What is a Teaser Bet?

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"Teaser Bets" reduce risk, allowing players to bet on the spread or game total. The spread or total are adjusted – "teased" – to improve the chance of winning, but at reduced odds. Teasers are usually offered for Football and Basketball matchups.

Teaser bets may seem complicated at first. It’s best to break them into individual smaller bets, then look at it as one whole bet.

For example, the Seahawks are playing the Raiders. The teaser bet allows the player to wager on the spread or total, so we’ll use the point spread for our matchup:

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1. The Spread – Player selects Seahawks to win at +12.0 points. This means the Seahawks must defeat the Raiders, or not lose by more than 12 points.

2. The Total – We’ll assume the player bets on the game total, using the "under" option. Player selects the game total points (The final combination of points scored by each team) to be 50 or under.

For this bet to win, the Seahawks must win or not lose by more than 12 points AND the total points scored in the game must be 50 or under.

So far, this looks like a parlay bet. Now we’ll add the Teaser in, which will increase the bettor’s odds of winning.

3. The Teaser Points – The player a is offered 7-9 point teaser. The player selects an 8 point teaser.

This means 8 points are added to the spread from Step 1: 12 + 8 = 20 point Spread, and 8 points are added to the total from Step 2: 50 + 8 = 58 point total – or under.

Result – For this Teaser to win, the Seahawks must win or not lose by more than 20 points AND the game point total must be 58 points or under.

It’s best to think of teasers in parts. Though adding points to the spread and total will increase your chance of winning, you’ll also get a smaller payout. Thus, a Teaser Bet turns a parlay bet into a “bet with flexibility” and better odds for the player.

When is it a good idea to bet a Teaser? If you’re looking for something safer than regular parlay, a Teaser bet is a good substitute. The teaser points allow for a little more risk tolerance, but this privilege also means you’ll win less money. In some cases, Teasers are better, especially in closely matched games. Regular parlay bets are tough to win with a tight spread. With a Teaser, you can buy a wider spread.

Most sportsbooks offer teasers in their lineups. Be sure to search through the betting options carefully. Also check the "Exotic" section just in case Teasers aren’t listed in the regular lineup of bets.

Teasers are a fun way to give your wagers some flexibility and margin of error. Furthermore, you’re not facing the long odds of a parlay, which for some players, makes placing Teaser bets a bettor option.

When are teaser bets NOT a good idea? If you’re very confident about the eventual game result, don’t bet a Teaser. Instead, go for a parlay bet that will pay better.

Choose your teams carefully and always read your sportsbook’s wagering guide first before you place any bet. Always make an informed wagering decision! Good luck and have fun placing Teaser Bets!