carefully, to see which ones cater to your needs. Many USA sportsbooks also offer action on European sporting events, which can make choosing a sportsbook a no-brainer, especially if the USA sportsbook offers a better bonus and player promotions.

Now, we’re going to sort out worldwide football betting, so that you can enjoy a friendly wager on an upcoming contest. Keep in mind that European sportsbooks use European odds systems, whereas books catering to Americans use the American odds system. Knowing the difference between the two can save you from getting a big headache.

USA Sports Betting – NFL Betting – for customers residing in the USA only

Have no fear, you can enjoy sports betting if you’re in the USA, you just have to know where to bet. We’ve listed the following USA friendly football betting sportsbooks, all of which offer lines and wagers on NFL contests.

USA Sports Betting – College Football Betting – for customers residing in the USA only

There’s nothing like the thrill of a good NCAA football game, so make it even more exciting with a wager. All of the finally sportsbooks offer action on NCAA football games, and NCAA bowl games at the end of the regular season. You’ll find each sportsbook has a full NCAAF odds and vast wagering menu.

European Sports Betting – European Football Betting, Betting on American NFL Games, or betting on American College Football – for customers residing in Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond ONLY

Who’s next on the pitch? Manchester United? Arsenal? Is there a big game this weekend in La Liga, or is Germany’s Bundesliga football league hosting a major exhibition game? Either way, you want to be sure that you don’t miss out on the action. Also, if you enjoy American NFL football betting, American College football betting, or any other major American oriented sport – and you’re from Europe or beyond – you can bet at the following sportsbooks.

  1. European and International Players – Available in 12 different languages, is a great website for football betting. Players can bet on European football, American sports, and enjoy a variety of other gaming attractions. *Game Odds expressed in European Odds Format

So do you know where to bet on football now? We certainly hope so! We’ve personally reviewed each of the sportsbooks listed above, and can attest to their quality, trustworthiness, and attention to detail. It’s also important to mention that these sportsbooks accept a wide array of deposit options, most commonly Visa, MasterCard, Cash Transfer, UseMyWallet, Neteller, Moneybookers, and more. Most importantly, when it comes time to collect your winnings, you won’t get the run-around: all of these sportsbooks are well financed and have strong and consistent payout systems for all their customers.

Want high limit sports betting action? Simply signup at any of the sportsbooks we’ve listed above, and then contact a customer service agent who will be happy to assist you with first deposits greater than $1000 USD or Euro $500. Don’t worry, you’ll get the VIP treatment!

Good Luck Football Betting, Where ever it may be!