Super Bowl Betting 2011: Where’s the Smart Money?

Sorry Bears fans…there are no do-overs, with or without Jay Cutler at the stick. Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers beat Chicago handily, 21-14. So where was the Pack all season? How did these 6 seeded underdogs make it on to the Super Bowl 45 Betting radar?

Probably the same way the Jets would have made it, except for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a perennial football force that has consistently seen playoff action over the past few years. You can’t fault Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan for trying: they absolutely stunned Super Bowl betting favorite New England Patriots, who were considered the team to beat going into the 2011 playoff cycle.

Likewise, Falcons fans had high hopes, only to get obliterated by the Green Bay Packers, in what must have been an embarrassment for Falcons QB Matt Ryan. The Packers scored early and then kept scoring right up until the end in a 48-21 romp that busted anyone who thought the Falcons were going all the way. So much for those Super Bowl futures bets?

So, while we yawn our way through this weekend’s Pro-Bowl, a token fix coming off of a NFL Playoffs high, the unseemly Packers and good-as-good Steelers will be in the huddle discussing their strategies for the big game, Super Bowl XLV Sunday February 6, 2011 at 7:00 PM on Fox.

Where’s the smart money? Well, the initial line was -3 in favor of Green Bay (much to the chagrin of Ben Roethlisberger, who isn’t betting on the game but still makes millions a year 🙂 ). Now -as of the date of this post – the bookies have shifted to a -2.5 favorite for the Packers. This actually makes sense. Why would they risk pushing bets on the last big game of the season? It would be surprising if it went back to 3. More likely, it will drop down to 1.5 as the big day fast approaches.

Super Bowl Betting couldn’t be any easier:

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