Summertime Blues? What’s left to bet on before the NFL?

The summertime is everyone’s favorite time of year: finally, time for outdoor activities and liberation from the chill of winter. For sports fans, however, the summer signifies an end to the NBA, NHL, and Triple Crown horse racing events. Yeah, there’s still the MLB, but it’s tough to make a buck these days betting the moneyline on baseball. That means between now and August, you’re stuck twiddling your thumbs until the NFL starts up. If you don’t care about the pre-season, you’re stuck until September, which is an even LONGER wait.

So what else can I bet on? Surprisingly, there is a variety of options to choose from, even if the NBA and NHL finish up within a matter of days. We’ve listed a few ideas below. Hopefully, you’ll find something that sparks your interest. Believe us, your sportsbook will thank you: the summertime is incredibly slow for them too, so they’re always throwing promos at players to signup and place bets, play in the casino, or enjoy a poker game.

Summer 2010 Sports Betting Ideas

  1. World Cup Betting – 2010 is a lucky year, because the FIFA World Cup is being contested. Action started on June 11, but don’t worry, you can bet on World Cup Soccer through July. Team USA has received a lot of hype, and perhaps this might be the year they advance to the later stages of the tournament. USA bettors can find World Cup action at any of our featured sportsbooks, while Europeans should look to the top of this page to see the best places to bet.
  2. Horse Racing Betting – Have you always wanted to play the ponies, but never knew how? Now’s your chance: Click Here to Learn How to Bet on Horses, and then look around for races to bet on them. has put together a great list of Horse betting sites, in addition to complete lists of all major tracks and races this season. There is virtually a horse race going off every weekend, so there’s no need to feel left out of the betting action. Don’t forget, the Breeders Cup is this fall, one of horse racing’s premier events!
  3. Mixed Martial Arts Betting / UFC Betting / MMA Betting – Who’s in the cage tonight? Stop by your favorite sportsbook and find out, or signup with one of our highly rated sportsbook websites above. Mixed Martial Arts has taken the world by storm: the UFC alone has captured huge ratings and sponsorships, allowing this once fledgling enterprise to explode into an international phenomenon. Fights are held regularly in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and elsewhere around the USA. The UFC is well aware of its popularity, and is constantly promoting new matchups and fights each week. So if fighting is your thing, be sure to check your sportsbook’s MMA/UFC section to bet on the next big rumble in the Octagon!

If you don’t care for ANY of the above mentioned betting opportunities, don’t forget, there’s always NFL futures, Week 1 parlays, and Super Bowl 45 bets to make. Granted, June or July is a bit early to bet, but sometimes you can find some great promotions that offer promising payouts to early birds who want to start their NFL season before the 4th of July.

Aside from that, you’re pretty much left with golf or baseball. Now that Tiger Woods is back competing in the major events, Golf is cool again. Golf betting can be fun, but make sure you can handicap the players correctly. Besides, what would otherwise be a boring day behind the TV watching guys hit small balls across 300 yard fairways becomes much more interesting when there’s a cash wager on the table.

You decide!

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