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Super Bowl Betting 2017

Super Bowl Betting 2017 is close at hand! As the football season finishes up, make one last score. Join one of our sportsbooks and bet on the big game! We’ve scoured the web for the best super bowl betting sportsbooks, known for quality, customer service, fast payouts, and honesty.

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What makes Super Bowl Betting so exciting? For one, it’s Football’s greatest Sunday matchup of the season. After weeks of grueling competition, division and league play-offs, two teams meet to determine which is the best in the world. Whether or not you’re a fan of one team doesn’t matter. The sheer excitement and party atmosphere that surrounds the Super Bowl is exhilarating.

Want to matchup against your buddies and see who made the wiser play? The Super Bowl is the ideal day – hours of pre-game analysis, sportsbook odds, and commentary will certainly aid you in your decision to pick the winner.

The Super Bowl also offers a variety of props and exotic bets. For example, suppose you want to bet on who kicks the first field goal, or who wins the first quarter? You can – just find the right online sportsbook with these alternatives. Other popular bets include who will throw the first interception, who will make the first sack, or which team will have a safety.

Remember, always play with your head, not above it: the Super Bowl is meant to be a fun day, so don’t bet your rent money on the game in order to “make it interesting”. Just place a modest bet and enjoy the thrill of winning and reporting to work the next day with a big grin on your face. Then, sit back and relax: it’s only a month before March Mandess hits full swing!