Super Bowl Odds: Will the Saints Come Marching for Super Bowl 45?

It wasn’t that long ago that New Orleans rejoiced after a momentous win by the Saints, their first Super Bowl title in years. Now, the question is this: can the Saints do it again this season? Most think they have a fair shot at it. Let’s talk Super Bowl Odds!

Super Bowl Odds in July are purely speculative in nature, and really don’t mean much at this point. They’re more of a reflection of last season’s results and adjusted based on the strengths of any newly acquired players. With that said, here’s our quick and dirty Super Bowl 45 2011 Odds:

Super Bowl 45 Odds 2011

Indianapolis Colts 6:1
New Orleans Saints 8:1
Dallas Cowboys 11:1
San Diego Chargers 12:1
Minnesota Vikings 12:1 (Really depends on Brett Favre)
New England Patriots 14:1
Green Bay Packers 14:1

As we noted above, the Vikings’ chances really depend on Brett Favre. Will he retire and put the pigskin down, or will he strut out for another season? Also, some might bristle at the Colts position as the team most likely to win Super Bowl 45. Remember, it’s July! That said, you can’t doubt the strength of Peyton Manning and his offensive squad. The Saints barely scraped by them in the Super Bowl. Moreover, the Colts went undefeated for most of the 2009-10 season, destroying their opponents in each game, save a close one with the New England Patriots (we all remember that one 🙂 ).

What do you think? Are the Colts the best pick for 2011 Super Bowl honors? Or will it be a surprise team, that comes out of nowhere like the Saints that ends up wining the big game?

Whatever you think, don’t forget that the NFL pre-season starts in just a couple weeks. Pre-season results really don’t mean much, but it’s still a great opportunity to bet and get a feel for the impending 2010 2011 NFL betting season.

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